Adelaide Test – Form Guide and Selections


Invers writes for us:

“Here at CA (Cricket Almanac) we are much happier with performances since we handed the day-to-day running of things over to the Almanac community.

Looking back at the Gabba Test I thought that the top order of Harms and Smokey was a bit shakey.  Harms seems prone to soft dismissals just before the drinks break when looking well set.  I think I’ll drop him down to 4 so he can bat on Day 2 in Adelaide.  He may need a day to get over the launch at Adelaide Lutheran FC on Wednesday night.

adelaide oval bars

Smokey – May be living on past glories of that catch off his son’s bowling, but it is too soon to write off such a proven performer.

Reynolds and Curtain – This was the partnership that set up the Gabba Test for us.  Sort of Mark and Steve Waugh like – flashy exuberance from Curtain and solid determination from Reynolds.  Word from Pomborneit is that “Steve” is over his injuries and has been taking wickets again with his medium pacers.  Could be handy of a flat Adelaide deck.

Iron Mike – Chimed in several times with handy contributions in Brisbane.  Will he go as well away from home turf?  I say yes, but his wife says the landscaping is still not done, and Jim the bobcat operator has promised (for the fifth time) to turn up this weekend.  Tough one??

Rulebook Ashwood – Has more followers than a mare in season, so must include on his home turf.   I’m just a bit worried that he will still be looking for the gate to the George Giffen Stand when he is dismissed.  How is the knee, and will he last the full distance off a quick back up?

old adelaide oval scoreboard

Andrew Else – Did a solid job of cleaning up the tail in Brisbane.  Has a bit of the Rory McIlroy’s about him, with a late season resurgence compensating for his previous annus horribilus.  Must include.

E.Regnans – Our very own Watto.  Promises the world and can look a million dollars on occasions.  The dog ate his laptop; or he did a typing finger in his run-up; or something on the day before the Gabba Test.  Getting expensive, but one last chance?

Looking further down the nominations, the sudden depth of Australian cricket writing is astonishing.  Down Chapel Street the hairdressers, beauticians and brazilian brokers all have “Are you Cricket Credible?” and “Need your Creases Ironed?” signs out to replace their “Racing Ready?” fliers.  Crio and DD have gone into a funk and won’t be sighted until Eight Grand Boys wins a maiden or the ALP an election.  Wait until they show something.  Later.

PJ Flynn – A weight for age performer who was not sighted in Brisbane, but is reported to be trialling well at Macedon Lodge.  The Adelaide wicket always turns like a wife who found the bank statements, from Day 4 onwards.  I think Flynn’s previous experience on the sub-continent makes him our man for Day 5.  Will be finishing on solidly when most of these are looking for somewhere to lie down.

australian cricket team gabba

J Butler – Grand old performer who has shown he still has it after a long spell.  Worth trying at odds.

A Starkie – Always around the place.  Could figure.

Dips; Phil Dimitriadis; Mickey Randall – Foreign contingent with uncertain credentials.  Irish sprinter has form, but first up this company?  Greek entrant goes well over Marathon distances.  Too short this time?  Singapore Derby winner may not yet be ready.  Wait for Boxing Day?

There are a number of promising performers working through the grades at the provincials.  Glen, Skip, Swish, PFuller?  Up to this company?

australia celebrating gabba

Cookie – is still under suspension for pulling one up a few months ago, but stewards would consider an appeal.  Has ability on his day.

Well lads that’s just about all the cricket writing form I could find going back through my archives of the Sportsman.  Any other nominations?  Open to all comers.

Just remember our script editors are always looking for new contributions for each Test.  “I’ll break your f…ing arm,” was a great suggestion for Brisbane, and we may well use it in the next Van Damme movie.  “Scared eyes” had the desired psychological impact, and Scorsese has optioned it.

Fresh ideas always wanted, so just leave your nominations for each day of the Adelaide Test with me C/- Almanac Editorial Desk.  I’ll be checking in from Tahiti each day to see how you’re going.

Keep up the good work.

Who knew this job could be so easy?



Invers and Clarke


  1. Luke Reynolds says

    Keen to keep batting with S.Curtain. We run between the wickets together a lot better than the Waugh’s did together.

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    I am available at your beck and call Invers and moving like a well oiled broken down machine and will be with , Luke Reynolds former junior coach in David Atchia at the , Test so will and try and get some info on , Luke for you , Invers after all this could help those good old navy blues

  3. Dear Invers,
    A simple word. Simple idea. Yet unfathomably complex.

    I can give you the present,
    I don’t know about the future – that’s all stuff and nonsense.

    Day 1 is my best chance.
    I’m unlikely to see/hear a ball bowled, but since when has that stopped any reporting?

    Best regards, etc etc, Eucalyptus regnans (Mountain Ash).

  4. Luke Reynolds says

    Malcolm, D.Atchia is one of the great men of cricket. Does he play at your club? Huge loss for us when he moved away. Very good cricketer and even better bloke.

  5. Luke Reynolds says

    Love the Split Enz reference Eucalyptus Regnans. Great song from a great album.

  6. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Luke yes the terrorist plays for , Pembroke and he too has been sorely missed at our club the last season and start of this one he was , President and myself , Coaching are close mates . Atchy always a high draft choice by the fairer sex has been in a long distance relationship so understandably has been making up for lost time since his return we are trying to find out if there is any truth in the rumour that there was a complaint about strange noises coming from his unit by residents living close by in
    North Adelaide in the past , 48 hrs . We look forward to the great man terrorising batters not passengers at airports upon his return to the bowling crease shortly
    I may live to regret sledging , Atchy but in all seriousness , Luke rapt that he is back !

  7. Luke Reynolds says

    Pembroke CC sounds like its in very good hands with Ashwood and Atchia at the helm. I’d be wary of sledging someone known as the terrorist!

  8. PB

    I will go where I am told by the authorities that be, however I agree that Reynolds and I formed the basis of a great win and am happy to bat with him again


  9. mickey randall says

    Ricky has suggested that Glen and a few of us have a couple dobs of the footy out here in middle of Adelaide oval. What could go wrong? No, Glen, not a torpedo! Yes, a drop punt. Arrg, that’s low and short. Ouch, I’ve stood on it! Looks like I’m out. No test for me. What’s that Ricky? You’ve won the toss. And you’re bowling? Without me? Your spearhead. What are you thinking, Ricky?

  10. Andrew Else says

    Can do Day 4 on Sunday. Have a 50th rolling into a 30th on Saturday so I’m sure to be couch-bound

  11. Will Rulebook be allowed in the ground! Will Atchy have hi sgear off before the game again. So many questions to answer.

  12. Invers,
    Am happy to bat where required by the team.
    The pessimist.

  13. Invers,
    Further to my post above…
    It’s an honour to even be considered.
    Happy to bat wherever you think best.
    Rgds, E

  14. Gather round lads.
    Day One: E Regnans (last shot at redemption) and Rulebook (local knowledge). Watch the running between wickets – Wood and Darling – Rulebook’s knee is still dodgey.
    Day Two – MOC (fresh blood) and Harms (dasher at 4).
    Day Three – “Mark/Faded” Curtain and “Steve” Reynolds. The Old Firm to save the day.
    Day Four – AElse (proven performer) and Smokie (in for his fielding).
    Day Five – PJ Flynn promised to clean up the tail on a raging turner.
    All other contributions welcome. The more the merrier.
    I will try to post something from here in Tahiti myself.
    Pass me another Guava Dacquiri please Wonder Dog.

  15. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Invers I suggest adding Raj Singh to the line up local knowledge of out the back is amazing and plays the deck well

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