AFL Round 21: Pies score another win as I dread the end of the season

The footy season is nearly over and the big questions I’m asking are:

* What am I supposed to do now?

* How will I spend my weekends?

* And more importantly, how will I survive?

The seriousness of this matter is epic! Footy is the only reason to get out of bed on the weekend. It’s the only thing that gets me through the school week.

After this round, comes one more round before finals. I think I’m going to cry.

It feels like yesterday I was filling out my first footy tips of the season.

It feels like yesterday I had turned 17 as the Saints beat us to a pulp in round 7.

Suddenly Round 21 has crept up on me and I don’t like it, not one bit.

The only other sports I watch are netball (if I happen to come across a match when I’m channel surfing) and tennis (only when Roger Federer is playing, for he is the tennis world’s equivalent of our Chris Judd.)

The netball viewing started in grade five as soon as I, with only three other girls out of the whole year level, was chosen to play in the senior team. I can’t describe how it feels out there on the court;  it feels natural and my adrenaline is out of control. That was my past, I was so fit back then unlike now …

I was unable to continue netball after my two years on the school’s senior team, which in both those years we finished as Premiers.

The tennis viewing started about three years ago when I picked Federer and have stuck by him ever since. Forget Nadal, Federer is the real number one until his twin daughters give the Williams sisters a run for their money. By the way, yes, I did stay up till about five o’clock in the morning to watch Federer break Pete Sampras’ record. I was dying to sleep but I didn’t!

As for the footy, I have to go way back to when I was a year old and Daddy would place me in front of the television every Collingwood match. Despite my regular viewings of Barney, Humphrey Bear and Play School even back then the footy was my favourite.

I came back from Sunday Mass feeling spiritually satisfied and happy that Sunday had finally come. I hate footy on Sundays, it really sucks.

As the teams run out I eat away at a Snickers bar only to see writing on the inside of the wrapper.


“Ohhhh … YAY ME!!”

To think that I laughed at the commercials advertising that 1 in 6 bars wins instantly.

Back to the footy.

Shaw the slipping Swan misses the fist shot at goal until Superman puts the first 6 points on the board.

The Swans slow the game down … BORING!!!!!

A fantastic tackle from Superman gets me excited, gezze that guy is lucky, who wouldn’t be happy to get tackled by Superman? It’s like an angry hug!

Medders kicks a teddyish goal.

Not too much action and every time the Swans get the ball I feel like changing the channel.

Moore and Cloke rev up with a goal each to start the second term.

Superman misses his second for the day and becomes victim to the commentators about his downhill kicking.

Joshy and Goodes add their goals but the game still lacks pace.

The Swans close in on us thanks to a goal from Bevan making the margin only one point the difference!

I know this is mean but this is what I had to say as a reaction.

“Bloody ‘ell! Come on boys they aren’t ‘that’ good, MAN UP!”

Dick scores- “THANK YOU.”

During half-time I run out to pick up the laundry and mop the house just in time for the third quarter to begin.

My pleas for a quick goal are answered by my hubby Superman.

Goodes, one of the few Swans having an impact, goals soon after.

Dick manages to steer through a miracle goal and Wood gets his first.

My boys are improving as the game goes on and Superman kicks his third,  causing me to realise just how delicious he looks in those black shorts.

Daisy takes a flying grab to start the last hurrah and Superman bangs his fourth.

It comes to my attention that even the umpires love Toovey! That’s right; they turned a blind eye to what should have been a 50 metre penalty against Toovey! Unbelievable, if it was any other player they would have…

Goodes goals … again … “Arrghhhh!”

My future Brownlow winner hits one home to hush the critics about his goal kicking.

Our September looks so good right now all that’s missing is … Nathan Brown.

Despite protest from Captain, Barlow gets a goal after the siren: “PARTY POOPER!”

Lucky me, a free chocolate bar and a win by my boys.

Any luck of skipping school tomorrow? HA!

COLL: 97                        SYD: 56

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Josh Barnstable says

    Don’t worry Danni, there is still 5 weeks of footy left so savour it! Just count yourself lucky that next week is the last time we will hear of those bloody Swans. And after September, the fixture is released and that is always something to look forward to, followed by the trading week, draft and pre-season draft, things i think are actually more interesting than the footy itself. And also, it’ll be Round 1 of 2010 before you know it.

  2. Steve Healy says

    Josh and Danielle, the Swans aren’t that bad. They just play footy in a different way, man-on-man contests all around the ground. I think it’s really interesting how they try and score, waiting for a good opportunity. Them playing that way under Paul Roos used to work, because it put them in the finals for I think 6 years in a row, but yeah now it’s backfiring.

    Hahaha I laughed when you said I hate footy on Sundays.

    I love it when the fixture comes out. It’s one of my favourite days of the year.

  3. Sorry Steve i have to disagree.
    The Swans are BORING!!!
    They totally kill off any spark or momentum from the game.
    I personally prefer fast games with lots of carry, bounces and goals on the run.
    The Swans play like old men with walking sticks!


  4. lol i cant believe Steve stood up for Sydney’s playing style.

  5. Dont worry Danni, once Longmire takes over the reigns they’ll be a free scoring side

  6. i hope so.
    jst wondering, am i the only 17 yearold girl on the almanac list?
    you guys are lucky, theres like 4 of you.

  7. OMG OMG
    COLLINGWOOD captain Nick Maxwell has declared wayward forward Brendan Fevola is not wanted at the Magpies.


  8. I don’t like snickers..

  9. Dont worry Danni, you can be apart of the guys :D

  10. lol..naw thanks Joshy (i think)
    remember that debate i had with Michael where i said we dont have room for Fev up forward…well looks like i should be at the Herald Sun afterall.
    there lastest headline
    No room at Pies,Fev

    hehehehe!! :)
    come on, im made for the job

  11. Then do you agree with Mike’s top 50? (Mike Sheahan by the way, not Mike Allan lol)

  12. no i dont agree with it at all!

  13. I havent had a proper look yet but i remember seeing Swan and Pendlebury.

    Where is everyone else? 11:48 on a Saturday and asleep?? WEAK! :)

  14. Steve Healy says

    Nah my Dad turned the computer off and said I had to go to bed because of day light savings.

    I would’ve stayed on.

    I had a right to stand up for Sydney’s style!

    And a right to defend The Age!

  15. lol you do that Steve! :P
    im still hoping for more Heraldsun headlines saying, Pies dont want FEV
    Nathan Brown and Jack Anthony sign five year contract. :)

  16. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, it’ll actually be a headline in The Age first but you won’t know about it. And the Herald Sun will lie.

  17. for your info steve, i do read the Age okay! LOL
    But i PREFER the Heraldsun.
    i cant get past the Age’s Sport section but i can read the whole Heraldsun!
    plus the Age’s sport section is WAYYY too small!

  18. Michael Allan says

    Oh please Danni as if your captain is going to say “our forward line is woeful and we desparately need one.” Players especially captains never bag their own players. And the players don’t decie who go to the club. Eddie still seems to be keen and you football manager has said they’re still open minded and they hav more of a say than Maxwell does.
    Age is ten times better than the Sun.
    Steve Mike ALLANS top 50 would be very different. I had a few problems with it.

  19. Steve Healy says

    It’s funny looking in the sport section after the season ends. Every day, the footy news gradually decreases and other things like news on cricket and horse racing slowly increases.

    Thanks for changing the thread last night by the way, I’m getting on to this easily and my internet comes back to normal speed tomorrow

  20. Michael Allan says

    It is a sad thing. Hopefully it comes back a bit this week with an active trade week.

  21. Steve Healy says

    Yes, you’re right about the Age Michael! Finally someone agrees with me.

    By the way, it was Josh who said the top 50 thing.

  22. Michael Allan says

    Haha, I just scrolled down and saw that then saw you and Danni were talking so I thought you said it. I worked at the age for work experience and they bagged SEN and Herald Sun all the time. lol

  23. Steve Healy says

    What does everyone think about Treadra winning Port’s B&F? He had a good start to the year but surely that can’t be right.

  24. Steve Healy says

    I’m still unsure about what I should do for work experience. I’m considering the Age, as well as SEN or maybe for the Demons.

  25. Michael Allan says

    Treadrea winning just goes to show how terrible their year was.

  26. Steve Healy says

    Any way, I think I’ll watch the rugby now so I’m off.

  27. Michael Allan says

    It’s just pre game at the moment nothing special.

  28. lol calm down Michael, yes Maxwell wouldnt bag his own players but if ound it interesting that he ddint have any positive indications towards Fev ether!

    Well done Melbourne Storm!
    not sure about that last penalty though.
    ohhh well, you know that loss didnt even hurt half as much as a round one AFL loss.
    poor Mortimer! Maybe next year.

  29. Damian Watson says

    Yay the Melbourne Storm won 23-16!
    Yeah I’m looking forward to work experience next year.

    I was expecting Kane Cornes to win the Power’s B&F, I remember Treadrea had a good start to the year with six goals in three consecutive weeks but the result is still suprising.

  30. lol wish i had journalism in mind when i did my work experience.

  31. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I saw that penalty, a pretty contentious desicion.
    Mortimer didn’t do too much today or at least in the 30 minute period that I watched the game.

  32. Damian Watson says

    What did you choose for work experience Danni?

  33. well i had a huge determination to become a solictor and work my way up to Barrister.
    so i went and worked in a law firm.
    its was crazy all the work done before the court case with clients coming in and the phone ringing off the hook i thought i was going to go mad!
    i was stuck put away files tryping notes from huge document, opening mail and sending faxes.
    from that expierence i lost my taste for a career in law.

  34. Hello people just got back from a long day’s drive to Bendigo and back!

    Anyway, what’d i miss?

  35. nothing much, just the usaul disagreement between Michael and i.
    Melb Storm won and Mortimer looked really cute!
    how was the drive?

  36. Like i said, Rugby and me don’t go together. Have never heard of Mortimer. Well i have but wouldnt know him.

    Yeah the drive was good, went in a truck, saw two kangaroos playing with each other in the middle of an old footy ground haha it was cool. Me and Dad discussed where Fev should go, we both think Collingwood haha

  37. Oh and Michael, what was work experience at The Age like? I’m still deciding whether to do it at The Age or the Herald Sun, or maybe the Roos.

    And Steve, did you ever get a reply from Demetriou? Coz i’m thinking of sending him an email.

  38. lol i think we would have know if he did.
    still no word From Sam Lane, even after that THIRD email i sent.
    if i do become a journalistid give time to fan mail, who wouldnt want to reply to emails telling you that your writting is awesome!??

  39. Just wondering, is anyone inviting anyone else apart from family to the book launch?

  40. Nah, im just keeping it to family.

  41. If anyone is interested, has a lot of contacts. Demetriou, Sheahan, Herald Sun and The Age, plus some other people i dont know lol

  42. Hmm thinking of calling welfare, Mum just threw a cheeseburger at me lol

  43. lol! :)
    nice throw Josh’s mum!
    infact, throw of the year! LOL

    STATUS- Packing school bag

  44. Damian Watson says

    Are both of you going back to school tomorrow? I go back Tuesday.

  45. yep..i think imma wear my summer uniform
    :) that means it only takes 5 -7 mins to get dressed! YAY

  46. Yeah school tomorrow for me too. I wear my summer uniform even in the winter haha you rarely see me with a school jumper or pants on lol

  47. nah my school is pretty tight on uniform.
    the first week back you can wear ether winter or summer.
    i still have to straighten my hair.

  48. Oh so you have to wear summer uniform in summer and winter in winter? Haha that’s so strict!

  49. yerp lol.
    its not like out in the country.
    city schools pride themsleves on their uniforms which means us students are the victims.
    …ohh crap that reminds me i have to get this nail polish off.
    may i ask, how will nailpolish distract me from working in class??, stupid uniform rules!

  50. Damian Watson says

    Yeah our school is very strict on uniform.
    Apparantly Nick Riewoldt and that blonde girl are back together Danni.

  51. Haahhaaa yeah i saw, she probably felt bad after they lost the final so she didnt turn him down when he asked her to go to the b&f.

  52. Or she just wants to be with a man who has won 5 B&F’s lol.

  53. thats possible..i think.
    i didnt see jack anthony arrive with anyone.
    :)..well except the sling on his arm.
    but still, its good for me!

  54. Michael Allan says

    Josh I worked in the footy section of the Age so it was pretty awesome. The first day I went out to Richmond where they interrviewed Daniel Jackson and then we watched Richmond train so that was fun.

    I went to another press conference with Brett Ratten and Mick Malthouse and Mick got fired up so that was interesting.

    I went out with a photographer because Collingwood were welcoming the Krusty Demons.

    I got to write a match preview for the Fremantle Hawthorn game for the paper and my name was published so that was good.

    All the journos were really nice. Rohan Connolly let me sit in for his thursday blog where he answeres questions. I got to help himm with his answers and he seemed impressed with my knowledge.

    It was a really good week. You should defineately apply for work exp there.

  55. geez that sounds AWESOME!
    Looks like someone had a ball.
    what ever you guys do, learn from me and dont go to any lawfirms!!

  56. Wow Michael that sounds pretty full on. I wonder what they do at the Herald Sun. Yeah i might go for The Age.

  57. ohh josh and while your there make a complaint about my 3 emails not being sent through!

  58. Will do.

  59. Michael Allan says

    I know I’ve been obsessed with Shane Tuck over the last couple of weeks but now I’ve got another one.

    Brisbane get Andrew Raines and Shane Tuck
    Richmond get Jamie Charman and 3rd round pick

  60. Michael i thought u had an obsession with LeCras if anybody. LOL

  61. Michael Allan says

    Oh yeah, LeCras is my lovechild. I nearlyt imploded when he wasn’t in the all Australian team.

  62. ROFL, what you mean to say is ‘mancrush’

  63. I like LeCras, one of my favourite players. Too bad his brother was no good

  64. Lovechild sounds better haha

  65. well boys what do you think of Mick, having traded the draft pick that would have been LeCras to Westcoast for Morrison at Collingwood!
    im telling you i will never get over it

  66. Morrison was an alright player, for West Coast haha

  67. Michael Allan says

    Yeah but Mark is the bomb-diggidy. About 60 goals for a small forward in an awful team. Is that even possible?

    It just gopes to show how Victorian biased those selectors are. The only interstate playwers to get in are the ones that are Dead obvious like Adam Goodes. The only brave decision they made was on Craig Boulton and he deserved to be there.

  68. Oh Michael i thought of a question for you today and was trying really hard not to forget it:

    What did you think of Cameron Howat? I thought he was a gun but Richmond delisted him.

  69. gEELONG. PREMIERS. Questions?

  70. Haha bomb-diggidy lol that’s a country saying Michael!

  71. Best team every. Better than North. Better than Collingwood. Questions?

  72. so michael your lovechildren are LeCras and Riewoldt.
    am i missing anyone?

  73. cant argue with you Stephen, after all you have the hotties, Andrew Mackie and Tom Hawkins

  74. And the ugly ones, Mooney, Ablett, Selwood, Harley, Varcoe, Ottens, Kelly, Tenace and so on

  75. JOSH! Mooney is NOT UGLY!!!

  76. Michael Allan says

    Yeah I rteally like Howat. Number 43 he was. I remember there used to be a banner in the cheer squad that said “Howzat Howat” that didn’t last too long lol. Yeah I liked him but that was back in 07 when there wasn’t much to like at Richmond. (Come to think of it theres still not much to like lol) His 2008 was bad so I wasn’t surprised we got rid of him. He was only on the rookie list anyway. Doesn’t compare to Nahas. Now there’s a good rookie listed player.

  77. Michael Allan says

    I have respect for Riewoldt not love. LeCras, Mitch Morton, Motlop, Hartlett are all ma boys.

  78. I was reading the 07 Almanac today and he kicked a goal in almost every Richmond game i flicked to.

    Um, yes he is Danni.

    Is anyone willing to make a top 50 on here to compare against Mike Sheahans?

  79. wow thats a few kids you have there Michael.
    Jack Anthony and i are still engaged :)
    you will all be invited to the wedding ofcourse.

  80. Hmm i’ll like Nahas when he follows up with another good year.

  81. Where’s the wedding? London? Paris? LOL

  82. Lol Josh id like to know what you think or who you think is a goodlooking player then!ohh and WHY!

    id like to see what you come up with, ill bet ill prefer your list to his.
    i dont like Mike Sheahan’s work.
    we won like 4 in a row near the end and is headline might as well have been collingwood premiers 2009!

  83. well i dont know , he hasnt proposed yet!

  84. Hmm okay Danni, at the risk of sounding gay, i would have the top 3 players as LeCras, Brett Ebert and Brent Prismall.

  85. Steve Healy says

    Sorry guys! slow internet but I’m finally on after hitting the computer in the face many times.

    Nup, Demetriou hasn’t replied, and I’ll probably be going to the launch just with my Dad.

  86. Steve Healy says

    I’ve got a top 1 hottest player: Liam Jurrah, the Yuenduminian!

  87. hmm interesting.
    blonds eyyy????
    Prismall isnt that bad.
    LeCras … average
    Ebert- no…hes not cute.
    ill stick to my brunetts. ;)

  88. Steve Healy says

    Liam Jurrah isn’t blond!

    Thanks for that information on The Age Michael, I think I’ll definitely do work experience there after knowing that.

  89. Steve, Just cos Jurrah is your lovechild!

  90. Steve Healy says

    He should be everyone’s lovechild!

  91. ROFL,Steve!
    ohh Jack just came home from a hard day at the Lexus center.

    “Honey, im home!”

  92. Steve Healy says

    Hahahah lol that’d top your life off.

    Danno, I’m sorry that your lawyer dreams were shattered

  93. Steve Healy says

    Has everyone gone to bed? Not me, I’m school-less for another day.

  94. Steve Healy says

    Come on everyone, lift your game! Keep your eyes open with tooth picks!

  95. Yeah it’s okay. I just wanted to be something that really made my family proud, something prestigious. Well you never know with this crazy world, plus I do have jack Anthony. Hes a very supportive and loving fiancé.

    Runs over and hugs Jack.

  96. Michael Allan says

    I’m, too tired to do one now but we should all make a Collingwood/North Melbourne/Melbourne/Carlton/Richmond team. It would propbly just lead to more arguments with me and “Danno”

  97. Steve Healy says

    Jack, don’t distact Danni, she’s trying to talk to Steve on the computer.

  98. Steve Healy says

    Be quiet Michael, I’ve called Danni “Danno” twice and she hasn’t noticed

  99. lol i did notice but i thought it was a typo cos ‘i’ and ‘o’ are next to eachother on the keyboard.

    runs of and cuddles Jack again, jsut for the sake of it. :)

  100. Michael Allan says

    Well I’m off now. I’ve had three weeks off and it hasn’t been enough. I’ll be making that team tomorrow. Goodnight.

  101. Steve Healy says

    Ok Michael have a cool night.

    Jack, I’m warning you, one more time and your off to the Dees!

  102. Well ive gtg too.
    My hair need straightening and Jack is hungry.
    Night. :)

  103. Damian Watson says

    I know this is a stupid question but is Nahas the only Indian ever to play at senior level?

  104. Steve Healy says

    Drop him off at Hungry Jacks. hahaha

    Cya Danni

  105. Steve Healy says

    Is Nahas indian?

  106. Looks like its just you and me Steve haha

  107. Damian Watson says

    I’m still here Josh LOL

  108. Steve Healy says

    Indeed. I bet Danni’s still on, watching us talking and then when she sees me say this she’ll smash the computer screen with the hair straightener.

  109. Oh and Damo lol.

    Nahas is Lebanese. Maybe Nahas and Danni are cousins! Lol no offence

  110. Steve Healy says

    Do you have school tomorrow Damo? Is Nahas indian, I thought he was some sort of european.

  111. Steve Healy says

    Nahas is Danni’s brother who hates footy lol.

  112. Damian Watson says

    Sorry my mistake, I think Jordan McMahon is part Indian.

  113. Steve Healy says

    Josh Barnstable is part Indian lol.

  114. Damian Watson says

    No I still have one day of freedom left plus I have an excursion on Tuesday so my term doesn’t really begin until Wednesday.

  115. Steve Healy says

    It’ll be just me and Damo talking for ages. Oh crap I’ve got holiday homework I have to do.

    I’m only at school for 4 days and then I’ve got camp so thats good.

  116. Steve Healy says

    MY INTERNET’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. Oh Really Mr. Healy is part Pom! Lol

    McMahon is a native South Australian, so you know why he is so bad now haha no offence Damo.

  118. Damian Watson says

    What holiday homework? I’m lucky we never have it at our school at least not in Year Nine.

  119. I got surgery on thursday so that’ll be good to have another rest for a week or so.

  120. Damian Watson says

    None taken I cop those jokes all the time LOL, by the way Sturt lost the SANFL Grand Final today so I feel a little depressed.

  121. Steve Healy says

    I’ve gotta do some speech thing, which will be simple.

    Don’t you mean: Far less boring than Mike Brearley,

    some grand final stats from the mind of Steve Healy

  122. Steve Healy says

    What’s the surgery on Josh?

  123. At least you know some South Australians can kick a goal after th siren to win a game. McMahon, Jared Poulton a few years back..

    Who’s Mike Brearley?

  124. Damian Watson says

    The English cricketer?

  125. Steve Healy says

    I remember the Jared Poulton one.

    I dont know who is Josh, that’s why it’s funny!

  126. Steve Healy says

    who it is*

  127. I told ya yesterday genius lol.

    Just gettin some clean-up surgery on my ankle. Should be pain free then!

  128. Steve Healy says

    Yeah it’s an English cricketer I just searched

  129. Damian Watson says

    LOL that was just a wild guess

  130. Steve Healy says

    Sorry Josh, I didn’t see your comment, I thought it was on something bad so you’d be too ashamed to admit it.

    I’ll use my internet as an exuse

  131. Rightio.

  132. Steve Healy says

    Yep Rightio.

  133. I’ve had my fair share of surgeries so i’m not nervous! lol :)

    Seeing as i’m bored and i bet you guys are too, i’m gonna use Mike’s idea and make a team of North players, Demon players and Blues players since we’re all up.

  134. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I’m doing that now as well but still thinking.

    Josh, I can’t believe you did a Ricky Petterd and punctured your lung. How did it happen?

  135. Steve Healy says

    Mike? Have we ever called Michael Allan Mike?

  136. Steve Healy says

    Nah that’s bull crap I’m not bored at all lol

  137. Damian Watson says

    Random comment: Robert Campbell has retired.

  138. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I heard. Sad to hear, Hawthorn will have to find a new ruckman or play Simon Taylor and Brett Renouf for a season.

  139. B: B. Thornton–S. Thompson–J. Frawley
    HB: A. Davey–D. Petrie–S. Grigg
    C: B. Moloney–C. Judd–L. Anthony
    HF: A. Wonaeamirri–L. Hansen–C. Sylvia
    FF: L. Jurrah–M. Kruezer–M. Campbell
    R: H. McIntosh–M. Murphy–B. Harvey
    I/T: A. Swallow–B. Gibbs–K. Simpson–C. Morton

  140. Steve Healy says

    Random comment: I’ve read the new Specky Magee

  141. Damian Watson says

    What about Beau Dowler?

  142. Steve Healy says

    In the ruck?

  143. Damian Watson says

    Yeah it has a weird twist at the end, I wish their really was a Dennis Cometti Commentary School.

  144. Coz im sick of typing Michael coz i always spell it Micheal lol and on his myspace it says Mike so i thought might as well use it.

    Yeah i heard about Robbie Campbell too. Remember when he got a picture taken with a fan out on the ground against Carlton in Round 22 last year when Buddy kicked his 100th? LOL

    Long story about my lung. I was in a car crash when i was younger with my whole family and yeah we got hit fairly hard, i broke my leg, broke a lot of ribs, lots of scarring and punctured my lung so they had to cut me open while i was awake and reflate it! Glad i dont remember any of it.

  145. Hmm how dare Gary and Felice bring in that stupid sport at the end. Specky Magee is about FOOTY. Sorry if i just wrecked it for anyone else reading it LOL.

  146. Damian Watson says

    Sorry got mixed up, I meant Max Bailey but then I realised he injured his knee in that match against Essendon, wonder whether he will be able to return late next season.

  147. Steve Healy says

    I’ve done Coll, Carl, Rich, Nm and Melb.

    B Maxwell Prestigiacomo Thornton

    HB Gibson Rivers Waite

    C Davey Judd Cousins

    HF Deledio Richardson Petrie

    F Harvey Fevola (in Collingwood colours) Jurrah

    FOL McIntosh, Swan, Pendlebury.

    Int: Kreuzer, Murphy, Green, Davis

  148. Gibson? He’s gone Steve!

  149. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, they said Max Bailey won’t be back for ages.

    Specky Magee was a bit of a let down but I like the bit where he’s playing on the MCG.

    Gee that crash sounds terrible. It’s lucky that you don’t remember it. Were you awake during the operation because it was urgent, or did an unexperienced doctor do it? lol

  150. Damian Watson says

    Gee that sounds pretty severe Josh, how old were you?

  151. Steve Healy says

    Not yet. He has at least one more day at the blue and white threshold.

  152. Specky Magee is way too predictible these days. I liked the part about Danny and his girlfriend haha.

    They had to reflate it quickly because it was urgent and i was losing blood. Imagine having your hip cut open out on a dusty road in the country! Probably still got some dirt in me lol

  153. I was 3 and it was the day after the 1997 Grand Final. I bought the 97 Grand Final on DVD a few years back and i was watchin it and i was like “wow if this was back in actual 97 i’d be fighting for my life in hospital right now” lol

  154. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, that’s the upside of living in the city. Those deadly dusty roads

    Did your car crash into a sheep, a kangaroo, or a cow?

  155. Damian Watson says

    Yeah it was an average weekend for all Victorians, LOL.

  156. Steve Healy says

    Was the surgeon a st.Kilda supporter? He would’ve killed any patient if that was the case lol.

  157. Steve Healy says

    I used to have the 97′ Grand final on tape, until my brother ripped it up! bloody hell I wish I could watch that game again.

  158. I dunno haha and we hit another car.

    Cant wait for tomorrow, should see about 5 or 6 trades done by lunch time haha

  159. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, I’ll be at home to get all the latest news. Does anyone know that date the fixture comes out? I heard somewhere it’s the 30th of October but I’m not sure.

  160. I think i still got it on DVD somewhere, i replayed that last quarter so many times in awe of Darren Jarman. Too bad he ate his brother and now looks like a biggest loser contestant haha

  161. Oh i forgot to tell you Steve but you probably already know.

    In todays Age it says St Kilda and Geelong are no certainty to play in Round 1, and they may be playing in the middle of the year for the first and only time. The fixture usually comes out around the 18th.

  162. Damian Watson says

    How many tapes did your brother rip up Steve?
    My oldest footy tape is of an exibition match between Richmond and Essendon in London back in 2002.
    It appears as if they are going to play more matches in the NT next year.

  163. Steve Healy says

    Hahahaha. When I was young I used to call him Darren Pajama-man. Dunno why.

    I think he ate the DVD because he loved the game so much.

  164. I got a tape of the 1995 Grand Final, i bet Damo loves that one lol.

    Yeah Port are aiming for 3 games at TIO Stadium next season.

  165. Steve Healy says

    I think just the one, but I don’t even know why he did it!

    Earlier this year I found an old tape of the Melbourne V Adelaide QF in 1998, which I’ve watched many times ever since. I’ve got tapes of the last three grand finals and I recorded Kangaroos V Sydney in 2004 at Manuka for some reason.

    Stuff the other fixture, my Fixtures Out! Andrew D will get my email soon and all will be well.

  166. Steve Healy says

    I heard there might be a Melbourne V Port Adelaide at TIO stadium. I won’t mind that, in fact I’d love to go up north for that.

  167. Really Mr. Healy? I taped North v Sydney at Manuka too! Haha but i stopped it after three quarter time coz we were getting pummelled. Jason Saddington kicked 6 goals that game, he was a disappointment at Carlton.

  168. Damian Watson says

    I have that Grand Final on DVD, hasn’t Billy Brownless changed LOL

  169. I went to Traeger Park in Alice Springs a few weeks ago, i think they play NAB Cup games there.

  170. Damian Watson says

    Hear Hear Josh, one of Denis Pagan’s recycled players.

  171. Steve Healy says

    Sorry Josh, you’re wrong. Saddo kicked 4, hall did as well.

    I remember the quarter by quarter scores: 6.4 to 6.3, 6.6 to 10.8, 7.7 to 16.12 and final 10.10 70 to 18.13 121.

    They interviewed Ricky Ponting at quarter time.

  172. Damian Watson says

    Yeah NAB Challenge Games are held up in Alice Springs usually involving West Coast.

  173. Steve Healy says

    I need to get some DVD’s of grand finals, I don’t have any.

    Yeah they have played games at Traegar Park. How many people does it hold? I don’t really remember what it looks like.

  174. My bad, i thought he kicked 6?? Hmm…your a freak Steve lol. Well Adam Goodes got 3 Brownlow votes that game im pretty sure.

    Damo what do you think of Jordan Bannister? I think he’s a gun but he never gets gametime.

  175. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I remember that game, if my memory serves me correct Ricky Ponting was talking about a tour of Zimbabwe.

    I think Adam Goodes played a great game that day but he did his knee in a ruck contest a few weeks later.

  176. Its a big sports faculty, has a soccer ground, athletics field, netball grounds and at the back a small footy oval lol. It wouldnt hold much.

    Have you guys heard of Deakin Reserve?

  177. Damian Watson says

    That’s in Shepparton isn’t it?

  178. Steve Healy says

    Bannister only played two games this year. From memory, I think he kicked two goals against the Saints in Round 12.

    Josh, I remember the game easily because I wrote the scores on a tape-label and the goal kickers as well.

  179. I met Ricky Ponting in the Roos changerooms once, didn’t know who he was at the time though

  180. Steve Healy says

    You didn’t know who he was? How long ago was it?

  181. Yeah Deakin is about 20 minutes from me, so i like to go see the AFL match played there in the NAB Cup.

    Yeah he kicked 2 against the Saints but was dropped so i thought that was unfair.

  182. 2002 against Carlton. I didn’t really like footy back then either.

  183. Steve Healy says

    They don’t need Bannister. Was that where Melbourne played this year against the Bulldogs? Or am I wrong?

  184. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I think Bannister’s Fev’s roommate.
    I remember when he first came over from Essendon he showed great signs early on but he has being hampered by injury over the past 4 years or so.If the pattern continues I’m afraid we would have to delist him.

  185. Steve Healy says

    I watched a game on the internet recently, Bulldogs V Roos in 2003. 22.13 145 to 24.12 156. Do you rememeber that Josh?

  186. I didnt go to this years match but last year was Hawthorn vs. Collingwood.

  187. Damian Watson says

    Do you remember a Nab Challenge game in Bendigo a few years back when the lights went out Josh? I remember the match involved the Bulldogs I’m not sure who the opposition was though.

  188. Ohh yeah haha i remember watching that on Austar when i had it. Probably the best game i’ve ever seen.

  189. Hmm i think it may of been Essendon. Mainly because of the Bendigo Bombers so they would get Essendon to play there.

  190. Steve Healy says

    It was an absolute goal fest. Archer played forward and kicked a few goals in the first quarter. It could have been more high scoring but the Roos kicked seven behinds in the last term.

  191. Damian Watson says

    Anyway guys I better hop off the computer, have fun at school tomorrow LOL

  192. Where do you go to watch them on the internet?

  193. I will Damo (sarcastic) cya

  194. Steve Healy says

    Cya mate, yeah Josh will have fun at school I’m sure.

    Don’t you know Josh? Go on the AFL website and click on Video and then ‘Match replays’ and pick your game. They have every game from 2002 onwards but from 1993 to 2001 they just have a few from each year.

  195. Oh ok. I go on AFL website and click video mash up to get certain goals during random matches. Look up Corey Jones, Round 19, 2004 against Sydney, amazing goal lol

  196. Steve Healy says

    They don’t have the 2000 grand final or the 97 one either though, two that I’ve been wanting to watch for ages.

  197. Steve Healy says

    Video mash up? I’ve never done that before but I will now.

  198. Steve Healy says

    It’s not working actually

  199. Steve Healy says

    I can’t believe Melbourne’s best and fairest ceremony is 12 days later than any other clubs. It’s ridiculous. Freo’s is on the 9th and the Dees is the 21st

  200. Hmm Moloney will win it

  201. Steve Healy says

    Moloney or Davey. I thought you’d gone to bed Josh.

  202. Sorry boost but im off now haha prime possum put me to bed ages ago since some of us have school tomorrow! lol night genius

  203. Steve Healy says

    cya Rogan. Who’s this Possum?

  204. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I use for match replays.

    At least they have a Melbourne victory from 2000 Steve, I think it’s the Qualifying Final when you pipped us in an upset, remember Brad Green and Cameron Bruce, the rookies saved the day for the Demons.

    Looks like the first trade has been completed, Josh Gibson is heading off to Hawthorn as expected.

  205. Steve Healy says

    Yep, Gibson and pick 69 for picks 25 and 41. That sounds fair.

  206. Damian Watson says

    Yeah and the Hawks did lack an experienced defender last year with the loss of Trent Croad so Gibson is an important pick-up.

    Another few trades, Amon Buchanan and Brent Staker are moving to Brisbane and Mark Seaby is heading off to Sydney, Dalziell is moving to West Coast.

    It was really a matter of time before Seaby was traded, hasn’t made a real impact since the Eagles’ premiership year.

  207. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, with Naitanui and Cox on the list he really isn’t needed. Buchanan will probably fill in Rhan Hooper’s role, Staker will probably fill in Joel MacDonalds so it all works

  208. Damian Watson says

    Gee, the rain is coming down heavily.

    Interesting to hear that both the Bulldogs and the Swans want a Barry Hall trade to be completed by lunchtime, it hasn’t been announced yet but it’s looks like he is heading over to the kennel.

  209. Steve Healy says

    Yeah it does. Hopefully that’s announced soon.

    There’s no rain at all here yet

  210. Damian Watson says

    Burgoyne looks like he may go to Hawthorn as well, I don’t see him moving to Windy Hill.

    Any reply from Andy D yet Steve? LOL

  211. hey yall!
    i almost had a heart attack. my teacher for my yeat 12 class was telling us that our exam is on the 17th of Nov At 3:00- 5:15 and i for some reason thought it was the date of the book launch which is at 6:00!!!
    its okay, false alarm! :)

  212. Steve Healy says

    hey Danni.

    Isn’t that Nathan Brown’s birthday? Cos you said the launch is two days after Brown’s Bday.

    Lions got Raines for pick 45. Great start to trade week today.

  213. Steve Healy says

    No reply from Andy D Damo hahaha

  214. yes :)
    great…ill be in a state of tears in the exam while Nathan has his birthday.
    :( that sucks!

  215. Steve Healy says

    Instead of giving the teacher the exam wrap it up in wrapping paper and give it to Nathan for his birthday hahaha

  216. ..i dont think the VCE examinors would like that steve.

  217. Michael Allan says

    Raine3s has been tradedto Brisbane for pick 45. Good trade for Richmond, he would’ve been delisted next year anyway. I’m abit worried ab out Brisbane. I can understand Staker but, Buchannon and Raines? Sydney won out obn that trade by getting Seaby.

  218. I’m sure it’s just a rumour that Collingwood is looking to trade Jack Anthony to Freo in exchange for Chris Tarrant

  219. ..Please Mr.Cooke, im already fragile on this topic, dont make it worse!

  220. Michael Allan says

    That would surprise me. I wouldn’t have thought Collingwood would be after him. Fremantle would be happy with this trade to add another young forward to their team.

  221. Damian Watson says

    It’s a little bit of de ja vu for the Raines family.
    Didn’t Andrew’s father Geoff (a premiership player with the Tigers)get traded to the Brisbane Bears back in the late 1980’s? I think that was from Collingwood though.

  222. Damian Watson says

    Or Essendon.

  223. Michael Allan says

    He went from Richmond to Collingwood to Essendon to Bears. His best footy was with us.

  224. ohh and sorry to dissapoint but im not related to Nahas or Houli.


  225. Steve Healy says

    Tarrant for Anthony would be a good trade for the Dockers- they really need a key forward other than Pavlich.

  226. Damian Watson says

    Michael, at what time did you send in your application for work experience?

  227. Steve Healy says

    Houli isn’t lebanese is he?

  228. Damian Watson says

    I thought Houli was a Muslim.

  229. Steve Healy says

    Yeah he’s the only Muslim to ever play AFL/VFL

  230. yeah Houli is lebo and yes he is a muslim.

  231. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, Michael I wanna know about work experience at the Age as well- how did you contact them and how long before it did you contact them?

  232. Michael Allan says

    I’d send one in as soon as possible. I was fortunate enough to have a contact at the Age in Martin Boulton. He reports footy and surfing. When I got in touch with him at the start of the year all the spots were filled but I just snuck in because of him. I’d write to them as soon as you can. You could even send in some of your articles. I wrote a report on the Hawthorn Essendon game and sent it in before I went there.

  233. Steve Healy says

    Thanks Michael.

    Maybe I should talk about it with Paul or John. I have to check what the dates are next year though.

  234. Damian Watson says

    Yeah thanks Michael,
    I have a link with SEN Radio, one of my friends plays footy with Daniel Harford who is a broadcaster at that station, my friend says Harf will put in a good word for me.

  235. why am i not surprised that ive got homework on the first day back???

  236. Steve Healy says

    I’ve still got that speech to do lol, I’ll get it done easily though.

    I have no connection with any place at all. So that won’t help my cause.

  237. Michael Allan says

    That’d be great. I’d be interested to see how that all works. Hopefully your work experience is in footy season. I used to really like Harford. He was pretty good for Hawthorn.

  238. random question;
    were any of you guys at the world youth day mass at Penola College last year???

  239. Michael Allan says

    No. I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

  240. Steve Healy says

    In Sydney? My older two sisters and brother all went to that.

  241. no not in sydney.
    they had a small thingo in Melb which most private Catholic school attended.

  242. Michael Allan says

    Actually I do know what your takling about. No I sdin’t go. lol

  243. Damian Watson says

    Yeah our work experience week is sometime during May.

    No most of our senior kids went up to Sydney.

  244. Steve Healy says

    I didn’t go despite going to a Catholic school. Maybe that was just the older year levels, 10-12 or something.

    My siblings went to the actual world youth day though.

  245. Steve Healy says

    May, that’s good.

    Does every school in victoria have the same work experience date?

  246. Steve Healy says

    Hey Michael, did you find out about this website when you did work experience? Because I just realised it since all your match reports are from Round 10 onwards.

  247. Michael Allan says

    Good pick up Steve. A freind of Dad’s re3comended this website to me after I wrote in the Age. So yes I guess you could say I did.

  248. EXCLUSIVE: MAGPIE star Alan Didak had to call police today as his girlfriend was being harassed by a disturbed fan at his Kew home.

    oh my gosh..Dids lives in KEW! :)

  249. Damian Watson says

    Was it a Collingwood fan?

  250. Steve Healy says

    It would have been funny if it was Jack Anthony or Nathan Brown because then that disturbed fan could’ve been you lol just kidding.

    I’ll go to his house now haha

  251. The man banged on the door and walls of Didak’s house yelling for him to come outside before entering the house through a back door.

    Didak’s frightened girlfriend, Jacinta Jellett, rang the star forward and he dialled triple 0 about the home invasion.

    The man, in his 30s, tried to fight police officers who arrived at the scene and had to be doused with capsicum spray.

    Police are investigating whether the man, who lives near Didak’s residence and knows him, has been stalking the couple.

    The man did not have a weapon.

    A medical forensic officer is assessing whether the man under arrest is fit to be interviewed.

    It’s believed Didak is considering taking an intervention order out against the man.

  252. theres no need for that, Jack and i live together already

  253. Michael Allan says

    So yes everybody already knows Jack is being harrassed by a disturbed fan. There’s no need to report it.

  254. Steve Healy says

    I find it funny that there was already someone stalking him, and now they gave away what suburb he lives in so now they’ll be more stalkers.

  255. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Danni, I know you got that information from the Herald Sun website LOL, it’s not an exclusive anymore.

  256. Damian Watson says

    This isn’t the first time criminals have gone after Collingwood players, remember the gun shots at the home of Travis Cloke earlier this year.

  257. Michael Allan says

    Danni you’ve knokced back every other player, are you interested in Jolly? Maybe a straight swap for Collingwoods first pick?

  258. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, and Cloke got bashed with a crow bar as well I think.

  259. Steve Healy says

    Surely Fraser will have to go if Jolly comes to Collingwood.

  260. Damian Watson says

    Or Cameron Wood

  261. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, but Wood’s only been at the Pies for two years and in good form, and Fraser’s been injured a lot lately.

  262. Michael Allan says

    Yeah Fraser’s on the table. Richmond should be going after Wood. Maybe he’ll go to Hawthorn, everyone else is.

  263. Steve Healy says

    Yeah well Hawthorn need a ruckman, so do Richmond if they get rid of Simmonds.

  264. Damian Watson says

    That’s true although Fraser is their no.1 ruckman and I don’t see the Pies giving him away but strange things have happened, I don’t think the Pies could fit four ruckman in the one team with Chris Bryan included.

  265. Michael Allan says

    The only Richmond are holding on to Simmonds is because the next oldest ruckman is 22. I can’t stand Snake but unless we find someone through trades we have to hold onto him.

  266. Michael Allan says

    If they get Jolly, Fraser ont be needed. Wood will do fine being the second ruck.

  267. Steve Healy says

    Maybe Richmond should go for Mark Jamar for a draft pick?

  268. Steve Healy says

    Collingwood only need one real ruckman, it was proved this year when Wood only played two games with Fraser (after he came back from injury) and Wood rucked for the whole finals series by himself (and some assistance from L.Brown and Cloke)

  269. Michael Allan says

    If the Dee’s weren’t asking for much I’d be happy to go after Jamar. Anyone will do I think. Now that we have two third round picks and Tuck we have a bit of baragaining power. I’d be surprised if Richmond didn’t pick up a player this trade week.

  270. Damian Watson says

    Who will pick Russell Robertson up?

  271. Steve Healy says

    Don’t think anyone will, it hasn’t really been talked about.

  272. Michael Allan says

    No one

  273. i wouldnt mind Jolly

  274. Michael Allan says

    Wouldn’t mind Jolly? I’d love to have Jolly! Oh how I long for Richmond to have a decent ruckman. I always took Greg Stafford for granted.

  275. Steve Healy says

    Danni, did you just ring up SEN? A girl rang up and said she hates Fevola and Riewoldt.

  276. michael, who is the disturbed fan who is harrasing Jack Anthony???

  277. lol, no i didnt but i like the way she thinks!
    if she said: ‘i love you Superman!” than you would know its me

  278. Michael Allan says

    I thik you can work that one out yourself Danni.

  279. Dont tell me..its me?
    you cant be serious, i mean i cant help the fact that hes my fiance and that i live with him!
    i have no time to be calling SEN im too busy trying to hack out this bloody accounting homework..GRRRRRRRR

  280. Michael Allan says

    Haha. Danno does accounting. I’d hate to do that.

  281. Steve Healy says

    Was that Danno a typo lol?

  282. Michael Allan says

    If she asks that’ll be my excuse.

  283. Guys that sounds too much like Damo.
    danno, Damo?

    iv just rubbed out the whole thing because i made a mistake (i think) so ill start again……..
    im calm….
    deep breaths
    i wont rip the worksheet up…im okay

  284. finished the first page…looks horribly wrong.
    ive got 34 on my stock card and the sheet says:

    stock take revealed 7 units on hand.
    that doesnt make sense when this stupid client keeps buying more stock when hes still old old stock to sell!!!!!!!!!!

  285. Michael Allan says

    I just realised Richmond are going to have alot of low numbers available next year. Luckily I’ve found some replacements
    4 – Andrew Collins
    7 – Dustin Martins
    11 – Jayden Post
    15 – Robin Nahas
    22 – 3rd round pick
    24 – 2nd round pick
    28 – Angus Graham

  286. Michael Allan says

    And if Polaks delisted…
    6 – BEN COUSINS!!!

  287. i give up..this is hopeless.
    i will never be an accountant.

  288. Michael Allan says

    Danni’s future proffesions

    Lawyor X

    Accountant X

    Journalist YES

  289. lol…lets hope that last one works.

  290. Gday guys just got home from school haha.

    What a hectic day of trading! I didnt hear about Buchanan but my friend told me before first period that Dalziell, Staker and Seaby had been traded, then he told me after school about Raines, Gibson and McLean. Wonder what tomorrow will bring.

    Danni i heard on the radio about someone assulting Didak’s girlfriend, and for a minute i thought it was you haha!

  291. you guys, im not a crazy stalker!! i swear!!

  292. ST KILDA midfielder Luke Ball has revealed to coach Ross Lyon he wants to be traded, preferably to Collingwood.

  293. Michael Allan says

    Yeah that was no surprise.

    Maybe Luke ball and pick 16 for Bourgoyne.

    If he was to go to Collinmgwood which would be a good fit it may be Luke Ball for Harry O. I’m not really sure what Saints would want.

  294. doubt Mick will send Harry O packing.

  295. Just watched Akermanis’ two goals against Geelong in 2006 from the boundary line, god he’s a freak.

  296. pppppppfffttt, Aker is nothing.
    you should see what i can do with a footy!

  297. Nah i dont need any more “accidental” footy’s to the face thanks Danni! Lol

  298. hey, im a better kick than Toovey thankyou very much! :)

  299. Michael Allan says

    Josh what would you want from Richmond for Hale?

  300. Steve Healy says

    yay 300th comment. I’ve kicked my share of freakish goals- in the lounge room

  301. Josh, you missed out on my almost mini meltdown.
    I found out that my year 12 exam for this year is on the 17th Nov and that it finishes at 5:15 for some reason I thought that was the day of the book launch which starts at 6:00 and I started to panic! There was no way I was going to rock up to exams in a dress and heels! But then there would be hardly any time for me to get ready at home! Theres no way for me to do my makeup in the car!!
    Until I was like…hang on the launch is on the 19th!!! FALSE ALARM!

  302. Steve Healy says

    Josh isn’t answering on msn so I think he’s gone

  303. Michael Allan says

    Well that’s just rude.

  304. Steve Healy says

    I think he’s just depressed about Gibson so he’s not talking to anyone.

  305. lol nah hes probably at Didaks house again.

  306. Michael Allan says

    Probably. If it makes him feel any better I’m not losing any sleep over losing Raines.

    I’m off now. Farewell.

  307. Steve Healy says

    Josh was the one at Didak’s house? Maybe he can’t see the computer screen because of the capsicum spray that’s in his eyes.

  308. Sorry tried getting into the real msn and still didnt work! I’ll rip the top bit off the laptop soon.

    Michael i’d be happy with Riewoldt, Nahas and Deledio for Hale haha nah Matty White or Jake King. Or Morton if you were considering trading him.

  309. Yeah that capsicum stuff really stings.

  310. ohh thankgod i have a free 2mro, that way i can sort out the accounting stuff before class

  311. I can’t wait to see Bulldogs v Brisbane next year, no, not to see Akermanis against the Lions for the last time. Hall v Staker! Lol

  312. wat do you think of me writting pieces in the role of my alter-ego, the WAG of Jack Anthony?
    i sent in a piece jst for fun, wonder what Paul or John will think!

  313. Steve Healy says

    Lol Danni your insane.

    I can’t wait for that Hall V Staker battle. That’ll be great

  314. Steve Healy says

    Breaking news- Lovett has been traded to St.Kilda for their first round pick!

  315. Steve Healy says

    He’s signed a 3 year deal

  316. thats not breaking news, i read that 10mins ago on the Heraldsun website.
    pick 16 such a pretty number

  317. Steve Healy says

    Ok then Danni, I meant breaking news on

  318. True that Steve, true that.

  319. don’t forget the .au on the end of that Steve lol yeah i just saw the Lovett deal on the AFL Website. Win-win for both teams.

  320. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Danni soon you’ll have to make a decision: Footy Almanac or Herald Sun?

  321. Steve Healy says

    Sorry Josh my mistake- I need to pledge my loyalty to this great country of ours,

  322. Michael Allan says

    I’d be happy to give you White or King for Hale Josh.

    I’m a bit surprised by this trade. I thought Saints would use their first rounder on Davis so Collingwood could use those picks for Jolly.

  323. Why do you want Hale though?

  324. Michael Allan says

    We don’t have a key forward at the moment. The only good one we have is devopiong in Vickery. Also I’d like to see him in the ruck. We’d probobly be able to drop Simmo and Hale could ruck and play full forward when Graham is rucking.

  325. Steve Healy says

    I think Hawthorn could do with Hale.

  326. I’d like Angus Graham actually, future star.

  327. Steve Healy says

    What about Graham for Goldstein? The Tigers could use him.

  328. status- studying and trying not to get distravted…but failing badly

  329. Nah, Goldstein is ours. He is my pick for leading goalkicker next year for North.

  330. Maybe you should get off this website Danni haha

  331. Steve Healy says

    Hahahah Josh I think Goldy will kick 5 a game like he did against the Dees and win the coleman medal.

    Michael, would you be interested in Paul Johnson?

  332. Damian Watson says

    What about Jayden Post Michael?
    I know it’s early but I think he can develop into a great key forward.

  333. Steve Healy says

    Yes! the 5th member of the fab 5 is on hahahaha

  334. Steve Healy says

    Jayden Post will be a great player. I don’t know why they stuck him in the backline for a couple of weeks late in the season.

  335. Damian Watson says

    LOL, Thanks for the introduction Steve, I just got back from Lygon St, Denis Pagan was wondering around.

  336. Steve Healy says

    Was your excursion at Lygon St?

  337. Yeah you are right, its hard though with constant updates in the trade week!!!
    you should have seen me in media today..i was falling asleep, im soo tired…..

    status- falling asleep in pile of notes

  338. Michael Allan says

    I would love Goldstein. Kicked 5 against Melbourne. He’s going to be a really good player, I don’t think North will give him up.

    I’d look at Paul Johnson but I wouldn’t be prepared to give much for him.

    Hey Steve Bleasey had a detention today. haha.

  339. Steve Healy says

    Have a good sleep Danni. Don’t accidently swallow your notes when you’re sleeping though.

  340. Damian Watson says

    Yeah we got back a little late from that Pompeii exhibition.

    Good to see Lovett head to the Saints, that’s almost a win-win situation.

  341. She might swallow Swallow instead haha.

    I was thinking the same thing about Goldy Steve, future Coleman medallist indeed.

    What is Post? Defender or Forward?? Because if he’s a forward then he wasn’t that good seeing as he didn’t kick his first goal until Round 17.

    What did Bleasey do?

  342. Steve Healy says

    Come on Bleasey pull your head in!

    At least he’ll be a star on the field next year.

  343. Michael Allan says

    I dunno about Posty. I think he’ll be a good player but I think he’d be better in defence at CHB. He played his junior football their and feels more comfortable there. I doubt he’ll be big enough to play deep and I’d probobly prefer Riewoldt at CHF. Our defence could use him I think.

  344. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Josh but it was only Post’s fourth game and he had kicked 5 behinds prior to that.

    He’s definitely a forward.

  345. Damian Watson says

    Yeah but I remember Post attacked the ball well in that game against Carlton, even taking a screamer.
    The ball barely ever comes down to Richmond’s forward line anyway LOL, no offence Tiger supporters.

  346. Does Will Thursfield still play? I didnt really notice him all year

  347. Michael Allan says

    I’m not sure, I just saw his name on the detention list. I wouldn’t get too concerned Steve.

    Well he didn’t play much before that Josh and most of the time he was in defence. His two goals against Essendon came at a crucila tim,e.

    I remember his first goal well because he used my basketball celebration. lol

  348. Steve Healy says

    Richmond already have enough key defenders like McGuane, Moore, Thursfied and Silvester.

    They only have Morton, Riewoldt and perhaps Richardson as key targets in the 50. And Riewoldt and Morton are very inconsistent.

  349. Damian Watson says

    Do you know some of your friends’ results from the Draft Camp?

  350. They would be use to offence Damo lol.

    Yeah i suppose, he is pretty gun.

    Yesterday i told my Richmond supporting mate that Brett Ebert had been traded to the Tigers for pick number 3 haha i got him so worried for about half an hour.

    Hall looks weird in a blue Bulldogs shirt.

  351. Michael Allan says

    Yah, Thirsty gets a game. He started out of the team but did well later on in the season. I don’t miond our backline

    B Rance Moore Thursfeild
    HB Polo McGuane Newman

    (posibly Post)
    lol Damo. I guess they’ve started him in defence so he’s always in the play.

  352. Steve Healy says

    How didn’t you notice Thursfield Josh? He played 13 games this year!

  353. Speaking of basketball, i played that in P.E today and got the sorest arm because of it, i reckon i’ve strained a muscle or something

  354. Michael Allan says

    lol\. I wish they were my ferinds Damo!

    I don’t know they’re specific results but Jordan Gysberts came equal second in the kicking drill and Andrew Morre came eigth in agility.

  355. I dunno i was just thinking then that Thursfield was supposed to be the best Full Back in the AFL (according to my friend) and i was thinking if he even got a game this year lol

  356. Steve Healy says

    Your bad run of injuries continues Josh.

  357. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Thursfield’s done well to come back after that awful knee injury suffered in 2006 against the Saints, it’s hard for anyone to come back and play often after a re-construction.

  358. Michael Allan says

    haha Thursfield best FB in the AFL. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day!

  359. Steve Healy says

    Schwarz managed to play often after 3 reconstructions

  360. Yeah he likes to exxagerate a bit. He thinks Richo will win the Brownlow, Norm Smith, Coleman, All-Australian captain and player of the year award next year. And today he goes “Now that Lloyd’s retired, guess who’s kicked the most goals in the AFL!!???” lol i said oh has Richo kicked the most points as well?

    Oh and speaking of that game in 2006, does anyone remember Patrick Bowden’s snap goal early in the second quarter? I downloaded it off youtube and watch it almost every day haha

  361. Damian Watson says

    I’m not saying it’s impossible it’s just hard to come back to your prime.

    The Ox probably never came back to his best after his multiple re-constuctions.

  362. Michael Allan says

    Yes. Incredible.

  363. Steve Healy says

    Yeah we’ve talked about that goal before- freakish goal.

    Richmond supporters are like that- I’ve got a friend who goes for Richmond who says exactly the same stuff

  364. Steve Healy says

    Anyway cya- I’m going to play cricket in the back yard.

  365. Michael Allan says


  366. He also said this year’s draft is very shallow. Thoughts?

  367. Michael Allan says

    Yeah, I’ve heard that. I think the high picks are really good, there’s just not much depth.

  368. Well if The Age thinks John Butcher won’t make the top 10, then i think it’s very deep. Last years draft was the best ever though.

  369. Michael Allan says

    He will. I would like to see him go to Richmond. But I think we’re going after Martins.

  370. Yeah Martins, Cotchin and Cousins will be awesome for use next year.

  371. Damian Watson says

    Has anyone else noticed that the Adelaide Crows have changed their logo?

  372. …ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    and i thought they couldnt get worse fashion wise.

  373. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I noticed. It’s funny cos there wasn’t any announcement.

  374. LOL announcement??
    Steve its Adelaide, not some hollywood team like Collingwood and ect.
    (minus Freo, Westcoast)

  375. Adelaide announced it a few weeks ago, they are changing their home guernsey and clash guernsey as well.

  376. Michael Allan says

    It looks like an American football logo. I don’t mind it but I preferred their old one.

  377. Michael Allan says

    Also I hate the Adelaide away jumper. When I’m at the game I find it really hard to read their numbers. The home uniform is fine though.

  378. I liked the Crows away jumper from 2005-2007, even though they never won while wearing it, or they only won one or two games. I dislike the new logo.

  379. Steve Healy says

    I don’t think Adelaide should change their jumpers- I think they’re both great.

  380. I heard they are just slightly altering the home jumper, adding a colour here or whatever. But the away and clash jumper are gonna be completely different apparantly.

  381. Steve Healy says

    It’s funny that they’re doing that, because they already altered their home jumper at the start of 2008 I think when they bought in those Navy blue curved stripes on the side

  382. Yeah.

    Just wondering, does your school ever go on excursions to the footy?

  383. Steve Healy says

    nup, never. Does yours?

  384. Yep, only for the older students though, so Year 11 and 12.

  385. Steve Healy says

    That’s awesome. It’d suck to be with a teacher at the footy though.

  386. i think it would be fun.
    although..the teacher would probably never look at me the same again.

  387. Steve Healy says

    Imagine getting expelled at the footy lol

  388. lol i wouldnt be expelled, but well..i get a little crazy and forget myself cos im so into the game.
    ive been told i can be embarrasing.

  389. Nah it would be really awesome going with a teacher to the footy, well our teachers anyway. And our teachers would probably get kicked out for too much emotion haha.

  390. once i was right up front and Meddy was like a few meters away so i was all:
    “MEDDYYYYY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!”
    the guy infornt of me turns around with an ‘OMG WHY DID I SIT HERE’ expression on his face and then my Brother loudly excalims: “DANIELLE SHUTUP AND SIT DOWN, HE HEARD YOU THE FIRST 50 TIMES!!!”

    lol!!! :)
    one of my teachers yesterday tried to convert me to Essendon. didnt work!

  391. I’ve tried being converted to Carlton but never worked lol.

    When im at the footy i dont really cheer, i just clap along with the cheersquad and clap when we kick a goal. Maybe i should get more into it

  392. Well i better go count some sheep lol night all

  393. Michael Allan says

    When I’m st the footy I yell advice to the players and tell them who they should kick it to. I clap the goals and that’s about it. If a players annoying me I’ll yel at him when he stuffs up but that’s fairly rare. I life to think I’m fairly civilised.

  394. I want to go to a close match. The closest match i’ve been to is a 14 point win for the Roos against the Dogs a few years back.

  395. Michael Allan says

    I love the atmosphere in close matches. I can’t handle it. I love it when I’mat the game and it’s close but I don’t care who wins. It’s fantastic to watch the others go through so much pain. lol.

  396. And i know it’d be tough seeing as i go to 2-3 games a year but i want to see a kick after the siren.

  397. lol id be camera mans dream reation for to a kick after the siren.

  398. I like that girls reaction, the one in the Richmond cheersquad, after a Tigers player kicked a goal against Brisbane in Round 17 2007. She covered her eyes while a player was lining up for goal but clapped when she saw that it went through lol reminds me of you Danni

  399. exactly Josh.
    id probably be in a state of tears which would dramtically turn into joy..
    if only someone had me on camera for my reaction to Superman’s winning goal.

  400. Michael Allan says

    The game I wrote about in the almanac was a kick after the siren.

    Yeah I know what your talking about Josh.

    I remember when we played Collingwood that year for the second time. In the first minute Foley had three kicks while Polak had 2 kicks, 2 marks and 2 goals. It was my favorite start to a match. It was so good to get a win in a season where we had only drawn and beaten Melbourne. Especially since it was against a good team like Collingwood.

  401. Yeah i remember that game, Deledio kicked 5 goals.

    I just thought then, i was pretty lucky to get the Richmond/North Melbourne drawn game for the Almanac.

  402. Michael Allan says

    That’s right Josh. And that’s his best to this day.

    Yeah you were. That game was remarkable because we were up by about 7 goals at half time. And then there was that controversial free against Petrie in the last.

  403. ahhh DELEDIO…

  404. And that free against Hale that should have been a mark!

  405. TRUE THAT!
    i remember reporting that one!:)
    stupid umpires.
    that jst a samll dose of what they do to Collingwood every week.
    not nice eyyy???

  406. Michael Allan says

    I’m pretty sure Collingwood get the best go from the umps Danni.

  407. Do you guys wonder throughout the school day who’s been traded? Every recess and lunch me and my mate meet up and ask each other who’s moved clubs, and sometimes go in the library and look up on the internet who’s moved on lol

  408. that free against Rocca on Anzac day!
    complete BULL!!!
    Cant even use body strength to thier advantage!
    its not his fault he was strong enought to get rid of the defender!!

  409. lol i only think about it during my last two classes.

    STATUS- History note making

  410. Michael Allan says

    Didn’t affect the outcome of the match Danni.

    If I remember correctly it was Leon Davis who kicked the “sealer” then doing the “You can’t see me” to the Essendoon fans.

    10 kicks later the ball ends up in Zaharakis’ hands and he kicks the winning goal. Umps didn’t have anything to do with it.

    All it was was Collingwood getting too0 arrogant and not getting numbers behind the ball. Davis wont be at Collingwood next year anyway.

  411. Michael Allan says

    By the way the 50 was there for that free kick. Rocca turned around to look at the umnp and still went on to thump the ball into the crowd. What an idiot.

  412. Michael Allan says

    Josh, what do you think of getting riud of Jesse Smith? I thought he was a pretty good player.

  413. rofl when u said
    ‘what an idiot’
    the scene from Harry Potter came up in my head when Harry went up to chase Malfoy on his broom.
    Hermione; “What an idiot”

    LOL :)

  414. Michael Allan says

    today period one we were in a computer room and the teacher said “get to work, and no looking at who’s being traded.” Does that answer your question. lol.

  415. Michael Allan says

    lol Danno. That wasn’t even a memorable line.

  416. someone is having problems at their keybored!!! lol
    yeah i favourite would have to be
    “Ill get you for this…you and the bloody chicken!” LOL :)

    I swear you guys, if there’s ever a subject I get a lot out of and am grateful that I picked its History.
    Im so amazed and happy about all the new knowledge I have obtained!
    I can’t wait for next year, French Revolution!!!!

  417. Michael Allan says

    Hey everybody, Danno’s a nerd!!!!!

  418. nerd, me? NO! lol
    im just loving History is all!
    i wish we could have done Nazism all year, its amazing and truely sad stuff!
    i think Hitler is the equivalent of Lord Voldermort!

  419. What a geek haha.

    The librarians at school have blocked superfooty and other afl websites because its “distracting” what a load of bull!

  420. geek??
    how can i have failed maths and accounting and be a geek???

  421. We’re on pace to break the footyalmanac record of 505 comments on a story :D where’s the other members of the fab five?

  422. Damo is leading the
    WE WANT FEV!!!
    riot with the Carlton muzza boys and Steve…is…i have no idea

  423. I don’t know, but your still a geek Danni

  424. Michael Allan says

    That’s right Josh, seems like us three are carryingh Steve and Damo lol.

    It’s good to hear Richmond have found a trade for Shultz. I didn’t think any clubs would be stupid enough to go after him.

  425. lol HOW?
    ill bet you guys read just as much if not more than me!
    i dont even read for myself anymore cos im too busy reading books that im forced to read for school.

  426. Didn’t he say he was going to Mansfield? Or was that next week?

    I just saw on the news that they have burning stakes at Visy Park, they are rocking cars over and they are snapping all the goalposts. Damo must be there..

  427. I’m a real sucker for books, i’ll read anything lol.

    So did use get Mitch Farmer Michael? Are you happy with that? He’s sort of an unknown, he might turn out to be another Jordy McMahon.

  428. well due to being forced in literature, today i started reading Shakespare’s The Merchant of Venice and so far i have no idea whats going on, yay me! :)

  429. Michael Allan says

    It’s not done but it’s been agreed by both clubs.

    I didn’t know anythnig about this Mitch Farmer kid but after a bitof research I think it’s a great trade for Richmond.

    Not even close to Jordan McMahon trade. We gave up something decent for him and he wasn’t unknown.

    Farmer will fit in nicely as a samll defender in our backline where Polo was struggling (had six goals kicked on him in the last game, although you can’t blame him since it was LECRAS) he seems to be areally hard player and is a very good kick of the footy. Very HArdwick-esque and good to see his going after hard, tough players.

  430. dont mention LeCras…please

  431. I always had the impression that Mitch Farmer was a little aborignal goalsneak like Jeff Farmer but turns out he’s a white, skinny defender lol

  432. Damian Watson says

    We’ve got 4 out of 5 now, just got back from cricket training.

    It’s probably a mix of Carlton fans creating a riot and drunk Storm fans celebrating at Visy Park.

    Apparently Fev may head up to Brisbane in exchange for Bradshaw and Rischitelli.
    I thought Michael Voss didn’t want him at the Lions.

  433. i jst had a good look at Nathan Browns galfriend. they put the pics up on the site.
    you know what, shes not that pretty (THANKGOD!) he can do WAYYY better!!

  434. Michael Allan says

    But he’s my lovechild Danni. If I can’t mention him you can’t mention Anthony or Brown.

    Richmonds tradeweek is going along very nicely.

    Objective: Get rid of as many duds as possible for young players or draft picks.

    Andrew Raines tick
    Jay Shultz tick
    All that’s left is Shane Tuck and Jordan McMahon.

  435. Michael Allan says

    Yeah, a bit out of left feild but looks like it will happen. Whould you be happy with that Damo?

  436. lol..okay okay.
    btw Jack has been sleeping all day!
    hes so cute when hes sleeping! :)

  437. Apparantly North want Joel Macdonald. I dont see that happening but its going to be happening soon the experts say. I wonder what he would bring to the team.

    I start tennis traning soon, nothing better than playing tennis at 6:30 at night, 30 degrees and flies buzzing around my face.

  438. :) federer!!!!!!!

  439. Michael Allan says

    Basketball training tomorrow night. Should be good.

  440. okay History is DONE!
    now to make some VERY QUICK LIT notes.

  441. Damian Watson says

    I wouldn’t mind if that trade is to occur, Bradshaw will solve the hole Fev left up forward (albeit for a short period of time) and Rischitelli can be very useful in the middle or on the wing.

  442. Michael Allan says

    Why would North want McDonald. Isn’t he a bit old for a rebuilding club to be goingh after? I guess he would replace Gibson but I wouldn’t be too keen.

  443. OMG look at this

    omg how am i supposed to be able to remember who is who if they all sound the SAME???

  444. Michael Allan says

    Roflmao. A nerd like you should be able to remeber Danno.

  445. Antonio

    Macdonald is only 25 or 26, him and Firrito are very alike.

    Michael you need to give me so tips on basketball. We are doing it in P.E at the moment and i cant get my head around the double dribble rule, i’ve been pinged for it 3 times in 2 days!

  446. as nerdy as i am can some one tell me what this means?

    With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come, and let my lover rather heat with wine Than my heart cool with mortifying groans. sit like his grandsire cut in alabaster, Sleep where he wakes and creep inot the Jaundice…….


  447. Michael Allan says

    I hate elizabethan! I don’t want to read that!

    Josh when you dribble you have to keep on dribbling. If you stop you have to shoot or pass. You can’t start dribbling again. Understand it now?

  448. well get used to it! you might be doing it if you do lit in year 11

  449. ive still got my collingwood 09 team poster up on my wall facing my bed.
    its the first thing i see when i wake up and the last thing i see b4 i sleep…

  450. Michael Allan says

    No I won’t be. We do MacBeth and the other famous one that isn’t R&J in year 12

  451. what..I Did Macbeth in year 10 English!
    loved it, you should see the modern movie of it!!

  452. The first thing i see when i wake up is a poster of the Hawthorn premiership side celebrating with the cup.

    Yes i understand the rule but just cant seem to be able to pick up on it.

  453. my walls used to be plastered with jonas posters im talking 30+ posters.
    ive now reduced it to 7.

  454. Michael Allan says

    Well I guess all i could tell you is make sure to pass it if you stop dribbling. I hardly dribble anyway lol. I always think I’m gonna stuff it up. It’s fun though.

  455. if anything in netball i would always get pinned for stepping!
    id be just one step more and its the end of the world LOL

  456. I get done for that too Danni lol footy is the only good sport where you can grab the ball and go without having to worry about doing anything with it, except for a simple bounce every 15m

  457. you guys still unsure of book launch dress code???

  458. Michael Allan says

    I like basketball because theres a chance I’ll score and it’s fun to celebratwe when I finally get a goal. lol

  459. i was never a GS or GA.
    Never scored a goal in my whole netballing career LOL.
    i the Sam Mitchell of netball.
    i Loved playing WA :)
    i was once place in it didnt go down well cos im short and the GD was freaking TALL i missed 3 shots until the coach put me back where i belong as WA.

  460. Michael Allan says

    I’ve only played basketball this last year and everytime I scored I got really excited lol. I wear the number 41 because of Nathanv Foley.

  461. Pendals was a basketballer.
    hehehhe hes so cute in his basketball outfit!
    anyone play soccer??

  462. Michael plays soccer i think. Hopefully i’ll get my new North guernsey and i’ll just wear that to the book launch.

    What sort of celebrations do you do when you score a goal Michael?

  463. Hey the story jst got interesting!!
    Shylock asks that Antonio promise to repay the loan of money with a pound of his flesh if he cannot provide the cash.
    Lol interesting….

  464. lol its gonna be so funny when u all wera ur jerseys and i rock up in a dress and heels like im going to a wedding! :)

  465. Michael Allan says

    I do. I get angry though. Basketball is good because I know I’m crap so I don’t care and just have fun but Soccer I have expectations for myself. When things don’t go my way I get angry. This year a ref told me just to relax and then a few games later we had the same ref and I abused him, because he wouldn’t give me a free.

    In year six when I played for a club (i know only play for school) I got a yellow card for elbowing a kid in the back of the head. I sent him off in tears. lol.

    Dean Brogan used to play in the NBL for South Australia before dooing a KarMichael Hunt.

  466. Our soccer at school is contact allowed haha the teacher just stands back and watches

  467. and you call me mean? lol
    id have conversations with the person i was on!
    like, when the ball wanst near us wed be like.
    “that was a great pass from you before”
    “yeah , thanks but can you slow down, you so fast!”
    ‘no chance, LOL”


  468. Michael Allan says

    I normally punch the air or something. I got really excited because I thought Jayden Post had the same hair style as me and then when he kicked his first goal he used the same celebration as I did. Raise both arms then punch the air. lol.

    It’s a bit hard to have creative celebrations for basketball because if you go for too long the balls back in play. It’s normally just a motion with the arm and then go searcghing for high fives lol.

  469. Michael Allan says

    haha. girls are so nice.

  470. Haha nice. My footy celebrations are nothing, i just clench my fist and run back to my position lol very disappointed in myself, i need some celebration training

  471. Michael Allan says

    I meant to say Jayden Post used thesame celebration as I did for my first basketball goal.I think that makes us very alike, since we have hairstylers, celebratiopns and all round skill lol.

  472. Michael Allan says

    O yeah and I normally yell somethiong like CMON YARRA, people must think I’m a dickhead but I don’t care. I’m going to go ballistic if I score a goal in soccer. It’s a bit hard thoguh since I play in defence or on the wing.

  473. lol do you do the shirt over your head thing?? :P

  474. Michael Allan says

    Josh, football you have much more time so you should be making the most of it. Kayne Pettifer is one of my favorite players at Richmond. He’s terrible but when he gets a goal he lets everybody know about it and I love it.

  475. Michael Allan says

    Well not for basketball, lol. I wouldn’t for soccer.

  476. i like it when players celebrate goals. i have no problem with it at all.
    lol in netball when we scored i would just let out a “WOOOOOOO!!” and throw some high-fives, teh real celebration was for when wed get back to school and join with our soccer and footy team.

  477. lol i jst had a flash back to last years ball practice.
    all the girl had gotten injections an hour earlier so when we were dancing with the guys we were all groaning and yelling at them for moving fast and they didnt know why. after i explained to my partner and he had to turn me he was like
    and i was like

  478. I just don’t like to make a scene on the field, the biggest celebration i have done is raise my hands in the air and flex lol

  479. ohh.. yeah Josh cos flexing isnt being a show off at all is it!! LMAOO

  480. OMG OMG OMG :)
    Collingwood has secured Jolly from Sydney in exchange for picks 14 and 46

  481. Nah not at all haha.

    Really? That almost certainly means Fevola is going to Sydney

  482. hmmm i wonder if pick 14 is pretty…

  483. He’s probably the hottest player you’ll ever lay eyes on Danni, and you traded him away!!!!!!!!!!!!

  484. lmaoo at Josh’s reply.
    i hope not!
    its okay not all hope is lost for nathan brown, she isnt as pretty as i thought!

  485. status- rehearsing Ras3/4 oral, for 2morrow.


  486. Status-playing AFL 07 on PS2, absolutely killing the Eagles, 6.3 to 5.0 :D

  487. Steve Healy says

    status- just got on the computer

  488. status- really??

  489. ive got 40 palm cards and a i feel bad for my teacher!

  490. 40? Jeezus i feel sorry for your class! Haha

  491. Steve Healy says


  492. nah its not infornt of the class.
    its only infront of the teacher.

  493. Steve Healy says

    are you the only one in your class Danni? lol

  494. Oh ok. Weird

    Status-Three Quarter Time, West Coast 9.2.56 – North Melbourne 14.4.88

  495. Steve Healy says

    Is it at Subiaco?

  496. no there about 20 of us, but yeah b/c theres no use using class time for everyone to present cos we need that time to revise for exams and ask him questions.

  497. Yep, its now 9.2.56 to 16.5.101 with early goals to Leigh Harding and Matt Campbell

  498. oh steve wasnt here before but i will galdly repeat.
    nathan browns gf is not that pretty.
    Pendals, Harry O, Didak and Daisy chose well.

  499. Steve Healy says

    Oh ok Danni so that means you have a chance lol anyway gotta go see ya people

  500. so is it like 99.80% that Fev will go to the Swans?

  501. Michael Allan says

    I was really dissapointed when the AFL games didn’t work on the 360 lol. They’re making a new one of 360 and PS3. It’s being made my a no name brand though so it will be dodgey as well.

  502. I hope they make a good one for the 360, then i can play on of use online if any of use have a 360 :) i’d win easy haha

  503. Michael Allan says

    Peake’s now a Saint. Wow St Kilda are going to bne really fast now with Peake and Lovvett running around.

  504. Michael Allan says

    Yeahm, they said they will have online play. I’ll smash you Josh.

  505. lol..that would be fun to watch..
    and he accusess Mitchell of the elbow! LMAO :p

  506. Michael Allan says

    This is how I’d beat you Josh.

    You’d win the ruck but I’ll have quality clearence players around the footy like Foley, Deledio, Cotchin and Cousins.

    When I get the clearence I’ll give it a Jack Riewoldt on the lead at CHF. Richo will be double teamed laving Morton on his own in the left pocket.

    After a pin point pass to Morton, young Mitch will wheel onto his right foot and kick a goal.

    The process will then be repeated. lol.

  507. Oh talk it up Michael, 20.5 in four 5 minute quarters, beat that. You probably could but i was playing pretty bad lol.

    Yeah i just saw the Peake/Saint news then. Where did you see the Jolly exclusive Danno?

  508. ……….
    heraldsun!! :) :)
    hey did we beat the comment record??
    i gtg and sleep i wanna be awake wen i do my speech!

  509. I’ll give you a sneak peek of what happened in the game i just played then Michael:

    Second Quarter, WCE by 15 points
    -Tap won by McIntosh to Adams
    -Adams handballs to CHF where Robbie Tarrant gathers
    -Handball to a flying Harvey, who passes to Josh Smith on the lead. Goal
    -McIntosh wins tap to Harvey, who explodes from the pack and goals from the centre square
    -McIntosh wins the tap to Adams, passes to Tarrant who goals from inside the centre square
    McIntosh wins the tap to Anthony, handballs to Adams, handballs to Harvey, runs to HF, passes to Campbell who goals on the run from the boundary line.

    Roos now lead by 9 points with 4 goals in 2 minutes

  510. Michael Allan says

    Don’t worry Josh. We’ll find in the morning it’s nothing but herald sun crap as usual and Jolly is far from being traded. I’m off now too. Goodnight.

  511. Yeah smashed it by 5 comments and growing, maybe we should move again haha.

    Night Danni, good luck tomorrow lol

  512. Herald Sun is very reliable thank you.

    Yeah i best be off, cya

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