AFL Prelim Finals: Pies are simply not good enough

It’s 6pm. I’m sitting in my room and the rain starts to belt down on to the roof, making that familiar and comforting sound. I’m watching a replay of Carlton v Adelaide in my room, just for the sake of watching a high-scoring game. I realise it’s an hour and a half before the bounce, so I go on to the AFL website to check the final teams:

Out: Pendlebury. In: Beams.

Just as I predicted.

I turn on the live coverage of the game, and I’m looking forward to it despite how the wet conditions could affect the contest and the crowd.

The game begins, and the Pies look very potent. Ben Johnson curls through the all-important first goal, which is followed by a couple of behinds and a 55 metre bomb straight through the goals from O’Brien. It’s 2.2 to nothing, and I’m sure fellow Almanacker Danielle would be very happy at this point.

The Cats finally get the ball inside 50 and Ottens takes a contested mark and kicks it from a tight angle. Prestigiacomo accidently kicks it out on the full (aided by the slippery conditions) and Brynes bends through a banana. A Mooney miss from 10 metres dampens their spirits, but Chapman snaps a ripper from 50 to hit the lead. For the rest of the quarter it’s Geelong dominating, with Ablett playing a gem of a quarter, but even he misses a couple.  The players emerge to their huddles with Geelong leading 3.6 24 to 2.2 14, after a huge turn around. Ablett has 12 possessions while Collingwood has no one worth noting.

The hell continues for the Pies as the second quarter begins, Ling clears to Chapman who snaps a goal in the first 13 seconds. Collingwood finally score, but after a couple of behinds from a well-held Swan and Leigh Brown, Hawkins marks cleverly and kicks a magnificent goal from 55. Leigh Brown gets a 50, and kicks a goal for the Pies’ sake, but he couldn’t repeat that effort half a minute later when he hits the post. Ablett gets a lucky free in the goal square, and the champion kicks his first. Collingwood continue to kick the ball forward but don’t make anything of their chances, and Hawkins drives Maxwell in to the turf and squeezes through a second goal from the free. Things look great for the Cats. But Collingwood don’t give up. Lockyer almost rips Scarlett’s shorts off in a tackle, and kicks a goal, before a Kelly mistake gives Didak another. A Travis Cloke miss rounds out the quarter, and the Pies are looking good again. 7.7 49 to 5.8 38. Ablett has 20 possessions for Geelong and O’Bree has 16 for Collingwood.

I realise that this game is similar to the equivalent game two years ago. I take out my scoresheet from that game and the similarities were definitely there. At quarter time it was 28-17 and at half-time it was 48-43, both in favour of Geelong.

As the third quarter gets underway, I’m beginning to think that the Pies are simply not good enough. Mackie cleverly kicks it to Johnson, who snaps a goal which lights up the stadium. This is followed up by goals from Mooney, Corey and Brynes and all of a sudden the lead is over six goals. The Cats waste a bit of time and miss a few goals, and Macaffer puts one through just before the siren as a result. The talk is whether Collingwood can come back for the second week in a row. It’s 11.13 79 to 6.9 45.

The last quarter begins and Prestigiacomo makes a mistake and Varcoe pounces on it and kicks one to put Geelong in the Grand final. Chapman snaps his third, Hawkins marks and nearly kicks a third, but Ablett doesn’t make the same mistake with a long, strange kick which goes straight through the middle from outside 50. Collingwood are spent. Geelong continue to dominate, they miss a few in a row which is normal in the Geelong repertoire. Varcoe, who’s playing the game of his life, swoops on one and kicks it through with pride. Chapman marks and kicks another, and Blake clears for Geelong, which looks just as out of place as a camel playing table tennis would. Chapman marks and kicks his fifth, and Geelong play kick to kick, which brings memories of the 2007 Grand final, which I recorded on tape and watched many times. But it fades to black and white regularly because I recorded it on digital. The siren sounds and it’s Geelong by 67 points, 17.18 120 to 6.11 47. They’re in the Grand final. Ablett and Corey finished with 34 touches each and O’Bree had 26 for the Pies.

Several key players for the black and white struggled, Swan had just 17 possessions, making his average only 22.4 over the last five matches. Prestigiacomo was disappointing, as were Davis, Cloke, Beams, Dick and Anthony to name a few.

The black and white have faded.

Geelong  3.6  7.7  11.13 17.18 (120)

Collingwood 2.2 5.8 6.9  6.11 (47)


Geelong: Chapman 5, Brynes 2, Ablett 2, Varcoe 2, Hawkins 2, Corey, S Johnson, Mooney, Ottens.

Collingwood: L Brown, Macaffer, Lockyer, O’Brien, Didak, Johnson.


Geelong: Chapman, Ablett, Varcoe, S Johnson, Corey, Bartel, Ling, Scarlett, Enright, Blake.

Collingwood: O’Bree.

My Votes: 3. Paul Chapman (GEEL), 2. Gary Ablett (GEEL), 1. Travis Varcoe (GEEL).

Umpires: Rosebury, McLaren, McInerney.            Crowd: 87,258 at the MCG.

About Steve Healy

Steve Healy is an entity of a Melbourne supporter.


  1. Steve, thanks for the mention. :)
    had i known the score at THAT time yes i would have been happy.
    i wonder how many prelim and semi final loses it will take for me to die of depression or a heart attack?
    looks like i wont have very long to live if they keep playing like that.

    danni :)

  2. Michael Allan says

    Danni I think you should just relax. Just think about Steve and I. Our teams DO play like that every week. Just be grateful that your team finished in the top 4.

  3. LOL Michael im fine, i am relaxed.
    you have to try not to take me too seriously! :P
    i was only kidding!
    yes i get all nervous and upset but i like to be sarcastic. :)

  4. Michael Allan says

    Good to know.

    I just don’t like hearing people complain when their team makes the finals. I’d love to see my team make finals.

  5. lol no i didnt complain.
    i mean yeah it was upseting to lose only because we lost by THAT much.
    i said to my cousins id rather lose the semi than go on and lose the GF.

  6. Michael Allan says

    Hey Steve are you happy that your trading Brock McLean to Carlton for pick 11?

  7. Michael Allan says

    Dani we seem to disagree on everything. I’d much rather make the Grand Final. It’s an acheivement just to be their. It’s great experience for the boys and although the loss may be heartbreaking I’d still like to make it.

  8. haha well theres nothing like a nice friendly debate! :)
    nah thats fine and i can understand that but id rather not have the burden of:
    Whereas we lost the semi and i no one has said anything.

  9. Michael Allan says

    Yes I can understand that from a Collingwood view. After all you’ve lost the most Grand Finals out of everyone. The first Grand Final I went to was Brisbane v Collingwood in 2002. I was sitting right in front of the Collingwood standing room. They got very emotional as Akemanis kicked a couple of goals and the game got away from them. Some were angry with a few bears in them. Others were doing their best not to cry. It would be an incredbily sad feeling.Luckily I’ve never had to experience it.

  10. Just heard Michael. I’m quite happy, it’s a good deal, and hopefully we will get a good midfielder in place.

    I think Carlton need that extra midfielder, and I reckon he’ll get quite a few games. It’s de ja vu, after Chris Johnson got traded last year.

    But it’s funny because he donated so much in last year’s debt demolition which showed his loyalty torwards the club.

    By the way, I would rather lose in a Grand Final as well. I’d be over the moon for the Dees to make the Grand Final, and I wouldn’t be really upset if they lost, I’d look at all the positives

  11. did you guys read somewhere that i saw barry hall today?

  12. Lol where did you see him Daniele?

  13. well i was shopping at eastgarden shopping center and then we went into Wespac bank and i was looking around as we were about to leave.. and THERE HE WAS STANDING IN THE LINE ON HIS PHONE!
    i was like OMG OMG LOL!!! :)
    hes MASSIVE

  14. Michael Allan says

    I think it’s a win-win aswell Steve. Carlton are full of young players and can now top up while Melbourne still needs the picks.

    Chris Johnson didn’t get traded Steve he was delisted. I know who I’d rather out of him and McLean.

    Good to see you agree Steve. Do you remember much of the 2000 Grand Final?

  15. Yeah I know he got delisted It’s just a similiar situation- two players in the same bracket going to Carlton.

    I don’t remember much of the 2000 Grand final at all. I remember watching it, but I don’t remember much about what happened and how I reacted. It’s funny because I had a lot more clear footy memories around that time.

  16. Hahaha Danielle. It’s so cool when you a footy player in public

  17. COOL? lol i was like full on doing a double take, i think my jaw dropped to the ground.
    if he did see me staring he must have thought: gezze that girl is weird!
    he was having a LOUD phone conversation and wearing a cap.
    i told my mum and she got excited and then i was proud for some reason untill she said:
    “wait so who is barry hall.?”
    slaps hand on head- “knew it was too good to be true!”

  18. Michael Allan says

    Yeah I’ve hardly seen anyone out in public. Although I do seem to see Sam Blease alot.

  19. I’ve seen Ricky Petterd, Kyle Cheney, Jared Rivers, Daniel Bell and Michael Newton all at Chadstone a couple of months ago.

    A few years ago I saw Adem Yze outside a Cafe on my way home from primary school. Apparently his son goes/went to the local Childcare centre where my older sister works

  20. Michael Allan says

    I remember back in 2001 we went to the Gabba to see Hwks Brisbane. At then airport the next day we ran into Trent Croad. Mum took a photo of my sister and Trent. Later on we discovered that the photo didn’t work. lol

  21. Lol that’s just like what happened in the Specky Magee book with Michael Voss (if you’ve read it)

    I’ve only ever been to an interstate footy game once- this year in Canberra as we all know about.

    I saw nearly the whole Melbourne team at the airport on the way back and spoke to James McDonald.

    It’s funny, I hardly ever see any players from other clubs. My older Brother has seen Stuart Dew, Jordan Lewis, Dale Thomas, Troy Simmonds and Paul Johnson a few times at the Safeway he works at.

  22. Michael Allan says

    That’s right. I remember that. I only read up to books 5 and 6. I only went to one last year as well. But I didn’t see any Richmond players.

  23. You went to the Gold Coast this year didn’t you?

    I think it was the only plane back to Melbourne that night. And it was delayed by about half an hour. The Canberra airport is tiny. Liam Jurrah apparently injured his ankle but he was walking perfectly fine as he hopped off the plane

  24. Michael Allan says

    That’s right Steve. We got up on the thursday and went home on the wednesday so we weren’t on scheldule with the players.

    I remember the the newspaper after the game. There was a tiny article on the game. The only footy news in the paper. And it said CHRIS Foley had injured his ankle. If I knew they had no idea what was going on I would’ve offered to write on the game.


  26. Lol Chris Foley. It reminds me of the Newspapers in Canberra. The AFL results are right at the back, where we would be used to seeing the Amateurs and the Northern league and stuff like that. And then it’s all about Rugby for 30 pages.

    At Malvern Safeway Danielle. Apparently he was with his Girlfriend.

  27. DAMN! there goes plan B

  28. Hahahaha yeah lol I shouldn’t have mentioned that.

    He was wearing a beanie as well, but I can’t remember what he bought.

  29. hmmm if he comes back get your brother to make him buy a few trays of chops and meat, he needs to bulk up!

  30. dont worry, since dale is taken ive got my eye on that ‘Bartel’ twin dude.

  31. Michael Allan says

    I hope your still talkingm aboutt Dale Thomas and not Stewie Duw.

  32. Lol. Anyway I’m going now to watch “The Season’s best” on TV

  33. Michael Allan says

    Oh yeah i forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder Steve.

  34. Josh Barnstable says

    Brock McLean is getting traded?? Big mistake! Its a lot like Shane Tuck being delisted from Richmond.

    I was reading the Grand Final footy record before and apparantly there is a new Specky Magee book out/coming out. Can someone please tell me if they see it being sold, so i actually know if its out yet. I’ve read each one.

    I sooo wanted to watch the Seasons Best last night. I remember lying on the couch watching a replay of the Brownlow Medal at about 5:30pm and next thing i was in my bed at 7:30am, so i missed it. Was it good? I hate that AFL Game Day show but it does show good highlights so i still like to watch it.

    So can someone tell me all the latest news like players being traded/delisted. I heard Brett Deledio won the Jack Dyer Medal. Are you happy with that result Michael? I thought Daniel Jackson should have won it.

  35. Josh Barnstable says

    Oh and Steve, what is your scoresheet? Do you keep a scoresheet from every game each year?

  36. Damian Watson says

    Yes Josh the new Specky Magee book is out in stores right now, I’m buying it today.

    Whatever happened to ‘The Season That Was’ program? I used to love watching those at the end of each season, I’ve still got old tapes from season’s past.

  37. Michael Allan says

    I watched Season’s best and it wasn’t good. Alot of it seemed to be scripted line for line and most of the gags weren’t funny.

    AWhat book number are they up to?

    Burgoyne wants to go to Hawthorn. Port say they want pick 9 and Jordan Lewis but that wont happen.

    It looks like Hale is going to stay at North but Gibson is pretty much gone.

    Lovvett is definately leaving essendon.

    Shane Tuck is being traded. And that’s about it.

    And I kept Jack Dyer votes throughout the year and I had Deledio as the winner and Jackson second. Foley would’ve won it if he didn’t get injured.

  38. Josh Barnstable says

    thanks guys.

    Just reading the Herald Sun before and it says Hall is moving closer towards signing with the Bulldogs. Also Nick Stevens may be retiring. tell me about the book when you get it Damo

  39. Josh Barnstable says

    And this book would be number 7 i think

  40. Michael Allan says

    Well the last one I read was The Spirt of the game. You would’ve liked that one eh Josh.

  41. Damian Watson says

    Yep Nick Stevens is favoured to retire, there are more complications with his neck injury.

    Moving to the Bulldogs would be the right way for Barry, because I just don’t see a future for him in the boxing fraternity, he just doesn’t posess enough experience and is already approaching his mid 30’s.

  42. Michael Allan says

    Yeah Bulldogs is the go.

    I’m not sure about the McLean trade for either teams. McLean is only about 23. It serems like a step sideways rather than forward.

    Carlton should be using their pick 11 on a quality forward. I know they need another in and under player like mcLean but I think they need a forward more.

  43. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I agree. But McLean could prove an assett to the Carlton side as we have lacked a strong hard nosed player in the past that can tackle well and force a contest, I think his father Ricky played plenty of games at the Blues and at Tigerland as well.
    But we should focus on getting a second key forward to join Fev.

    Speaking of Fev he is in a bit of hot water again after the Brownlow.

  44. Michael Allan says

    Yeah. I’ve watched some videos of him at the Brownlow. They were pretty funny. Nathan Brown had to take over Street Talk.

  45. Josh Barnstable says

    Carlton needs a good backman before a good forward in my opinion. Thornton is nearing the end and Michael Jamison won’t be able to cover the big forwards like Brown and Riewoldt

  46. Michael Allan says

    Yeah but they’ve got guys like Bower and Waite who is better in the backline. Look at Hawthorn last year. They had a really good forwards and not an okay backline.A Carlton forward line with Fevola,Betts, another key or leading forward, Yarran plus a Carrazzo or another mid and that’s a dangerous forawrd line. Kruezar should stay in the ruck and only rest in the forward line.

  47. Yeah, the season’s best was pretty average. The top 7 things weren’t that well though out.

    I went to Borders today and read some of the new Specky Magee (I didn’t buy it). I read the first ten or so pages before accidently fumbling on to the back page and seeing a spoiler.

    I don’t agree that Thornton is nearing the end Josh, but Jamison is very injury-prone along with Bower (even though he improved). They just need to train the likes of Kreuzer, Hampson, Cloke, Jacobs and Warnock to make them all capable of playing key positions instead of in the ruck. Jarrad Waite will be a big gain, along as his 100% fit.

    Damian, McLean brings a lot of leadership to the table as well. I’m a bit confused about the trade, because I thought that McLean would be a really needed player next year for the Dees returning from injury. He hasn’t hit the peak of his form yet, I don’t think.

  48. Michael Allan says

    I’m not sure how you can just “fumble” to the back page.

    And why was it a top 7? What a strange number. Why not top 10?

  49. Josh my scoresheets are fascinating things.

    I don’t do one of every game, but every game I watch on TV or listen to on the radio (usually 3 a round). I write down the two teams (ex. St.K V Geel) and if St.Kilda score a goal i’d write 6-0 in two boxes. Then if Geelong kick a behind 6-1. I took some pictures of them if you’d like to see.

  50. Michael Allan says

    Is anyone going to the lunch tomorrow? I am.

  51. Nah I’m not Michael,I don’t think I’ll have anyone to go with

    You have to feel for Stokes after missing out on the GF team.

    Marty Clarke’s going back to Ireland apparently

  52. Josh Barnstable says

    They probably did a top 7 because they are Channel 7, and usually show the 7 Plays in 7 Days.

    I hate looking at the last few pages of books. I always get hooked on it and can’t stop reading lol

    Yeah i saw Clarke is leaving Collingwood. Wonder what Danni would say about that. Every Irish player seems to leave the game after just starting these days.

    Yeah Steve i would like to see some of those pictures. I could show you some pictures i have of my own scoresheets i do for each game i do a report on.

    And is anyone else going to Paul’s office/house next Tuesday or is it just me?

  53. Yeah, Brendan Murphy, Tagh Kennelly and now him. Who else is left? Pearce Hanley, Michael Quinn, anyone else?

    Nah I haven’t been invited by Daff.

    I’ll send you them now. I’ve got a few from rounds 1-2 .I think I know your email from the group emails to the Knackers

  54. Michael Allan says

    Everybody is talking about Stokes but what about Eddy? He was actually in the team. And Stokes has already played in a Grabd Final twice hasn’t he? I think it’d be worse for him.

  55. I think Eddy was lucky to be in the team in the first place. He played a shocker of a game (just 4 handballs) last week (a bit harsh on him I know) but Sean Dempster is a better replacement. Eddy’s only played 10 games this year

  56. Michael Allan says

    I know he didn’t play wel and might not deserve his spot but I’m just saying people have forgotten about him. He would’ve been very dissapointed when he found out.

  57. Yeah, he would be upset but I think that Ross Lyon has given him a good chance this year, playing him over players like Jarryn Geary, Gwilt, Armitage and of course Dempster.

  58. Michael Allan says

    Anyway I’m going to the Grand Final footy show now. Look out for me. I’m the one with red hair.

  59. Nice, well done on getting tickets. Will you be wearing a Richmond jumper?

  60. Josh Barnstable says

    Get up on stage while the players are doing there revue Michael!

    Got them then Steve. They are very interesting, i might change my style of doing scoresheets to something like that next year. I’ll send you some of my pictures soon.

    Luke Delaney is Irish, he plays for North Melbourne but i can’t see him getting any games. Setanta O’hAilpin, Colm Begley, i cant think of any more.

  61. Michael Allan says

    Yeah, it’s the first time I’ve ever been. UI don’t like the show that much but I do like the Grand Final edition. Dad did well, and yes I’ll be in a Richmond jumper. (The Chris Newman one tonight)

  62. Michael Allan says

    I like to think i’m a good dancer Josh.

  63. Yeah, how could I forget O’hAilpin!

    I wish Aisake O’hAilpin was still on Carlton’s list

    I only started putting the teams and the sponsors on them two years ago. I’m interested to see your ones. I’ve kept every score sheet since 2007, before that i’d throw them away. I usually do a really detailed grand final one.

  64. Josh Barnstable says

    In class when i had free time i used to do exactly what you did Steve, except i would just make up a random game with random scores with random goalkickers.

    Hmm i wonder if Aisake ever made it to the AFL, if he would have problems with Travis Cloke? Seeing as both player’s brothers have a rivalry lol

  65. Josh Barnstable says

    If its not too late you should let out a big cheer if they mention Richmond tonight, which im sure they will :P

  66. Yeah, I do the same thing sometimes. I just pull out a bit of paper and imagine a game in my head. And write down the quarter by quarter scores and piece it together. I call them “pretend scores”

  67. The Dees should draft Aisake O’hAilpin. But then again we already have too many tall players. We had four ruckmen playing in Round 21! hahaha I’ll never forget that.

  68. Hey guys.
    i think i will have to watch the dancing on utube so i dont hvae to put up with sam newman

  69. Hey Danielle,

    I’ve been meaning to ask, what was the dust like in Sydney?

  70. ORANGE!
    yeahthe wind was like CRAZY!!
    but its much better now.
    i think we might have to cancel our plane booking cos there might be another one on saturday when were supposed to come back to melbourne.

  71. Are you going to miss the Grand Final?

    You weren’t one of those people covering their mouth that I saw on the news were you??

  72. lol no!
    i was in the back happily buried under the clothes i just bought.
    nah i wont miss the final if we leave saturday it will be at about 6.
    today i bought 3 dresses :)
    one of which i think i will wear to the almanac book launch.
    does anyone know any more info about it?

  73. Josh Barnstable says

    Wow Steve we are so alike. I made up an entire season with pretend scores on my computer, i’ll send that to ya as well.

  74. is the 2010 draw out?
    if so, im really delayed!

  75. Josh Barnstable says

    Nah i dont but i’ll ask Paul next week.

    I was in Coober Pedy when that dust storm started up. I’m pretty sure it was the same one as the Sydney one, this was on Tuesday.

  76. Josh Barnstable says

    It comes out in a few weeks Danni

  77. lol
    Josh, what would i do without you?

  78. Josh Barnstable says

    Well to answer that, what did u do for the past 11 days that i’ve been gone? haha :P lol

  79. lol i consulted with steve and michael.
    so been clubbing lately? LOL
    just to mention- Riewoldt didnt have a date to the Brownlow! LOL
    Wonder why?

  80. Josh Barnstable says

    What about Damo?

    Nah but i did watch the Brownlow in a bar if you call that clubbing? lol

  81. Riewoldt used to go out with that girl who used to be on Neighbours and made an album- can’t remember her name though.

    Sorry just had dinner then, but I got those pictures and the season. That’s amazing, I predicted a Melbourne V Essendon round 1 as well. Well done on doing a full fixture. How long did that take you?

    It seems like Watts improves a lot

  82. Yes you’re very good at consulting Danielle!

  83. Josh Barnstable says

    I’ve got a couple of more of those fixtures as well.

    I didn’t predict a Melbourne v Essendon Round 1 game, i used the 2005 fixture as the season i was doing but just named it 2010. I remember that game as the remeberence of Troy Broadbridge.

    It takes me about 2 weeks to complete, and sometimes i tally up all the goals and have the leading goalkickers for each team at the end but i didnt for that one.

    Riewoldt dated that Steph McIntosh chick, she sings good songs lol

  84. yes she used to be on Neighbours.
    i love her song Tightrope.
    i wonder why she left him? i think its the hair.
    i hope North and Collingwood play heaps of time next year! :)

  85. Josh Barnstable says

    I think i’ve kicked my Neighbours addiction.

    I don’t. That means we would lose heaps of times next year lol

  86. lol nah it should be good.
    PLUS i just wanna see Swallow, Obst, Pendals,N.Brown on the ground at the same time=WOOOOOOO

    Someone KILL ME!!
    i have found a new team; the Eels only because of Daniel Mortimer!

  88. I’m watching the footy show.

    Danielle heaps if you mean twice.

    Ah ok Josh I was wondering whether you fixtured it yourself or not.

    If you did I would’ve been amazed

  89. Josh Barnstable says

    According to the Herald Sun, they think Alan Toovey was one of the finds of the year, while Nathan Brown is trade potential. How do you feel about that Danni?

    I’ve tried Steve, but only make it past Round 8 or so. Me and you should try and make one up, and maybe send it to the AFL and see if they approve of it and make it the 2010 fixture haha.

    Im not watching the footy show. I can never get Channel 9 to work

  90. Josh Barnstable says

    If any of use are bored or got nothing to do have a look at my St Kilda v Bulldogs report. Its my first report of a game that i didn’t actually watch

  91. Yeah we should Josh. I try and make a fixture until I realise that two teams have played each other twice within a few rounds. When you actually sit down and make a fixture you realise how tough it must be for the AFL.

    I saw your report Josh. Reminded me of my Melbourne V Port report. You should’ve seen the footage of Fev on the footy show, he was poking Judd in the ear and yelling “PRESSURE POINT”!

  92. Josh Barnstable says

    I really think my fixture out, and make up a graph that shows whether a side has played each other once before. The thing that is the most difficult is making sure that either West Coast and Fremantle play at Subiaco and that either Port and Adelaide play at AAMI and they don’t get 3-4 games in a row at the home ground, that makes no sense but you know what i mean. Also i can’t figure out how to give each side a good break, my fixtures are really unrealistic, sometimes a team will play Sunday twilight but then plays Friday night.

    I did have the TV on Nine but it was very shaky and skipped a lot of parts. I saw a bit of the Revue, it looked alright. Also saw Shane breaking another world record

  93. Yeah, he broke 113 eggs with his head. Haha at the moment I’m on youtube looking for Fevola videos

  94. Josh Barnstable says

    113 eggs? Same number as the amount of goals Buddy kicked last year. Yeah beat ya to that one Steve lol.

    At the moment, im going to bed lol night all

  95. Josh Barnstable says

    I wonder with all the Fevola videos on Youtube, i wonder how much are actual football videos and not off-field displays

  96. Ah ok Josh good night. It’s also a score that hasn’t been recorded this year

  97. Josh Barnstable says

    AHH!! How do you know that??

  98. Because I hang a bit of paper on my wall that says the scores that have been recorded and how many times.

  99. Josh Barnstable says

    Oh that’s a smart idea

  100. Yeah, it’s easy to write down as well because I have a fixture on my wall and after every game/round this year I’ve written the scores on it. Yay 100 comments

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