Almanac AFL Footy Tipping for 2018 – Join Now

G’day Tipsters


You’re all welcome to get involved in Almanac tipping in 2018.



(1) The Footy Almanac Tipping Competition 2018 – highly prestigious – cash prizes for the season – weekly book prizes – JOIN HERE The comp is called ‘Footy Almanac 2018’.


$10. Kids under 15 (at March 22, 2018) are free if a parent is a paid-up tipper. We don’t want to break the family bank.


EFT to Malarkey Publications
BSB 633000
ACC 154103428


Last year’s winner was Piffy. Funnybone Joe won the kids’ comp.




(2) The Time-honoured Footy Almanac Tip the Top 8 Competition


– pick the Top 8 in order (first to eighth) as you think they will finish at the end of the home and away season.
– cash prize
– winner announced after the famous countdown at the Almanac Grand Final Eve Lunch




– $10 a go (EFT  with your name and ‘Top 8’)


EFT to Malarkey Publications
BSB 633000
A/C 154103428







  1. tony london says

    I think I just rejoined tipping but at no point was I asked for $ Have I been rejoined?

  2. DanielleSpicer says

    How exciting! I have signed up and sent through the fee.
    I think you will come to think of it as easy money once you see my lack of tipping form. But I do like to be involved!

  3. Thanks Danielle. At the moment there’s only half a dozen of us to beat – and that’s including my three kids.

  4. I’ve signed up. I’m not all that confident given my recent 0 in the AFLW tipping, but hopefully tipping the Tigers each week will be a successful strategy.

  5. Tony London [Bomber] says

    Tony London here, seems I have been automatically been enrolled as a returning member to Footy Almanac tipping comp by ESPN but nowhere to pay the $10 fee, what is that process?

  6. Colin Ritchie says

    John Harms will contact you with regards to your question.

  7. I’ll send you an email Tony.

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