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Almanac Books: Former Swans Chairman Richard Colless and True Believers

Former Sydney Swans Chairman Richard Colless recently launched Jan Courtin’s book, My Lifelong Love Affair with the Swans at the SCG.


The Swans filmed his speech and it is worth a good look at, not just because he talks about Jan and the Footy Almanac but he discusses the value of true believers to the Football community and the AFL.



You can also read Keiran Croker’s review of Jan’s book here


Jan was also interviewed by Wendy Harmer on local ABC Radio 702, this is also available by clicking here.



  1. Brilliant. Richard Colless is a champ. Congratulations Jan.

  2. Fantastic by Richard. I also loved Jan’s speech on the day, especially her love letter to the Swans.

    I hope her book is a great success!

    Cheer cheer

  3. Many thanks for putting Richard’s speech up on the site. He is such a sincere person, and I will always be indebted to him, not just from a personal point of view, but from the Club’s perspective. As I said in the book “he’s known as our saviour”!

    Cheer Cheer

  4. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    Bravo Jan!
    Every book deserves a bucket load of long fought for cheers!

  5. I know this isn’t my post, as such, but thank you all for your kind words.

    Cheer Cheer

  6. Well done indeed Jan Courtin! After tonight’s colossal victory over Adelaide, you have much to continue to cheer about!
    Fantastic book. You tell a riveting story – couldn’t put down the book. And so pleased that you donate to Adam Goodes’ charity.
    Cheer cheer!?

  7. A great read,Jan.Richard Colless was genuine in his praise of your book.Your writings demonstrate,beyond doubt,that footy definitely is “more than a game”. Great win over Adelaide,now for Geelong. Go Bloods.

  8. Maria and Tony
    Many thanks for your kind words. I will always be indebted to Richard for his unbelievable support.

    Cheer Cheer

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