Almanac (Footy) Poetry: The Rhythm That Never Ends

The Rhythm That Never Ends


by Saskia Schaap


A Pass,
A Tackle,
A Kick,
A Goal,
A Score,
Again and again,
Repetitive movements,
Continuous rhythm,
The cheers from the stands,
The “awwws” from the stands,
The jeers from the stands,
And again,
Repetitive sounds,
A continuous rhythm
And over again,
The press,
The rumours,
The scandals,
The lies,
Again, again,
And again,
Repetitive issues,
Continuous rhythm,
The rhythm again,

That never ends.




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  1. Another well written poem Saskia. I like the way you start with the sounds of the game on the field and move through to the sounds off the field. Very clever. Keep writing!

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