A word from Peter Temple

Footy fans generally, and Fitzroy people in particular, will enjoy – well, I hope they will – the two Jack Irish movies the ABC will show over the next two Sundays at 8.30pm.
Peter Temple


  1. This year I started reading Peter Temple and in 6 months I was compelled to read all of them. More please.
    He has achieved Legend status in my Hall of Fame.
    Do yourself a favour. The crime stories are just means to the end of delivering the best character insights and tight descriptive writing you will ever read.

  2. I’ve noticed lots of footballer’s names in Mr Temple’s books.

  3. Loved “The Broken Shore” and “Truth” in particular. Wonderful reads.

  4. Whoops. Wonderful reading.

  5. “Truth” is one of the best books I have ever read. Full stop.

    It’s great to see Jack irish on the screen.

  6. Try White Dog and also Black Tide.Scary,funny,moral and tells you more about places than you thought you needed to know.The movies should be good although I would have liked to see each book broken down into a series.Oh yes,hunt up Bad Debts too .

  7. I watched “Bad Debts” last night. I am off to buy the book npow. Well done.

  8. Peter Temple’s a treasure, a great writer. But while I love his writing, Bad Debts on tele last night disappointed on several levels.
    Thought the deadpan humour of the books didn’t translate well and there was a general lack of real emotional pull and effect from Jack when particular situations – like the blowing up of his house – hit.
    Loved all the old royboy memorabilia in the Prince of course but…Thought the old buggers were cliched ‘old buggers’. And no Royboy would sit through the last Melbourne game in 1996 so unaffected. I doubt any would watch it anyway! Why wouldn’t they be watching some classic Roys match, say the famous Roos – Pert game at a packed Princes Park against Collingwood?
    But I’ll be back next week..and hopefully Truth or Broken Shore will hit the screens one day!

  9. Andrew Starkie says

    Adam, agreed. I thought Sunday night’s episode a bit cliched. Lead actors were a bit wooden and one dimensional. Have never liked Guy P as an actor. Loved the supporting cast though. More needed to be made of the lasting impact of the wife’s death. having said that, I support any writing or tv set in Melbourne, so will watch next episode and head to Coburg Library for the books.

  10. Finally got around to watching Bad Debts last time – have had it on the video recorder since it screened on telly. Very entertaining, laughed every time a new character appeared on screen because I knew the actor – apart from the leggy blonde, not unknown throughout just about.

  11. norm mccormick says

    Dear Peter,
    As a fellow immigrant albeit from Scotland ’54 [ aged 11 ] I’m a fervent reader and admirer of your writing style.I believe it takes an outsiders eye to nail both the idiom, vernacular sense of time & place that make your work so truthful and deep.
    The recent production of “Bad Debts”, I found, echoed all of these qualities.I could not fault either the casting nor acting as they portrayed exactly the characters as written.Vale Vadim but he was in good company.

    Norm McCormick

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