Almanac Footy – A tipster’s nightmare! What does next week hold?

Few punters would have predicted many of the surprising results for Round 1 of the AFL season!


Probably, they only tipped 3 or 4 winners at the most in their tipping comp, and must be wondering why they picked Essendon to finish 6th on the ladder at the end of the home and away season in a “pick the top 8 finish comp”!


Certainly,  a number of teams  went against the odds, did they play above themselves, or below themselves?


Will Melbourne  do as well as predicted by many pundits? Their supporters must be wondering  that  after their disappointing effort against Port Adelaide, and what about Brisbane knocking off the reigning premiers, that was completely out of left field, and how many saw that coming?


How about Freo, very ordinary JLT season then blew the Roos away, and Hawthorn just keep on being there.


How did the new rules play out for you?  We’d like to hear your thoughts about the issue.


Round 2 will be interesting to find out if some of the Round 1 results were just anomalies. Many punters will be reassessing their selections and it may  be a few weeks before they can make a true assessment about the form of some teams. Possibly low tipping scores over the coming weeks!


The AFLW Grand Final on Sunday should be a cracking game between Adelaide and Carlton with the Crows as favourites to win, but who knows what the result may be. Your thoughts?


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  1. The rule changes are another fine example of why we need to stop rule changes. Did they increase scoring? No. Did they improve the spectacle? No (last year’s GF was a great spectacle). Did they increase confusion? Hell yes. How they shifted the game further away from its roots? Yes. So what are they going to do now? Consider more rule changes to fix the rule changes that haven’t worked because the rule changes caused unforseen consequences. Hello?

  2. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    The official match day organ of the AFL had a page on the rule changes, where it referred to the 6-6-6 formation as “traditional”. I must have missed George Orwell’s promotion to editor. Within two minutes of the start of the Dees-Power match, all 36 players were in one quarter of the field.

  3. Good to know that the Eagles will always be the last emperors of God’s True Football. 6-6-6 is the devil’s work. It has resulted in global warming, gun violence, Teena McQueen and MKR.
    Or as Adam Simpson repeated over and over yesterday when asked about the Eagles thrashing in Brisbane on Saturday night “racial trolling, racial trolling, Liam Ryan, Liam Ryan”.

  4. I think we need to start dividing up Premierships into the correct eras. So we can compare apples with apples.Who won the most flags in each of these eras?

    The first era
    The new out-on-the-full era
    The post-Kevin Bartlett style dropping the ball era
    The centre square (wasn’t it originally called a diamond?) era
    The new push in the back era
    The post 19th and 20th man era
    The post unlimited interchange era
    The new, new push in the back era
    The post 15 metre penalty era
    The post ducking to get a free kick era
    The low tackle (taking out the feet) era
    The post-deliberate rushed behind era (Hawthorn 2008)
    The post-wait for the goal umpire to wave the flags era
    The don’t wait for anything the goal umpire does era
    The no-bumping era
    The no-sling tackle era
    The salary cap era
    The new, new, new push in the back era
    the ruckman can’t take it out of the ruck era
    the ruckman can now take it out of the ruck era
    the no third man up in the ruck era.
    the don’t touch the maggots era
    the head is sacrosanct era
    the no telling your opponent he’s ugly era (sledging).
    The new, new, new, new push in the back era
    the 6-6-6 era

    Have I missed any?

  5. Round 1 was brilliant – from a very surprised Hawker who didn’t actually see our magnificent win.

    I was attending the 2019 Rebetiko Festival at the Recital Centre. In case you are unaware Rebetiko is a music genre, considered Greek blues. From their website: “It is urban improvised music melding Byzantine, Turkish, Greek, Sephardic, Jazz, and other forms.” If you want to hear brilliant exponents of that genre, go no further than Rebetien / ?????????, from Athens. Local outfit, Meyhané were damned good as well.

    As for Round 1, it had everything, great contests, surprise wins, some sad injuries and the first bells ringing in another season. Footy has survived a thousand rule changes and it will survive a thousand more because the game itself is so fascinating and enthralling. And it was good to see footy being played without 100 water carriers on the paddock.


  6. just like Almanac Admin I correctly tipped Geelong
    FlagPies are OK maybe a touch overrated At least Billy Elliott took his chances
    Dunno why it was such a hard round to tip
    Doggies were always going to beat faiilng Swannies
    Likewise Freo at home
    Dees and Gliders hugely disappointing — no Daniher, no Cale Hooker
    No Gliders
    I snared 6 out of 9 Wasn’t that mind-bending !

  7. It’s always reassuring to know that after Round 1 my hopes of winning the work tipping competition are now non-existent. The pressure is off.

  8. Dips, how about “The sub in a green vest era”?

  9. As Swish pointed out earlier, the new rules have not stopped flooding. In point of fact i half expected to see NOAH’S ARC on the oval on several occasions so bad was the flood. Message to coach Goodwin of Melbourne – keep it simple, Simon..

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