Almanac Cricket: Vale Clive Rice

Bob Speechley suggested we post this tribute to South African cricketer Clive Rice.

If you don’t know too much about Clive Rice or the historical moment of which he was part, this is well worth the read.



  1. yes he was a revelation in the second year of WSC. 41 with the bat and 22 with the ball in first class cricket is just unreal. gone way too soon : (

  2. We didn’t see much of him in Australia, apart from that brief spell with WSC. I recall he spent many years at Nottingham, in which big scores, with lots of wickets were a regular feature of his importance to the team.

    South Africa have produced some fantastic all-rounders, with Jaques Kallis, the most complete, yet under recognised, cricketer of the 21st century being the top in my estimation. But as well as kallis and Rice, there’s been Mike Proctor, and Eddie Barlow, champions in their own right. Other good all rounders from the Veldt were players like Trevor Goddard and Brian McMillan.

    Vale Clive Rice,


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