AFL Players’ MVP 2017

Unsurprisingly, Richmond’s Dustin Martin has been voted by his peers as the AFL Players’ Association Most Valuable Player from Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong) and Josh Kelly (GWS).

Further details of the Top 10 and the other AFLPA awards can be found here


Where does this award sit in the crowded September hubbubble of awards and ceremonies? Did you even know it was on? Why did it feature a “black carpet” parade?

Is it a pointer to the Brownlow, which in turn makes “Charlie” a foregone conclusion this season (or is that the Logies after party I’m thinking of)?

And if the coaches can vote for the best players, how about the AFLPA letting the players vote on the best coaches next year? I’d like to see that.

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  1. Swish – well done!
    With all the media coverage backed up with statistics galore and the voting in other awards the Brownlow is now becoming a thing from the past and a foregone conclusion.
    Let us go back to when the award was conducted the week after the home and away season so that the finals can belong to the final teams. The Medallist can still do his lap of honour at the GF.
    Maybe, just maybe we need a new award that embraces all of Australia and not just Charlie from Geelong.

  2. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks Bob. Did you have similar thoughts last year?

  3. Swish as a experienced maggot it is pure and utter stupidity that the Brownlow is the most prestigious award in footy there are games where you have nfi,always have felt the players,MVP should be the numero ono.

  4. Luke Reynolds says

    Agree with Rulebook, the MVP should be the most prestigious award. Read the list of winners since 1982, much more impressive list than the Brownlow medalists from the same era. With Ablett jnr winning it 5 times!

    1982 Leigh Matthews
    1983 Terry Daniher
    1984 Russell Greene
    1985 Greg Williams (Geelong)
    1986 Paul Roos
    1987 Tony Lockett
    1988 Gerard Healy
    1989 Tim Watson
    1990 Darren Milane
    1991 Jim Stynes
    1992 Jason Dunstall
    1993 Gary Ablett snr
    1994 Greg Williams
    1995 Wayne Carey
    1996 Corey McKernan
    1997 Robert Harvey
    1998 Wayne Carey
    1999 Shane Crawford
    2000 Anthony Koutoufides
    2001 Andrew McLeod
    2002 Michael Voss & Luke Darcy
    2003 Michael Voss
    2004 Nick Riewoldt
    2005 Ben Cousins
    2006 Chris Judd
    2007 Gary Ablett jnr
    2008 Gary Ablett jnr
    2009 Gary Ablett jnr
    2010 Dane Swan
    2011 Chris Judd
    2012 Gary Ablett jnr
    2013 Gary Ablett jnr
    2014 Nat Fyfe
    2015 Nat Fyfe
    2016 Patrick Dangerfield
    2017 Dustin Martin

    Super list, even with Luke Darcy on it. Or has his appalling commentary downgraded his on-field career in my mind?

  5. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    What you’ve shown there Luke is that the vast majority of MVPs have also won a Brownlow (although not necessarily in the same years).

    Can’t see any Woewodin, Wynd, Buckley, Liberatore, Hird, Goodes, Ricciuto and others in the MVP list.

    Darcy the clear anomaly – he’s possibly the only father-son commentator that I know of, his Dad was better (and that’s saying something)

  6. I’m all for any system that gives Andrew McLeod the top gong in 2001

  7. Luke Reynolds says

    Ablett snr, Carey, McLeod, Watson snr and Dunstall all winning the top gong seems right to me. Matthews, Daniher and Roos too. Swan winning in 2010 is right, my kids have been raised with the knowledge that Swanny was robbed of the 2010 Brownlow by the evil Chris Judd.

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