AFLW 2018 in names only – an unhelpful guide to all of the AFLW players of 2018


Inspired by Hugh Robertson’s AFLM guide, AFL 2017 in names only, here is Ann Deux’s unhelpful guide to all of the AFLW players of 2018:



Alliteration Sensations

Ally Anderson, Ashlee Aitkins, Brittany Bonnici, Courtney Cramey, Shelley Scott


Rolling right off the tongue

Lara Filocamo, Becchara Palmer, Bella Ayre, Sally Riley, Stephanie Chiocci, Sophie Li, Alicia Eva, Jade de Melo


2018 C/Kate and Co Count

Kate [4], Katie [2], Katherine [2], Catherine, Caitlyn, Kaitlyn, Katie-Jayne


Commentator’s delight

Vescio! Farrugia! Wuetschner! Gooch!


Footy player or make of car?

Bentley, Exon, Rajcic, Kaslar, Ferres, Janz, Varnhagen, Mifsud, Utri


The Sarahs

Allan, D’Arcy, Dargan, Hosking, Lampard, Last, Perkins


Disney Classics

Jasmine ‘& Aladdin’ Grierson, Anna ‘Frozen’ Teague, Ashleigh ‘Be My’ Guest, Bree and Jodie ‘Snow’ White, ‘Tiger’ Lily Mithen, Dana ‘Captain’ Hook(er)


Hyphenation across the nation

Katie-Jayne, Gillespie-Jones, Frederick-Traub, Stevie-Lee, Lucas-Rodd


Our favourite

Burton (Jenna), Cordner (Harriet), Daisy (Pearce), Davey (Brianna), Grant (Emma), Kennedy (Bridie), McGuire (Emily), Molloy (Chloe), Wallace (Ruth)


O’ yeah?

O’Connor, O’Dea, O’Sullivan


Very loosely translated

Victory of the People Battle Sword (Nicole Hildebrand), Strong, Bold Counsel (Breanna Koenen), Whole Soldier (Emma Kearney), Messenger of the Gods who Plunders (Angela Foley)


The Mack Attack

Mackie, Mackrill, McAuliffe, McCarthy, McCormick, McGuire, McIntosh, McKinnon, McLeod, McWilliams



Webb [3] (and Ebb, plus the Ebonys: Marinoff and Antonio)


Old names are new again

Beatrice, Cora, Eloise, Molly, Ruby


From Ann M. Martin’s The Babysitter’s Club

Kristy, Claudia, Stacey, Jessy, Abbey, Shannon, Karen


From George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones

Breann ‘of Tarth’ Moody, Jamie ‘Good hands’ Stanton, Sophie ‘Turner’ Armitstead, Emma King (of the Seven Kingdoms), Kerryn ‘Kit’ Harrington, Britt ‘of House’ Tully, Jaimee ‘Kingslayer’ Lambert


Laying down the Laurs

Laura [3], Lauren [5]


First Name Surname

Ashley, Cain, Davey, Eva, Phillip(s)


There’s no other

Ainslie, Amy, Cassie or Monique


To a T

Tahlia, Talia, Tiah, Tiarna, Tiahna, Tara, Tayla [3] … and Tanya


In the Words of Bruce McAvaney

“(Georgie) Gee this is an important kick.”

“Iilish-ous” (Ross)


Yell for your Mel

Melissa [2], Mel … and aMELia Barden


No relation?

Downie (Meg and Alison), Randall (Chelsea, Pepa and Tahlia), Gibson (Brittany and Kellie)


It’s Madeline

Maddie [2], Maddy, Madeleine, Madeline … and Maddison


Characters from an 18th century British novel

Elle Bennetts, Emily Bates, Tegan Cunningham, Darcy Guttridge, Anne Hatchard, Emma Humphries, Isabel Huntington, Meg Hutchins, Eliza Hynes, Louise Stephenson, Alex Williams


No, not that one

Emma ‘Ron’ Swanson, Sophie ‘Deborah’ Conway, Jasmine ‘Come on’ Hewett, Emma ‘Jana’ Pittman  … and Georgie Parker


Don’t mess with

Jess, Jessica [6] and Jessy


On the shopping list

Gum, a Brush, a Bannister … and a Plane


Back to Nature

Berry, Birch, Brooke [2], Green, Lamb, Mules


Gimme a “Re”

Rebecca [2], Renee [3], Richelle (AKA Rocky), Rheanne, Rennie, Rhiannon


Gimme an “Ah”

Aasta, Alexandra, Arianna, Bianca, Brianna, Calista, Christina, Kalinda, Gabriella, Gemma, Georgia, Hannah, Kara, Kiara, Leah, Nicola


Now say “Ay”

Bailey, Bayley, Barclay, Dayna, Duryea, Hayley [2], Shae


In the words of Dennis Cometti

“Sharp hands, she Gogos down the centre… overall, they’re just Toogood!”


The Smith Family

Smyth, Schmidt, Smith [2]


Spooky sister synergy

Sarah and Jessica Allen (Adelaide), Sarah and Jess Hosking (Carlton)


Catching some Z’s

Zanchetta, Zanker, Zielke, Zreika


Meet you there

Blackburn, Casey, Collingwood, Brazill


Don’t confuse

Whitfort and Whitford; Hore and Hoare; Hickey and Hicks [2]; Killian, Callinan, Monahan, Newman and Hardiman


Pre-season predictions were made based on

Hope, the transit of planets through Virgo and a Krystal ball


Games will be turned by

A Moody umpire, a strategy-related Gamble or that special Spark


Players will reach premiership glory

By being in the Hunt [2], through the possessions they Garner, by raising the Barr and, most of all, if they’ve Ernst it





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    Love it!

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    Fantastic Ann, ‘Characters from an 18th century British novel’ and ‘Players will reach premiership glory’ are my favourites categories! Well done

  3. Danae Gibson says

    Good fun! I the Chicks Talkin’ Footy love it too :)

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