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Add your thoughts as you pour the Weeties and boil the egg (if you’re here in Australia) or as you uncork a red if you are elsewhere.



  1. Peter Flynn says

    Still getting home from Kardinia Park.

    Will be watching on slight delay.

    Spieth in a playoff with Day.

  2. I think J. Spieth redefines ‘solid’.

    I cannot begrudge him, although I am also barracking for the tournament right now.

  3. Walter Lindrum has just risen. Ooosst.

    Watch this.

  4. I’m retracting that.

    Golf is a crazy game.

  5. Jordan Spieth at 12.

  6. E.regnans says

    “It’s his to lose” = a classic golf-ism

    This back 9 probably more than 90% half mental.

  7. I preferred D. Willett when he looked like Tony Curtis in The Great Race.

  8. All those disbelieving American faces in the crowd. Bambi just shot himself in front of us?
    Trump will need to build another wall to keep out foreign golfers.

  9. After all the early grief, J. Day wasn’t far off. Spieth will be kicking the sand for years over his final round, but that’s the game.

  10. JTH we have been watching the Great Race on high rotation, the girls love Leslie but the younger one was running up and down Wooyung Beach this week pretending to be Hezekiah. Any of her, he, Curtis, N Wood or yourself should try your hand at the Tigers’ gig.

    As for Spieth, terrible second at 13 as well, did a Shark and overcooked on the 15th tee, and ditto on the 16th when he overshot and got left with the downhill putt. Went to the beach at that point. Capital C choke.

    What is about Poms and the solid last day 67s?

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