AFL Round 22: Roos win match that is much better than it looked on paper

This game on paper looks terrible. But there’s more meaning behind it when two Port players, who’ve been there since it all started, are hanging up their boots. Brendon Lade and Peter Burgoyne will finish with 474 games and 374 goals between them. In Round 1, 1997, both of them kicked a goal each in their team’s first game in history. It’s a sad farewell for both of them.

Port run on to the ground, including Burgoyne and Lade and their total of five kids (all boys) with them. I realise it’s just the second time I’ve scored a Port Adelaide game this year.  The conditions are terrible: wet, cold and windy.

The game starts and North draw first blood with a swinging goal from Petrie. Lade gets a fairly soft free and slots through Port’s first, to the delight of the small crowd. The game turns into a scrap. Petrie kicks a magnificent goal, over his head from the goal square. Port replies with goals from Salter and Brogan, both from 50’s. At quarter time it’s 3.2 20 to 2.3 15, in favour of the Power. The Cornes brother’s have seven possessions each while Harvey has eight for North Melbourne.

The second quarter begins and Hartlett marks a clanger kick, runs inside 50 and squeezes through a goal. Ebert, who was a late inclusion for Tredrea, takes a good mark and puts the Power even further in front. The game is at a halt for a while, but North gets the next through Edwards.  Broadbent receives a free, and kicks a goal in his third match. Josh Smith pegs the margin back to a couple of goals, with the first of his career. The half time siren sounds and It’s North Melbourne trailing by 13, 6.5 41 to 4.4 28. Kane Cornes leads on the ground with 19, Rawlings leads for North Melbourne with 13.

The second half begins, and Ebert gets an unlucky bounce from a shot on goal. Josh Smith marks for the Roos and nails his second, before Hartlett kicks his second from a set shot. From here on, the Roos gain momentum against the odds. Gibson marks and goals from a kick in, Petrie kicks his third and Harvey snaps a gem. The rain starts coming down heavily and Port miss a couple of chances. At three quarter time, there’s only three points in it. 8.9 57 to 8.6 54, in favour of Port. Kane Cornes has a massive 29 touches, Rawlings has 21 for North Melbourne and Anthony 18. A big last quarter was coming up.

The last quarter starts, and Harvey kicks a captain’s goal at the five minute mark. The rain starts to pour like we’ve never seen it before. The teams trade behinds but Ebert finally marks a brilliant Peter Burgoyne pass, and kicks a goal to put Port Adelaide in front. Harvey misses a crucial one for North Melbourne, and controversy is brewed when Krakouer gives McMahon a small shove at centre half forward. What? A 50-metre penalty!

McMahon nails the goal, but there’s still time for the fairytale finish for Port Adelaide. Port frantically try and get the ball forward, but the Roos do well to not concede. Lower marks, kicks a behind and the siren sounds, its heart break for Port Adelaide and triumph for Darren Crocker and the Roos. The final score is 9.13 67 to 10.11 71. Kane Cornes finishes with 33 for Port, Gibson 27 for the Roos and Anthony 26.

This game sums up Port’s season, just not good enough. The record low crowd of 17,284 was also not good enough.  North Melbourne seems to be on the right track, with a couple of great wins, and that should keep them fired up until Brad Scott arrives at Arden St. I keep watching and see Malcolm Blight give Port an “F” on the season report card. Port has failed.

One thing’s for sure, this game was much better than it looked on paper.

Port Adelaide  3.2  6.5  8.9  9.13 (67)
North Melbourne  2.3  4.4  8.6  10.11 (71)

Port Adelaide: Ebert 3, Hartlett 2, Lade, Salter, Brogan, Broadbent.
North Melbourne: Petrie 3, Josh Smith 2, Harvey 2, Gibson, Edwards, McMahon.

Port Adelaide: K Cornes, C Cornes, Chaplin, Boak, Cassisi.
North Melbourne: Harvey, Anthony, Gibson, Rawlings, Petrie, Grima.

My Votes: 3. Kane Cornes (PA), 2. Brent Harvey (NM), 1. Liam Anthony (NM).

Umpires: Farmer, Avon, Pannell.                         Crowd: 17,284 at AAMI. Stadium.

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  1. Good work!
    i loved how they stuck the mike on Crocker, it was so good to see the game from the coach’s view!
    How nice was it to see the North boys in the rooms after the game?
    ill admit, im jealous of Crocker cos when Swallow came in he gave him a hug!!
    ill bet a hug from Swallow made the whole job worth while! :)

  2. Josh Barnstable says

    Nice report Steve.

    I only watched the final quarter, in fact i didn’t watch much footy this weekend and won’t be submitting any write-ups.

    McMahon DEFINATELY deserved the 50m penalty! :)

  3. Josh where have you been hiding Obst?
    if i had noticed him before he would have made the pretty list!
    he distracted me from my english homework which isnt as easy as it sounds!
    so im stealing him from you. i think hed like to play finals footy and he will look great in our jersey!
    darkish hair and coloured eyes, why didnt you point him out to be before???

  4. Josh Barnstable says

    He played one game last year and punctured his lungs in that match and Round 21 last week was first game since then. He looked really good though on the highlights of the game that i saw.

  5. Steve Healy says

    Josh, Obst has played well in his first two games back in to the line up. But I’m beginning to wonder about the North Melbourne defence being too full. But now the season’s over so it doesn’t really matter.

    Danielle, I also loved how Darren Crocker was miked up. All though when he was in the bottom corner of the screen it was a bit distracting. It reminded me of the late 90’s, when they’d show an injury concern in the corner of the screen. Crocker is a very laid back coach. But I guess all caretakers would be.

    Can’t wait till the finals start.

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