AFL Semi-Finals: Superman saves the world again

Well, here we go, it’s do or die time for my Magpies.

I have been waiting anxiously all week for this game to come and now that it’s finally here, I’m terrified.

The number of footy conversations I’ve had at school this week was probably more than the norm.

With my fellow Collingwood supporting peers it’s been: “OMG, I don’t want to lose and Dale didn’t even do anything last week!”

Two teachers managed to bring up the old saying that Collingwood have their “backs to the wall”. One of them is a Roo, who unlike the rest has some sort of sympathy for me when my Pies lose and the other, a media student teacher who barracks for Carlton.

Most teachers just love to get me into debate mode by teasing me when we lose.

My media teacher (a Collingwood supporter) desperately wants to win because she’s going to the game with her Adelaide-supporting husband. She told me that she didn’t watch the 1990 Grand final because she thought we would lose if she did! She still to this day hasn’t seen the footage.

My religion teacher came next (my favourite). He has faith all lright! After calling me up as ‘Nathan Brown’ to have a chat about my grade for the last SAC he asked, “So do you think the Pies will win, oh wait Nathan Brown isn’t playing?” My happy attitude from receiving a ‘B’ instantly disappeared and I replied: “No chance, yes Nathan is out, but we are no chance to win!”

He said: “Don’t say that!”

Yes, he is definitely the right person to teach religion, that’s some faith he’s got!

I know this is stupid but I even said it to my Dad: “I have a feeling … that we are going to win.”

Any one who reads my work would know that I don’t disappoint on emotion and on this occasion it won’t be any different, I can’t promise not to cry.

What should have been hours of homework before the game, turned into a fashion-show. My mother and I were trying on every single outfit we owned and in my case every single dress to see what needs altering for next Saturday. I’m leaving for Sydney on Friday morning to go to my  cousins’ christenings , which are on Saturday and Sunday.

I decide on my short fire engine red dress and mum starts to alter it as I settle for the start of the match.

Adelaide was on fire for the first quarter; our only goal came from a 50-metre penalty paid to Tarks.

Tippet, Hentschel, Knights and Dangerfield all goal for the Crows.

They are too easily able to get the ball right out of the middle and straight to the goals.

A bit of alliteration for you: I’m freaking frustrated!

I’ve suddenly got a headache as they bang home for a 28 point lead.

I refuse to recall the score.

Despite not wanting to watch anymore I stay put waiting for someone to stand up.

It took one of our defenders to bang one through! – Well someone had to do it!

I have a feeling that I will grow older with high blood pressure.

Burton puts his boys up by 30, why am I watching this again?

These boys will be the death of me!

Wellingham goals – he will be the next Pendals.

I sat with my hands over my face until the quarter ended.

Half-time and I’ve tried on my red dress twice after alterations, it’s perfect!

Despite how annoyed I am at the score I can’t help but acknowledged that I look pretty damn good in this dress! LOL

My Brownlow Babe (Swan) sails one through, thank goodness!


I fly off my seat as Cloke manages to find the middle and the Magpie Army find their voice.

Dick gets his second- WE ARE BACK FROM THE DEAD!!

Supermannnnnnnnnnnnn … misses … NAWWWW!!!

Thompson goals and Tippet puts the Crows back in front.

‘Tippet I hate you, I REALLY HATE YOU!’

I’ve managed to give myself a bruise from bashing my hand on my thigh at every error we make, it’s really sore and…



Then the ball ends up with the ex-Roo Leigh Brown.

I don’t hate Leigh but he’s much better with goals on the run, sets shots not so much.


Without even noticing I find myself on  my knees on the floor with tears flowing from my eyes – see I knew I was going to cry!

We can’t let it go now, I’m confident until Adelaide steals the ball and Tippet goals putting them up by one lousy point.

I’m feeling so sick, my breathing is heavy and slow, my heart is racing and yet everything around me slows down. That’s it … we are gone.

We clear the ball and only God knows how lucky we were that the umpire saw Superman being held and called the free.

If I could choose anyone to kick this, I would have chosen Superman.

Still on my knees, I take a deep breath and say out loud to myself

“He’s got this one, he’s got it for sure!” I never doubt Superman, NEVER.

He kicks, it all happens so slowly, it spins beautifully off his boot floating obediently STRAIGHT




Overwhelmed with emotions I dissolve into tears, the crowd goes nuts and Superman celebrates.




Siren sounds and I jump up with mixed emotions.

I’m crying, laughing, blubbering, squealing and I can’t stop!

Superman gets interviewed and that fact that he’s crying only encourages my tears even more, “He’s so beautiful…”

Well they did it. My boys defied the odds and the critics!

Me? I’m floating on air, I couldn’t be happier and I’m sleeping in my jersey tonight!


Coll: 83                          Adel: 78

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Great win and a stirring report Danielle.

    But are you able to tell me what it means when my daughter’s (Tiger supporter)cat has stopped bringing home rabbits from the neighbour’s paddock but has instead started stalking and catching magpies. There are feathers all over the back porch. I am not sure if they are black and white or white and black (with a bit of red in the middle. Is this an omen od just a ‘dead cat bounce’


  2. Phantom,
    Thanks for the comment.
    Umm…maybe your cats had a change in appetite.
    Rabbits are too cutesy and your cat wants a challenge when it hunting. The only other reason could be that your cat has killed off all the rabbits so there’s nothing else left!
    I saw about 4 massive black Crows on the days leading up to the game and that didn’t affect the outcome!
    May I ask, why such a mysterious username?
    Phantom sounds kinda creepy…

    Danni- aka Mrs. Jack Anthony.

  3. No choice, Daff gave it to me. Mr Walker (The Phantom). Not sinister either; just a soft cuddly little (happy) cat like – Max Rooke.

    My daughter used to call herself Mrs Delideo: till she saw a picture of him with ‘that other’ woman. The critique of the rival was swift, sharp and very unflattering. Cheers, Phanto

  4. Lol nice Danielle,

    I’m sorry but I wanted Anthony to miss so the Pies would go into extra time for the second time in 3 years. Sounds like you had a great time.

  5. Steve, that was the LAST thing i needed.
    im sure that when i die it will be from a heart-attack while watching the footy.

  6. What were you like in the Preliminary final 2 years ago? hahaha

  7. i dont think it was as bad!
    you know as soon as Anthony got the ball i was like..OMG YESS THIS WILL BE A GOAL!!
    i would have bet my life on it!
    ive already packed my luggage ready for friday morning’s flight!
    so many clothes, so many shoes!!

  8. Hang on, I thought you had a formal or something on Friday night? I reckon if Anthony was any closer he would’ve missed.

  9. yeah i know. it still is but im not going anymore :(
    see my cousins only sent out the invites two days ago then my parents booked the flight without telling me or checking to see if it clashed with the formal!
    so yeah..that kinda sucks but id rather have a week in sydney than just one night at the formal.

  10. Yeah, hope you find a TV to watch the game next Saturday, at least it’ll be live I guess if it isn’t in Melbourne.

  11. lol yeah thats a problem.
    ill be at a seafood resturant while the games on so ill just call over some waiter and say: “excuse me but can i get the Collingwood score with this calamari?”

  12. Lol if the waiter’s a true person from Sydney they won’t care about the footy score. Only about the Rabbitohs V the Raiders or something. I’m not sure if they’d have Radio coverage of the game in Sydney. I remember in Canberra a couple of months ago I couldn’t get any radio coverage so I had no idea what the score was in Essendon V Richmond

  13. well im getting credit for my phone 2mro so if waiter dude cant help ill have to txt my melbourne based fam members.
    what great timing i have!

  14. Yeah, what a match report this would make: “I swear loudly at the waiter when he doesn’t give me the score, and get kicked out of the restaurant.” hahahaha. I got phone credit a couple of days ago for the first time in ages because I found my phone

  15. lol nah ill just sweet talk the waiter into somehow dragging a widescreen tv right to my table! :)
    hhahaa, you found your phone?
    were or should i say HOW can you lose it in the first place.
    my phone is always with me. i cant sleep without it being under my pillow!

  16. yeah I’ve learnt the lesson now so I keep it close to me. A couple of months ago it somehow got badly cracked and then it somehow got lost. It still works fine. Except taken bloody ages for SMS’s to show up!

  17. Lol yeah thast like my friend. she like never checks her phone and ill be like “did you get my txt?”
    she takes it out and goes ..” i did!”
    omg u took comment 16..:(
    lol its okay i have comment nine!! :)

  18. Yeah I sent my friend an SMS the other day and I was amazed that I got an immediate reply. And then I realised that the text was sent about 4 hours ago lol!

    Don’t worry I wanted Jack Grimes’ number. And now I got Brad Green along with Dunn, Sylvia, Morton, Frawley, Bate and Watts.

  19. lol Watts, hes going to be trouble, that one!
    hopefully he will learn how to deal with attention from us gals and still be footy focused! :)
    hes going to be a heart-breaker

  20. I think he’ll be a match-winner. After the Round 1 game against the Roos I met him at the car park outside the MCG. He was very nice, and I asked him when he’d make his debut.

  21. ..omg u met him?
    lol imagine if it was me.
    i would have been like:

  22. Damian Watson says

    Great report Danielle,
    I’m guessing your crying streak will continue if the Pies lose on Saturday night? LOL Just kidding.

    I’m glad they beat the Crows but I’d doubt the Pies can defeat the Cats. I think Collingwood played their Grand Final on Saturday night!

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