AFLW Round 2 – Brisbane v Western Bulldogs: Bulldogs on the rise but young pup goes down

Brisbane Lions versus Western Bulldogs
3:45 pm, Sunday, 11 February 2018
South Pine Sports Complex, Brendale

By Yoshi Imagawa


Leaving the kennel in Footscray, the Bulldog girls are facing last year’s runner up, the Brisbane Lions in the North-East state. It hits 35 degrees and people are worried of the heat.


I was supposed to be at a Dingoes footy training, but am not joining because I had got flu and am on the mend. However, I am attending the club Board meeting after the training sessions, so the girls are playing while I am travelling to Osaka.


No on-board wifi is available on the Hankyu train that I always take when going to Osaka. Footy will be watched on Watch AFL. My travel companion is the book, “A Throughly Unhelpful History of Australian Sport” written by Titus O’Reily.


I am laughing at top five reasons people don’t like sport when finding one of them is barracking for the Richmond Tigers. It’s not true (because they love footy with craziness) but it is hilarious. Sorry Richmond supporters. And his line about being not loved well in childhood is incorrect. I am in that category, but I love sports!


Here are match highlights from watching the replay.


Tough contests are seen in the first quarter. Hardworking on the ball and attempts into the goal square are blocked by Lions’ strong defense. Our captain Katie Brennan has a chance with a good angle, but misses. The heat seems to be affecting her even though she is a Queenslander.


In the second quarter, Blackburn kicks towards goal posts from the right inside 50 and young Huntington takes a mark in the packed zone. She kicks a goal easily. It’s the first goal for her 2018 season and her team for the day. Brilliant!


Only a minute later, Huntington takes a great mark. I am impressed with her marking skills. Then easy goal is scored like the first one. She is on my good Bulldog player list.


But the 2017 number one draft pick’s courage causes a collision with Brisbane’s Hildebrand. Huntington hits her left knee. A scan reveals her 2018 season is over.


I am sad that her encouraging skills will not be seen again in women’s footy this year. It must be a hard time for her. Missing a footy training is frustrating and stressful for me because I love the sport, I admit but I can’t imagine what she must be going through.


Bulldogs bite and roar with two more goals in the second quarter.


Action follows. In the beginning of the third quarter, the most goal kicker in the Tasmanian League, Jess Wuetschner kicks beautifully from the right boundary line with her left.


In the last quarter, Lion Anderson and Bulldog Utri kick long goals in low angles. It’s nice to see such goals too.


I’m happy to see Doggies winning the right game in a heat. Well done ‘Scray girls!


BRISBANE                             0.2  0.3  1.4  3.6 (24)
WESTERN BULLDOGS     0.1  4.2  4.2  5.3 (33)

Brisbane: Wuetschner 2, Anderson
Western Bulldogs: Huntington 2, Bruton, Scott, Utri

Brisbane: Anderson, Bates, Zielke, Lutkins
Western Bulldogs: Lamb, Kearney, Blackburn, Bruton

3. Blackburn (WBU); 2. Kearney (WBU); 1. Anderson (BRI)

Umpires: Broadbent, Adair, Strybos

Official crowd: 5300 (approximate)


About Yoshihiro Imagawa

Love, passion and pride are seen on the footy that is the biggest part of my life. 1. St Kilda Club member: I am a passionate and crazy Sainter. Just hope we will win the second flag soon, especially after Dogs and Tigers having ended long premiership draughts. 2. The Osaka Dingoes Player and Public Relations Officer: Player number 44 that I chose to honour Stephen Milne with my wish being like a small forward like him. Lenny Hayes' hardworking attitudes are adopted on my trainings and practices. Nick Riewoldt's great plays are in my player audiobook too. 3. Writing: Here on the Almanac and also on the World Footy News. My skills utilise on great footy websites.


  1. Neil Anderson says

    I am enjoying watching the Bulldog women playing at the moment. But I am not happy to see someone like Izzy Huntington getting injured after such a promising start. The second top-player we have lost in the first two weeks. Of course it reminds us of what happened to Bob.
    You would think that sort of injury would happen just as easily for men and women players, but of course the outside observers are now suggesting that physically, women are more likely to ‘do a knee’.
    The other criticism about the AFLW comp is the lack of goal-scoring combined with not enough free-flowing play. I think the Bulldogs have responded pretty well to that criticism this year.
    The women are tackling harder than ever and running further than last year so it’s no wonder they’re exhausted by the end of the quarters. That’s when the skills drop off and the goals dry up.

  2. Yvette Wroby says

    Hi Yoshi,

    hope you are recovering well and had an interesting meeting. Look forward to hearing more stories about your new club.

  3. Hi and thanks for comments Neil and Yvette!

    Neil – I am sad to see the Bulldogs lost two young talented players. Huntington played so beautifully and only minutes later bang… Your views on injuries and how women are playing are great. Girls tackle more and run more and longer. It’s good to see good numbers of goals Bulldogs are scoring this year.

    Yvette – Thanks for your warm words. My feeling is better now and I had a long working day yesterday. Our club news and news in footy in Asia can be found on World Footy News.



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