Round 1 – Adelaide v North Melbourne: No one likes missing out on chocolate


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Round 1

Adelaide v North Melbourne

By Aidan Hammond

Age: 9

Every year on Easter my family on my Mum’s side heads to Melrose in the Flinders Ranges. We live in Adelaide so it takes a couple of hours to get there. When we get there I just start running around because my legs were still for so long. I see my little cousin Elliot’s Cricket bat tennis ball and footy. I think “This will be fun”. Over the weekend I play footy and cricket which is really good. On the oval they put the goal post up on one side and down on the other. The sprinklers are on on the side with the goalpost so I am not allowed to play there. Every night leading up to Easter I am getting more excited, finally on Easter I have an Easter egg hunt with my little cousins Elliot and Martha. We all look in every place we can. We think we found every Easter egg that the Easter bunny put there. We also hope so because no one likes missing out on chocolate. I wait all day for the footy match to start and finally it does. I feel nervous and I think how will North Melbourne play, it is different all the time. I’m really into my footy and so are my friends who are twins called Patrick and Samuel. They’re born in Victoria so Patrick goes for Carlton and Samuel goes for north Melbourne. I go for crows so when any of them are playing we have a big argument. Last year my uncle Dave wrote a report in the almanac about when we were up at Melrose and it was Crows vs. Greater Western Sydney Round 5. I was listening to a little portable radio. This year I listened to a radio in my grandparent’s caravan.

I could kind of hear it. I was also looking at my Uncle Matt’s phone because he has a footy app on there. It was Crows first real match with Taylor Walker as captain and Phil Walsh as coach so I wondered what Taylor Walker was like at captaining and Phil Walsh at coaching. I found out. At the start I was a bit nervous when Crows were only winning by 2 two points (15- 13) but then Crows just kept kicking goals then it was something like 53-13 then North Melbourne kicked a goal (for once). I was really confident but maybe too confident because at the start of the 3rd quarter North Melbourne started a comeback, but they didn’t finish it. They kicked 4 or 5 goals and I thought that the Crows were in trouble but then Crows got back to thrashing North Melbourne. In the end Taylor Walker kicked 6 goals and I was very pleased. We went out to a pub that night but the weather was cold and rainy that night so I wore a beanie, which had the Crows logo on it just in case there were any North Melbourne supporters around. After that match Crows were top of the ladder with only Hawthorn v Geelong to go which is on Easter Monday. The Crows match was on Easter Sunday I’m watching the Hawthorn v Geelong match while I’m typing this. Just hoping Hawthorn don’t win by more than 74 so Crows can stay top of the ladder with their percentage.





  1. Great write-up Aidan.
    And that’s coming from a disappointed North supporter!

  2. Great stuff Aidan!

    You reminded me of Easter footy when I was a kid. Our family would holiday at my Aunty’s place in Blairgowrie in Victoria on the beach and I’d count down the hours until the footy was on, on the Saturday afternoon. I’d have the radio tuned the 3KZ – The Captain and the Major and keep track of all the scores at the other grounds and then do the same on the Monday when the round continued! Great memories.

    Great writing Aidan, keep contributing!

  3. Dave Brown says

    Nice work, Aidey!

  4. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Aidan sounds like you had a great time and good on you for gloating

  5. Anna Brown says

    Go Crows! Go Aidey!

  6. Mark Duffett says

    “I feel nervous and I think how will North Melbourne play, it is different all the time.”

    There’s a line that will no doubt resonate with many North supporters.

  7. Aidan Hammond says

    Yeah I really like telling my friend Samuel that crows beat North Melbourne.
    He says “We win to the good teams and loose to the bad teams”.
    I like to highlight loose to the bad teams.
    He thinks Crows are bad but knows they are awesome he just doesn’t want to admit it.
    Thanks for the supportive comments guys.

  8. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Great read Aidan – the Crows got the chocolates.

  9. Aidan Hammond says


  10. Ha ha, I was bored writing the Crows West Coast report, may as well read my first report,

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