Almanac Cricket: January 7th in Test cricket history


“The Cricketer”
by Kate Birrell


We’re in reflective spirits at the Almanac desk this week, perhaps a little underdone because the usual Sydney New Year’s Test is running a bit late and the BBL just doesn’t do it for us. The biggest questions around are about the size of the crowd to be allowed at the SCG this week and whether or not the Indians will consent to the strict quarantine laws in Brisbane later in the month. There’s even a dearth of speculation about the possible return of Warner to the Australian team and the ‘will he/won’t he play’ conundrum surrounding Will Pucovski.


Let’s just go there for a moment. Perhaps the question real question is: ‘Should Pucovski play?’  On the one hand, he has to be selected sooner or later – the talent is there for all to see. His debut can’t be put on hold yet again – can it? If not now, then when? If he’s good enough, surely he should play. (Let’s not mention the lack of alternatives!) If he goes well, then he has a long Test career ahead of him; if he struggles, he’s young enough to earn a second chance a bit further down the track. Assure him that he’ll play both the Third and Fourth Tests and give him licence to play his own game. Do it!


On the other hand, don’t expect the Indians to go easy on him. This is Test cricket, after all, and all’s fair on the field. He can expect a right going over from the very start – remember DK Lillee’s mantra: ‘Never give a sucker an even break!’ So is it right or even safe to expose the lad when there are still questions about his technique against the short ball? Shouldn’t he get another season or two of experience at first class level before we throw him to the wolves? What are the WHS implications? Does common sense urge caution?


And all that is for a mere game of cricket. Imagine if it was something important!!!


But we digress.


Looking back through the records, we found this collection of anecdotes about Test cricket, all related to today’s date – January 7.  Will India’s win at Sydney in 2019 be an omen? Just when might the first tied Test have been played if a lad in his debut Test season had thrown to the keeper rather than try to hit the stumps? Remember Matt Renshaw? And there are a few rather illustrious names in there, too.


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