Almanac (Footy) Poetry: In My Blood

Saskia Schaap is a Grade 9 student at Monivae College in Hamilton (Victoria’s Western District). The students have been writing poetry in their English classes. This is the first of Saskia’s poems – about strength of character – accompanied by a photo of her uncle and cousin who are currently living in Scotland where they are associated with the Edinburgh Bloods FC.



In My Blood


You’d think footy runs in my blood.
My great grandad adored the game.
He shared the love of it with his sons.
He shared the love of the game,
With his son in law, my pop.
And my pop,
Shared his love of the game,
With his son, my uncle.
My uncle watches all the games,
Even though he lives far away.
He is a member of the Carlton Football Club,
Even though he is far away.
He passed his love on to his son, my cousin.
But my Nanna, never had this footy crazed passion.
However, she became one of the strongest women, I know.
She travelled the globe with her friend,
And even though, now old, she still works every day.
This is what she passed to my mum.
Her pure strength, is what she passed on.
This strength, is what allows my mum,
To raise two kids on her own.
This is the strength, that my mum passed to me.
This is the strength that makes us strong, to help me do what’s right.
It’s not football, that runs in my blood,
But the strength,
Passed from my nan,
To my mum,
To my aunty,
To my sister and me.
That is what runs, in my blood.




Saskia’s second poem “The Rhythm That Never Ends” can be found here.




  1. Nicely worded, Saskia.
    Keep writing!

  2. Tania Stevens says

    A very emotive piece of writing. Well done Saskia, keep writing!

  3. Rick Kane says

    Wow. Terrific Saskia. This is a poem to be read out load. Or whispered. Good stuff.

  4. I especially love your last seven lines Saskia.

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