AFL Grand Final: Cats win and Riewoldt loses. YEAHHHHHH! WOOOOOOOO!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the Grand Final.

Yes, I was disappointed that my boys were not about to run out on Grand Final day, but having your two-month-old and even younger baby cousins around you can only make you happier to forget.

I spent Grand Final day in Sydney where I spent the week at both cousins’ christenings.

One christening happened to be on the same night as the Collingwood semi final.

On video I’m seen having a great time, gushing over my baby cousins (epppppppppppppppppppppp so cute!!!!!!!!) and not knowing any score from the match.

I got to my cousin’s house after the dinner with sore feet (bloody heels!) and planted myself on the couch.

The game was still in the second quarter, due to delayed Sydney timing, and my cousin Paul had a look at the live score. (Paul and the rest of my Sydney crew support the Swans.)

I didn’t look.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” That’s all I heard.

Paul said his good nights and when he added a “Good luck, cuz” I had a feeling something was wrong.

After he left, everyone was getting ready for bed and I had the TV to myself so I looked at the score.

When I saw it my heart sank, just a bit.

I surprised myself. Usually I’d be in tears. Instead I only laughed to myself and said, “Well, there goes the chance, it’s over”.

I didn’t hold it against Geelong, we were only missing a few players and that was no excuse to not only lose but lose by a lot.

In the final, the Saints, despite looking a little comfortable on the scoreboard, lacked the confidence of Geelong.

The Cats knew what they were doing, just like a fish in water, and I happily watched as the Saints drowned.

You can win all the games you want but if you lose the one THAT MATTERS then you can’t be the true champion.

Riewoldt was desperately, or should I say ANNOYINGLY, lunging at the ball; just catch the bloody thing and get it over with!

Straight out: I don’t like Riewoldt, you can agree or argue with me but it’s how I feel!


As a captain I do respect him, he’s obviously got his team under control, don’t get me wrong but I don’t LIKE him.

In my opinion is he the best captain? NO

Is Maxwell the best captain?  NO. And I had bets on Lockyer to take the job anyway.

You might have read numerous times about how Nick Riewoldt RUINED MY BIRTHDAY.

I would have been fine if he kicked one or two but not only did he kick a BAGFUL, he DEMOLISHED my team on a night where we had NO FORWARD LINE and what should have been my special day!

On that night I had brought with me two of my best-friends who had NEVER been to a footy match before and one who’s probably been more times than me. Imagine how humiliated I felt.

We had a terrible time, hardly any goals to celebrate, and I was seated in the middle as Riewoldt continued to bang through goals in front of our faces.

My Collingwood-supporting friend Kelly and I were left in a wreck so bad that I fear I have been psychologically impacted!

Kelly: “DO SOMETHING!!!”


both of us: “PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Despite our pleas to the empty forward line every goal Riewoldt kicked or assisted through was a slap across my face.

My friends didn’t know what to do or say to try and make me feel better and I just wanted to leave before the second quarter started.

I felt so upset, and my friends were there as hugging aid, but it all began my dislike for Riewoldt.

I felt so good when the siren went with Geelong in front.

I had been a Geelong supporter for the whole game, yelling screaming and admiring Hawkins and his bright red briefs. (That answers the boxers/briefs boy question.)

And what pleased me most is that Geelong became 2009 premiers and Saint Nick couldn’t do anything about it.

If Collingwood wouldn’t do it than I wanted Geelong to!

And they did.





I wonder, though, what would have been if those blue Geelong stripes turned black and flipped vertically.

How sweet it must be to have premiership glory.

Until next season.

Love and Light, Black and White!


Pies 2010 Premiers!

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Damian Watson says

    Great stuff Danielle,
    I would have expected you to feel a liitle bit of sympathy for Riewoldt,especially when he was crying on the turf after the siren, my mum certainly felt for him.

  2. Thanks Damo :)
    umm not really..i felt bad for all the other players though.
    Since he pretty much almost made me cry i felt no mercy for him when they lost.
    i dont think there is anything wrong with crying but because i dislike him its natural for me not to feel sad for him.
    i wonder how many people were happily over the moon bagging my boys when we lost and they cried.
    ill bet almost eveyone was loving it and Saturday was my turn. :)

  3. Great report Danni,

    Will you ever get over your birthday?

    I’d love to imagine what you’d be like if Riewoldt was lining up on the siren to win the match in a game against Collingwood.

  4. Steve,
    what part of PSYCHOLOGICALLY IMPACTED dont you get?
    Meh he would have chocked if that happend but aslong as it wasnt on my bad i couldnt care.

  5. Damian Watson says

    I think Max Hudgeton just announced his retirement.

  6. Hahaha ok. Who do you hate more, Riewoldt or Toovey?

  7. Yeah he did Damo, he announced it today when the St.Kilda players went to the Dome to greet their fans

  8. oh…wow..hmmm
    i DONT KNOW.
    HELP ME..

  9. Damian Watson says

    How many fans where there at Etihad?
    I know there was about 15 000 at Skilled Stadium.

    By the way Toovey should be labelled as trade bait, I wouldn’t be suprised if he leaves Collingwood.

  10. You need to see a psychiatrist before you kill either of them Danni lol

  11. The other day i got a txt from my carlton supporting uncle saying that Carlton are talking to Nathan Brown b/c he though it was MY nathan. i nearly DIED!!
    Then i found out it was the one from Richmond.

  12. Hahahaha yeah that’s the problem with that name.

    You know what’s funny, Nathan Brown (collingwood) debuted in 2008, after Melbourne’s Nathan Brown retired at the end of 2007. So that means since 1997 there has always been 2 Nathan Brown’s in the league.

    There might be no Nathan Brown’s next year! hahahaha

    About 10,000 were at Etihad I think

  13. I NEARLY CRIED just trying to imagine him in a Carlton jersey.
    Toovey would never get traded, they know i dont like him so they will keep him.

  14. Damian Watson says

    I can’t see the Richmond Nathan Brown at Carlton, we already have enough crumbing forwards as it is with Betts, Gartlett, Yarran….

  15. Damo could you please send Duckie to Collingwood? ;)

  16. You know what? I’d love the Richmond nathan Brown to go to Collingwood. It’d be so cool having the same name on a team. Anyway gotta go for dinner.

  17. Damian Watson says

    Good one LOL, no he’ll never switch to the magpies.
    Anyway I better go and have dinner, I’ll be back soon.

  18. Michael Allan says

    I’d hate to see Brown at any other club besides Richmond ( I know he also played for the Bulldogs) I always liked him and his football was stopped due to things outside his control. I hate seeing my boys play for other teams especially good ones.

    Nice rant by the way Danni. If your favorite captain isn’t Riewoldt or Maxwwell then who is?

  19. Thanks Michael.
    my favourite..well if Lockyer was captain i would have said him. i really wanted Tarkyn to get it. :(
    ummm i would have to say Sam Mitchel hes a good player and i can personally say that hes a nice guy.

  20. Michael Allan says

    How could you choose Mitchell? Always gets reported for raising his elbow. He shouldn’t even be captain, Hodge should.

    I personally like Kirk, Brown and (your favorite Danni) Riewoldt.

  21. Michael Allan says

    And I guess I have to say Chris Newman since his number is on my back.

  22. My favourite captain is James McDonald- not just cos he’s Melbourne captain but he’s a genuine leader. I met him and he’s a really nice guy, and you can tell why he was chosen captain after Neita retired

  23. lol come on!
    he only raises his elbow cos hes making sure he has hasnt got a bruise! LOL :p
    Nah i just see a lot of leadership potential cos hes a small guy who orders around big guys like buddy and C.Brown.

  24. Michael Allan says

    Yeah I like McDonald. He’s a good tackler. Steve I think they chose him to be captain cause he was the only one on the list that could kick. haha :D

  25. Hahaha, Melbourne have better kicks than Richmond. Sorry, but I can’t say one player for Richmond who is known for straight kicking. Melbourne have Green, Davey, McDonald, Moloney and Grimes.


  27. Damian Watson says

    McDonald is a fair leader,after all he is carrying a fairly young side. Chris Newman is a worthy choice as well for the Tigers, I remember the game where he broke his leg against the Pies a few years ago and has done well to come back from that injury.

    Anyway I am going to be away for the next few days. Cya

  28. Lol Danielle are you suggesting that Deledio is a straight kick?

  29. K have fun Damo :)

    STEVE: yeahhh!! i mean he just bangs it and it goes right home! :)

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