AFL Round 21: As a Dees fan, I was better off at home for this one

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m told that I am too sick by my Mum, so I have to watch the game from home. I decide to watch it on TV at 3pm, and before that I was watching the VFL, while making the score sheet. In the third quarter of Port Melbourne V Sandringham I switch the TV on to One. I saw the Deluca brothers playing for Port Melbourne, 27-year-old Adrian Deluca (who played 46 games for Carlton between 2004-2006) and his 22-year-old Brother Fabian (11 games for Port Adelaide between 2006-2008) who is a spitting image of Matthew Kreuzer. They both worked together to eventually lead Port to a 31-point win.

There is a late change to both teams, Armfield is out for Carlton and replaced by Anderson, Jones is out for Melbourne and Jamar is in. Hang on, Melbourne are playing four ruckmen! Ridiculous. Chris Judd wins the toss and kicks to the Lockett end, and the first Carlton V Melbourne clash since Round 5 last year gets underway.

The Dees draw first blood with a long goal from Johnson, which bounces through for a goal. Fevola gets an unfair free and kicks the Blues’ first from 40, after a spirited start from the Demons. Moloney marks at 70 and goes back, and the ball incredibly goes through with only one bounce. The Dees are on. But maybe they aren’t. Carrazzo drills a low one through from the pocket, levelling the scores. The Blues work the ball well inside 50 and O’hAilpin finishes it off with a great snap. McKenzie passes to Jetta who converts from the tip of the square. Gibbs marks and kicks a good reply from 50. Robbo, after diving on the fake turf outside the perimeter piping, comes back on to the ground with tape around his waist. I hoped he would put up a good performance today for the club. Jamar the now-forward marks and goals, levelling the scores yet again. Good goals from Garlett and Murphy put the Blues two goals ahead. At quarter time the Dees still trail by 13, 6.3 39 to 4.2 26.

It was a good first quarter, but Michael Christian and Luke Darcy kept going on about Ratten giving his troops a spray at quarter time. How far ahead of Melbourne do you have to be to be playing well? Gibbs and Murphy have 10 touches each for Carlton while McDonald and Sylvia have eight each.

The second quarter begins and Petterd comes off the ground with a groin injury, after not having a touch in the first quarter. Hadley soon goes off for Carlton with a suspected broken arm. Injuries aside, Jamar marked on the lead and wobbles one through from 45. Garlett crumbs brilliantly for Carlton and kicks his second, while Jetta kicks his second for the Dees. Jetta was playing well, after only having three possessions last week. Spencer marks (in the same spot where he made his blunder two weeks ago) but does better and scores a point. Scotland snaps a goal from the square for Carlton and goals from Garlett (who was playing well) and Scotland again follow, which are both caused from dropped marks by Morton. Jamar gets a free and kicks his third; I’m beginning to think he could make it as a tall forward. Fevola pings Cheney and pops it over the top to Simpson who goals. Fevola kicks another goal, and Robbo kicks one to the delight of Dee’s fans. Its half time and the Blues lead, 12.5 77 to 8.3 51. Gibbs has a massive 24 possessions, Murphy has 19 while McDonald has 16 and Sylvia 17 for the Dees.

The third quarter begins and Garlett kicks a ripping fourth goal from the boundary line. Robbo marks with his legs and drills his second. A balloon finds its way onto Etihad Stadium and Jamar kicks a high banana which sneaks home. Four goals to Jamar. Fevola kicks an incredible goal from 55 and Robbo gets his third from a result of a free kick. Fevola is the third man up in the ruck contest; he taps it down to Betts who snaps one home. Jamar kicks his fifth! Which beats his previous best of two. The Dees try and slow it down but Fevola gets a goal from a stupid free. Fevola dribbles another one through from a tight angle and his on fire. Just before three quarter time he kicks another, his sixth. At the break it’s Carlton by 41, 17.15 117 to 11.10 76 in a high scoring game. Gibbs has 32 possessions, Murphy has 26 and for the Dees McDonald has 25 and Sylvia 24. The first three quarters have all had the same goal pattern, 6-4 for Carlton.

The last quarter begins and Fevola kicks his fourth in a row for the match, giving Carlton a 47-point lead. Robbo goes for the ball and courageously crashes in to Walker in the middle of the ground. Kreuzer kicks another and it’s looking even grimmer for Melbourne. Simpson strolls inside 50 and kicks another. Robbo takes a great mark and kicks his fourth as a result. Betts passes the ball from the pocket to Simpson, who kicks his third. Robertson marks again for the Dees. He goes back and sticks his fifth through the middle. Jurrah shows class after a quiet day, spinning around, grabbing the ball and slotting through his first. Houlihan marks a high ball (but not a very lone one!) kicked by Kreuzer and kicks his first. Houlihan gets it back on the siren and the ball somehow evades the post to squeeze through the goals. The first two games of the round have resulted in a goal after the final siren. The final score is 24.9 153 to 15.6 96, a very similar to the Dees loss in Round 3, just a goal each more to both sides.

I observe Robbo leaving the ground and signing a young supporter’s jumper. Murphy finishes with a career-high 37 touches, Carrazzo had 35 and Gibbs 34. Sylvia lead for Melbourne with 34 and Davey (who had a heap of it in the last term) finished with 30. Special mentions to Jetta who had a classy 24.

For the second time in a row against Melbourne, Fevola kicked seven straight. Jamar had an impressive five goals from seven possessions. For once Melbourne had more frees then Carlton, 16-11 our way. The tackle count shows the difference, 67-35 the Blues’ way.

Sometimes it’s good to be screaming from the couch, not from high up in the stands.

Carlton  6.3  12.5  18.9  24.9 (153)

Melbourne   4.2  8.3  12.4  15.6 (96)


Carlton: Fevola 7, Garlett 4, Simpson 3, Houlihan 2, Scotland 2, Carrazzo, O’hAilpin, Gibbs, Murphy, Betts, Kreuzer.

Melbourne: Robertson 5, Jamar 5, Jetta 2, Moloney, Jurrah, Johnson.


Carlton : Murphy, Fevola, Gibbs, Garlett, Judd, Carrazzo, Simpson, Scotland, Joseph.

Melbourne: Robertson, Sylvia, Davey, Jetta, Jamar, Moloney.

My votes: 3. Marc Murphy (Carl), 2. Brendan Fevola (Carl), 1. Russell Robertson (Melb).

Umpires: Farmer, James, Pannell.                       Crowd: 37, 433 at Etihad Stadium.

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  1. wooo-hoo Luke Darcy :) hes my favourite!
    Apperently if the Dees win ONE more match, they lose thier number one pick.
    Maybe that had something to do with the loss?

    Good work Steve. :P
    STATUS: over the moon

  2. Steve Healy says

    Thanks Danielle,

    Good win from the Pies today as well. You’re after Luke Darcy as well? lol.

    Yea, the Dees are experimenting by moving players. We’ll enjoy Tom Scully though. I loved seeing Jamar play as a full forward.


  3. Josh Barnstable says




    What a win!!

  4. LOL
    dude what a win!
    i was so bloody happy that Riewoldt fudged up AGAIN!!
    i was like. “thats for fudging up my birthday!”

    Yes i am after Luke Darcy too :P LOL
    its a shame..times like these i wish i was 30.

    p.s my Prettylist is up!!

  5. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, great win from the Roos Josh. Didn’t see or hear any of the game, but I saw the Nick Riewoldt kick that was punched through with about 23 seconds to go. North kicked the first 5 goals against the Saints for the second time this year lol.

  6. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, I saw the pretty list Danielle. Where’s Jack Watts? Where’s Liam Jurrah?

  7. Josh Barnstable says

    Dad put $10 on North and won $100.

    Liam Jurrah? He’s ugly! A pretty player though, if that makes sense.

  8. Watts is still too young. hed be up next year after more senior games.
    Jurrah isnt pretty, if he was i would have noticed and he would be on there!

  9. haha Josh isnt gonna get any sleep tonight!

  10. Steve Healy says

    Exactly Josh, Jurrah is a pretty player, his got the prettiest skills in the league. Danielle, I think your list is a bit rigged, I think there’s only players from eight teams and no interstate teams.

  11. Rigged??
    dude..its not my fault the interstate teams aren’t PRETTY! lol
    i would have put Mitch Brown but whats the point when ive already got his twin on there!

  12. you guys should try writing a match report using the Heraldsun live thingo like i did for the WB AND GEEL game.
    it was really fun and my comments went through! :)

  13. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, but then I’d miss the game on TV. I’d find it pretty boring writing a match report without actually seeing or listening to at least some of the game. I found it fun writing one for Melbourne V Port Adeladie when I was at my Grandma’s house though.

  14. lol i understand.
    It was really funny reading the reactions of people.
    i even tried to auction off Toovey and one person said: “hell id take anyone for Toovey!”
    this one random message saying: MARRY ME FEVOLA came in and i was like….EWWWWW!!
    Besides Sam Lane i have a new found appreciation for Jon Ralph.

  15. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha, It’s funny that you mentioned Jon Raplh. Every time I see him on the 5th Quarter I groan. I hate it how he always nods and thinks he knows everything.

    Anyway, from what I saw of Toovey today he played pretty well. Apart from dropping the ball on one occassion.

  16. …you GROAN?? lol when i see him i turn up the volume and get closer to the tv!
    He nods because he DOES KNOW EVERYTHING!how weird would it be if he didnt nod? just stay there doing nothing? lol

    Toovey was bloody annoying lol you should see what i wrote in my match report!
    i think im going to get a petition so that Collingwood only wear black shorts.
    Jack Anthony looks so good in black shorts! :)


  17. Steve Healy says

    Haha can’t wait to see it.
    Nah, the away team always has to wear white shorts. Collingwood got a free black short game in Round 6 when North Melbourne were their clash jumper.

  18. Oh poor Swallow that jumper looks bodgey!
    No word from Josh…hmm
    he must be out at some nightclub clubbing with the north players to if he doesnt invite me!

  19. Steve Healy says

    Lol I had no idea about what you meant when you said Swallow looks good in North colours. I don’t even get that. Josh is probably on his down to Arden St. He’d still have a few thousand km’s to go hahaha

  20. What i mean is that Swallow looks good in the royal blue (home jersey.)
    But he doesnt look good in their bodgey jersey. lol nah Josh is smart enough to hitch-hike!
    wonder if he will ned up on the news dancing about with glo-sticks surrounded by celebrating North players. lol i can see it now…thats getting dressed, im not missing out on the par-tay! :)

  21. Steve Healy says

    So he would look good if he played for the Bulldogs or West Coast(away jumper)? Oh yeah, you have a soft spot for the Roos. I don’t.

  22. Yup hed prob look better in Bulldogs than West Coast. yer i like North and i hate Riewoldt so its a win/win for me.
    School tommorro…oh well atleast i have a retreat on Wed.
    The footy is nearly over..what the hell am i supposed to do when it finishes??

  23. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, I’ve been asking myself the same question recently. Last off-season I barely did anything, and didn’t have anything to talk about either. Well there’s 6 weeks the Grand Final and then my Birthday is 4 days after. So after my Birthday i’ll be bored.

  24. Josh Barnstable says

    Wooh what a party! Roo boys sure know how to party hard! Oh and Swallow said to tell Danielle that he will always look good and play well in any kind of jumper :) the desktop background of my laptop is actually Swallow and the rest of the boys running out on the ground in their clash jumper against Geelong earlier in the year.

  25. Steve Healy says

    My desktop background was Liam Jurrah, but someone changed it :(

  26. Josh Barnstable says

    this is a really stupid idea, but this would be my desktop background if i went for each team:

    Adelaide: Simon Goodwin
    Brisbane: Daniel Rich
    Carlton: Kade Simpson
    Collingwood: Leon Davis
    Essendon: Adam McPhee
    Fremantle: Hayden Ballantyne and Matthew Pavlich
    Geelong: Jimmy Bartel
    Hawthorn: Jarryd Roughead
    Melbourne: Brent Moloney
    North Melbourne: Jack Ziebell
    Port Adelaide: Chad Cornes
    Richmond: Ben Cousins
    St Kilda: Nick Riewoldt
    Sydney: Darren Jolly
    West Coast: Mark LeCras
    Western Bulldogs: Mitch Hahn

  27. Steve Healy says

    So are these your favourite players for each team?

  28. Damian Watson says

    Great stuff Steve,
    Eddie Garlett certainly lit up the Docklands.

    So you were sick, that explains why I couldn’t spot you in the crowd. It was a good thing you didn’t go anyway as the wing was made up predominantly of Carlton supporters.

    Bored in the off-season? Aren’t you a cricket fan Steve?
    I agree that AFL is a much better sport but still!

  29. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, sorry I couldn’t make it, it would’ve been good to meet you. Nah, I’m a big cricket fan but I’m still bored to an extent, because footy’s number one.

  30. lol
    Danni + cricket = NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!

    my screen saver is Medders.
    My phone disp;ay picture is Nathan Brown.
    Oh and i also have Nathan Brown’s photo in my wallet!!! :) :) :)

  31. What if Nathan Brown starts playing cricket, Danni?

  32. hmmmhmm…well
    first i would go through a week of mourning
    because it means no more pretty black shorts or tight fitted jersey.
    Second id try to talk him out of it..whats the point in having a pretty face if its hidden behind safety gear??

  33. Maybe swimming then?

  34. hahaha..sure!
    that reminds me of my bestfriend.
    she decided to barrack for North the day she saw them at the pools in thier Speedos!

  35. Steve Healy says

    What if Nathan Brown hurt his head like Graham Polak and had to wear a helmet?

    Bowlers and fielders don’t wear safety gear, Danni (apart from Simon Katich).

  36. all this talk of Nathan is making me sad…
    Blood hell Mick!
    He plays Toovey the tool and leaves behind a perfectly goodlooking defender!!
    if they played him, we’d get more members!!!

  37. Uh, I think you have enough members already, Danni…

  38. you think?
    nah id like a few more..hundred!
    we should use Nathan, Dawes and Jack Anthony as our poster boys, a zillion girls would sign up!

  39. Steve Healy says

    Hmm, maybe that’s the Dees’ problem, not having any good looking players to sell memberships. But I think it’s player ability that excites fans, because Melbourne used Austin Wonaeamirri for our membership campaign.

  40. Steve Healy says

    And we broke our record membership number.

  41. Steve, get the Dees to use Watts!!
    he needs to build up some manlyness to look less boyish until hes ready.
    after i saw the GQ mag Ben Cousins photoshot i almost became a Richmond supporter!
    Propaganda sells!

  42. Steve Healy says

    Yea, you can’t blame him though, he’s one of the youngest in the AFL and he’s still in year 12. He’ll gain some more muscle and will certainly be a membership seller.(and a great player!)

  43. True, its gonna be nice to grow up with him!
    our members stand at 45,000.
    if i get in charge of the poster making it will reach 60,000

  44. Michael Allan says

    My membership card has Foley on it. :S I guess they can’t use Deledio every year.

  45. Josh Barnstable says

    Sorry for a bit of a late comment, but the desktop background players aren’t my favourite, just who i would have lol

  46. Have fun clubbing JOSH???

  47. Josh Barnstable says

    Yes i did, never celebrated like that since we beat Collingwood in Round 5 last year thanks to the umpires bad bounce of the ball in the middle :D

  48. ….mmm yes i remeber that.
    i think there was a match where Tazza missed a goal that owuld have won us the game against you. i was there!
    i think most games i have been to have been North vs Collingwood.

  49. lol i knew it.
    i was like..yup Josh has hitched ride to the city to go clubbing with Swallow!!

    ….mmm yes i remember that.
    i think there was a match where Tazza missed a goal that would have won us the game against you. i was there!
    i think most games i have been to have been North vs Collingwood.

  50. Josh Barnstable says

    Yay comment number 50! I dont remember Tarrant doing that, but he probably did do miss to win a game since he is no good

  51. ..OMG NOOO
    I was comment 34..TOOVEY!!

  52. Josh Barnstable says

    You were comment number 9 and 16 though haha

  53. Really?? omg HAHa YAY MEEE
    i love you comments number 9 and 16!!

    (did i just say that?)

  54. Steve Healy says

    Yay I’m Jake Spencer(42)

  55. lol yay for you.
    please the cricket over?
    england won? i thought Australia was winning?

    so lost right now :P

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