AFL Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: Describable


Adelaide versus Richmond

2:30pm, Saturday 30 September

Melbourne Cricket Ground,

Aidan Hammond


So full over the week I am feeling nervous, I really want to win. When Friday comes around I am nervous. I get my friend which plays soccer a Crows scarf and welcomes him into the Crows. Hopefully he and I will be happy with the outcome.

After school we go to Cold Rock icecream on the parade which is really good, then I get home and there is no Friday night footy to watch, I find something else to watch on the TV and do the finishing touches to my Richmond v GWS game.

I go to bed and wake up early then can’t get back to sleep because the Crows haven’t lost a grand final and will play in one today, I am imagining things, 3 premierships ahead of Port. Painting the stobie pole Blue, Red and Yellow. Tex and Don holding the cup up.

It is 9 AM and I want to watch AFL Game Day, but Dad says that 5 hours before the match is to much, so I am bored and try to solve my rubik’s cube. I got 1 side. Then I read some Footy Almanac reports, I enjoyed Then There Were Two by The Wrap,  See ya at the at the Arkaba by Dave Brown and Raving Rulebook 7 by Malcolm Ashwood.

I take a look back at my old Almanac posts and I see my first one in the Almanac under Almanac Admin. My Dad asks me if I want to go to the hardware store with him and the pool filter shop as well as the payed recycling store. I say sure.

The first shop is the 10 cent recycling shop where I listen to FiveAA when they are talking about the footy (my Grandpa showed me that station), then we go to the pool filter store but their power is out. We can still get our pool tested, we were going to go to the hardware store, but it was cutting the time too fine.

We go into our pool for the first time of this season and it is good, we play a hand soccer penalties game, Dad wins. I have left over dinner for lunch and watch The Killers perform with an apple spritz, the pre-game has just finished when I get there.

They are giving us an analysis of the game a bit and telling us what will happen after the game. Then after that I see the Tigers run out. You can hear cheers but then a bit of boos, the same with Crows except not as loud. Tex wins the toss, he gives the address. I need to remember one team loses.

The first bounce gets underway and I still can’t believe it, but straight away I am into the game watching every moment because it all counts in the Grand Final. The game is pretty even, then Rory Sloane finds the ball directly in front about 45 metres out. He is prepared for this game and looks ready to take hold of this big moment. He runs in and goes to kick it.

He scores and that gets me out of my seat already and I am so happy, we are leading in a Grand Final. Then the Crows get it back quickly into their forward pocket with a scrappy kick that Richmond should mop up and take control of but Eddie puts pressure on the defenders and wins the ball then scores. Two goals up.

The next bit Richmond are bit more dominant getting balls to Jack Riewoldt that he should have kicked but misses then the Crows rebound and could take their chance and score another goal but Riley Knight misses a gettable one that he should have kicked.

Josh Caddy and Bachar Houli even it out and get the lead for the Tigers but then Sloane gets his second goal. The Crows are winning by not much, then Hugh Greenwood roves it off the pack inside the forward 50 and extends the lead, the Crows have a 10 point lead at quarter time.

In the second quarter the Crows are more fumbly and playing with less skill, they can’t do this in a grand final! It doesn’t cost us too much at the start of the quarter. This is when we need to shift to playing better but we don’t and the Tigers score more goals than our zero goals. Tigers lead by 9.

In the third quarter it is time for the Crows to step up or the Tigers to blow out. The Tigers blew out and at this point you knew that Richmond were going to win, it wasn’t good. But that is why they call it the premiership quarter, because it wins you premierships.

The Crows did a bit better in the last quarter but it was too little too late. The Tigers were exceptional with Alex Rance coming off Jenkins (who played horribly) and mopping it up. As well as Houli’s rebounding and Dusty’s attack. Then the siren blew, Crows had lost, Richmond had won. I couldn’t do anything, I was okay though. I just thought about how I won my Grand Final.

This was much more different than the Crows last premiership in the Women’s. To start off we won in the Women’s. We weren’t the favourites. We missed the double in the Men’s. In the Women’s it was indescribable but this is describable. So from now on when Crows win a grand final it will be titled indescribable II or III or IV etc and when we lose it is describable II etc.

I went for a walk and got my mind off it which was good, I would rather my footy to win than the Crows. I am more disappointed that there is a break with no footy or cricket. I got home and had some water with ice. I thought, gee, that could have been us.


ADELAIDE       4.1     4.7      5.10     8.12       (60)

RICHMOND     2.3     6.4     11.8     16.12     (108)


Adelaide: Sloane 2, Walker 2, Betts, Greenwood, B. Crouch, Cameron 

Richmond: Graham 3, Townsend 2, Martin 2, Caddy, Houli, Riewoldt, Grigg, Lambert, Castagna, Riewoldt, Prestia, Butler


Adelaide: M. Crouch, Jacobs, B. Crouch, Sloane, Laird

Richmond: Martin, Rance, Houli, Astbury, Prestia, Edwards, Graham, Grimes


Adelaide: Nil

Richmond: Rioli (ankle)

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Stevic, Meredith, Ryan

Official crowd: 100,021 at the MCG

My Votes: 1 D.Martin RT, 2 M.Crouch AC, 3 A.Rance RT.


More 2017 Grand Final coverage here.

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  1. Anna Brown says

    Feverishly pressing refresh on the footy app to see the scores from Rome was stressful enough without watching the game! I also consoled myself with photos from the great Walky premiership win. Picking yourself up when things don’t go your way the most important skill in life. Proud of our crows this season! ???

  2. Hard lines Aidan, I love the use of ‘describable’.
    Keep up with the writing. I’m enjoying your passion.
    Better luck next year…

  3. Aidan
    My first ever game was Richmond’s shock loss to Carlton in the 1972 Grand Final. I’ll never fully get over it but I can tell you that it makes days like yesterday that much sweeter.

    Hang tough, young fella.

  4. Earl O'Neill says

    Aidan, there is NFL.

  5. Thanks Everyone,
    Yes, it was stressful but the Crows had a great season Anna.
    Thankyou Ken, I will definitely keep up the writing.
    Gee Stainless, that would suck as a first game.
    I dought 22 goals and losing is ever going to happen.
    But some you win some you lose I guess.
    True Earl, when I start hating footy there is NFL.

  6. It is safe to say that the game didn’t go as most expected. Not so much the result but the performances by teams. Richmond were relentless throughout the whole game and Adelaide just couldn’t match them.

    A good walk after bad news is always the healthiest way to deal with it. The Crows will be back amongst the top 4 next season and might just get the cup. Thanks heaps for your passion this season, Aidan.

  7. Thanks Matthew,

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