A romantic Black and White win in Sydney

I normally watch ‘Before the Game’ every week, but I never thought I’d run into a panel member. On my way out from the last Almanac Lunch I was walking out through the main bar where I spotted Mick Malloy.

At first I was a bit confused, I thought I had was mistaken, but when he turned and I heard his voice it hit me that it was indeed Mick Malloy and boy was I excited!

Danni- “MUM….OMG…LOOK! It’s Mick Malloy!!!”

Mum- “WHO, where?”


Don’t ask me how on earth I manage to gather the nerve to go up and talk to him.

So I walk up say hello and shake his hand.

Like everyone else my scarf seems to bother him, the only difference was that he was light and humorous about it.

He asks for my name and then is nice enough to take a photo with me.

As I thank him I ask him to send my greeting to Sam Lane, explaining to him that she’s my idol.

Mick is happy to hear this and talks about great Sam is and how he loves working with her, I thank him again and wait at the side for our ride to arrive.

The car pulls up and I wave and say one last goodbye to the great people who I meet that were seated at the same table as me, which had now moved into the main drinking area.

A Barrister, a Judge and an Accountant.

At first I thought god was sending me a sign that my abandoned dream of a legal career was going to override my journalism dream.

Anyway, they all cheerfully say good bye, even Mick turns around and says “Cya.”

On our way out I was bubblier than normal; the encounter with Mick who works with my idol was probably the reason for this.


Mum still had no idea what I was going on about, but I thought I’d just let you all know that he’s such a cool and nice guy!

Because of the split round I had to try and survive a week without my beloved Magpies, so you can bet that Saturday couldn’t have come fast enough for me.

I started my day early and hit the books, might as well get some of the HEAPS of holiday homework out of the way, gee year 12 sucks!

Finally the time comes and I sit down to watch ‘Before the Game’ hoping that Mick remembered to pass on my message to Sam.

Next thing I know, it’s footy time!

The game starts minus our captain, but it’s still a good opportunity for our vice, Pendles to try out his leadership skills.

After four attempts at goal from my boys, Harry O bangs one through out of where, a great goal with an “Ahh bloody hell, I’ll kick one” attitude.

He’s followed by tall, dark and pretty Dawesy who kicks one all cool, calm and collected.

Speaking of pretty, O’Keefe manages the Swan’s first.

Clokey puts us up by 15 points after an assist from Steele & a missed set shot from Daisy, who looks like a hippie with the braid in his carefree mop.

Paul Roos, unimpressed and a named coach on my pretty list proves just why he made the cut, even when he’s feisty he looks great!

I think Dawesy has been taking goal kicking lessons from Superman, now I’d love for him to return the favor and give Jack some lessons on strong leading!

Oh how I dream of a Dawes, Anthony, Rusling forward line!

Daisy tries to FLYYYY but no cigar…does he even smoke? Lol

“DAWSEYYYY!!!” misses, dang it!

“STEELE!!!!” finds a way to get his first, by the way welcome back Brad Dick.

LOL, during the commercials the ‘what about me?” AAMI add featuring Susie and I as the ‘trying to read a map but didn’t stop’ girls, gave me a good laugh, can’t look the same at that commercial anymore and I still cant read a map by the way!

The Swans stay alive through Kirk’s goal, Kirk reminds me of one of the Parramatta Eels players- “GO PARA!”


“BAYBEE!!” – Code for Steele gets his second.

He’s so mint, SOO mint!!

The camera crosses to an eclipse, how romantical!

“When the moon hits you’re eye like a stunning Magpie that’s AMORE!

When the moons in the sky and Steele’s making you sigh that’s AMORE!!

When he tackles u feel you’re hearts racing for real that’s AMORE,

Then he kicks he’s two goals and he’s got you all sold, you’re in LOVEEE”

During half-time my male journalist idol (and hopefully future employer) Jon Ralph graces the screen from the Herald Sun offices (hopefully my future workplace) and I greet him with a


It’s hard to choose who’s cuter, Ralphy or the Auskick kids!! Lol

Slowly my thoughts drift back to the footy as Leigh Brown finds the middle; Cloke stretches the lead and gets his second, as does O’Keefe.

I can’t help but smile as Jolly gets one against his old side.

Shaw kicks the first for the last, theirs not ours! I wish it was ours instead!

Ours has been falling over all over the place, most likey because of his choice of footy boot protection. Lol I think it’s cute and reminds me a bit of myself, not wearing sensible shoes all in the name of fashion!

Leigh Brown gets it again, Leigh with a set shot…hmmm I dunno about this.

Thank goodness he proves me wrong, a very sturdy and straight kick!


After another Dawesy goal, Didak threads a classic, CLASSIC ALAN DIDAK GOAL, GORGEOUS!!!!!

Such style, such flair all with the one goal, truly amazing.

O’Keefe kicks the last for the night but that doesn’t bother me as the siren sounds and a glance at the final score makes me grin

A pretty good win by the boys away from home, they have kept our winning streak against the Swans going and our finals hopes very much alive.

With many of our players knocking on the door to get into the senior side I guess I can expect that there’s much more to come.

As much as I hate to say it, my boys aren’t only playing the opposition anymore, they’re playing against each other and I don’t like it, not one bit.

DANNI’S BOG VOTES- (best on ground)

3- Ball

2- Harry O

1- Dawes

½ – H.Shaw (Half a vote given for his entertaining slips!)

DANNI’S POG VOTES- (prettiest on ground)

3- Dawes

2- Steele

1- Lockyer

½- H. Shaw (might have scored higher if not for the too short hair cut!)

Coll- 96                                            Swans- 71

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Nice use of the word ‘mint’. :P

    Good report, good addition of the POG votes too. Would like to see that in every report.

    Hate to say it, for your sake, but if Brown and Dawes keep persisting with performances like that, Anthony and Rusling will find it very hard to get into the forward line.

  2. Danielle says

    lol, thanks Josh.
    Oh and for those Almanac oldies, ‘mint’ in this report is not a type of herb, or plant. lol

    Yeah, i know what you mean.
    I don’t think it’s like Jack has all these problems to fix, we all know his accuracy is deadly, he just needs to work harder and present himself up forward more.
    So hopefully when he gets his next chance he will present with a stronger lead and most importantly HOLD THE MARK!


  3. Great report Danni!

    You have a lot of moxie, as always :p

    I agree with Josh – the POD votes were brilliant.

    LOL – Heath Shaw :p Nice use of half-votes.

    Pies are doing well, enjoy it and soak it up!

  4. POD votes Susie? I think you’re a bit TOO obsessed with the jPod.

  5. LOL! My bad :-s

    I’m such a lazy typer :p (though it may well have been a Freudian slip)

  6. POD? You’re hilarious Susie, you always try slipping him into the conversation :P

    Good report Danni, Mick Molloy is a Tiger fan remember :)

    Keep up the work with year 12 and at least be more disciplined than I am – I said to myself I’m going to get most of my work over with in the first week, and I haven’t done any yet at all :| In my defense though, I have been so far distracted by football, a funny book by Ben Elton called Chart Throb that my Dad lent me and ongoing thoughts about which university to choose.

  7. 6- lol Adam.
    well i’m trying!
    i did most of my business on Sat night- well all my buniess homework minus the revision.
    started history today….let’s jsut say…it’s going to take a LOONGGG LOONGGGG time since i have to revise the whole french rev and get down most of the russian! (oh just kill me now! lol)
    I also still have to go out and buy some red roses and other props for my media photoshoot!
    And i have not even got to english or lit yet!- i’m stressing out!!

    As for the uni thing- i’m crossing my fingers i’ll get high enough to get into LaTrobe! :)


  8. ‘When your feet hit the sand
    and there’s a bite on your hand
    thats a Moray’

    Good one Danielle.


  9. John Butler says

    Hope you enjoyed yourself at the lunch Danni.

    Although it sounds like you don’t have much trouble enjoying yourself wherever you are. :)

  10. Danni – At the Almanac lunch I note that you sat next to a Barrister, Judge and an accountant. Who was the most boring?

    (I ask this question to aid in some research I’m doing and to debunk a certain theory)

  11. Tony Robb says

    Hi Danni,
    I was in the “next football frontier” drinking beer with the beautiful people at Watson Bay on Saturday. Sydney is such an anomily at the best of times but when it comes to sport one may as well be on Mars. It was within this football vaccum that I spotted a young family kitted out in the Pies gear.(obviously on weekend release lol) Amongst all the pastel the distinct Black and White uniform did stand out I must say. I was like a moth to the flame and felt a need to connect if only fleetingly. Siding up I asked how that Pies would go that night. Being in the heartland of football avatars we spoke in hushed tones. We’ll bloody kill e’m” came the thoughtful reply. Im a Blues man I offerd. The gentle wife suggested that I shouldn’t be talking to Pies supporters, to which I would normally agree. But we were alone in a sea of non commitment which is Sydney’s eastern suburbs so a brief truce was accepted in the name of footie solidarity.

    The Pies went on to score an easy win against the ducks so a happy night for the family from Melbourne. I was left contemplating the ramification of bye for the Blues

    Having spent the weekend in both Sydney and Melbourne in the past fortnight it is safe to say they dance to a different beat. For mine I’ll move with the tango down south as the tune up north is a bleak and sombre one.

  12. Steve Healy says

    Good report Danni, it is worth noting that Anthony was best on ground in the VFL yesterday and picked up 31 possessions from playing at full back. It says that Anthony is hoping to come back in to the team as a defender to rejuvenate his career

  13. Yep Steve, and Josh Fraser put in an impressive performance also.

    Surely AFL must be the only sport in the world where goalscorers can often be interchanged with defenders? Imagine Wayne Rooney swapping with John Terry. It just wouldn’t happen!

  14. 8- Phantom- LOL!

    JB, I was disappointed that you couldn’t make it!
    I really wanted to meet the man that has to put up with editing my work!
    Lol, ahh well I do try to find the bright side to situations, although it’s hard to make my own fun during church Lol.

    LOL Dips! It was great meeting you by the way.
    What I found funny was anyone who came over to say hi to me started with the same opener- “I thought that might have been you…”
    Honestly none of them were boring at all, all very nice people.
    But I seriously thought it was God sending me a sign, I mean I was at the lunch for my interest in journalism, yet there are two legal figures and an accountant on my table! I thought, what is God trying to tell me? Lol

    Tony, Lol gee you must be a brave guy, going up and talking to Collingwood supporters, you being a Blue and all!

    12- Well Jack was initially taken as a defender! 31 touches!! :) OMG IM SO PROUD!!
    What better way for him to say “Cop THAT Mick!”

  15. Tony Robb says

    I thought I was probably safe with them being out of the protective shadow of Victoria Park. Plus they were lone supporters and we know how the Pies fans are really dangerous when they hunt in packs Lol

  16. I was sitting behind 2 Collingwood supporters on the night in seats normally used by Swans members – many SCG regulars don’t bother at ANZ Stadium and their seats are sold to walk-ups. Would have to say they were most unusual pies supporters – they sat quietly observing the match, with their most animated action being a polite hand clap. I was tempted to ask if they were from Melb, but unlike Tony couldn’t bring myself to speak to them no matter how polite they looked.

  17. Danielle says

    15- i think Crows are much more evil in packs! they are bigger and the swoop at you!
    im scared of most birds, especially Crows but not Magpies! lol they must sense that im one of them and not attack me! lol

    16- LOL well Mark i don’t think you are the only one to have had the epiphany that not all Collingwood supportes are ‘feral’
    I’m sure my fellow fab-five members can agree on that point, since i’m sure that after meeting me they are more careful in sterotyping Collingwood supporters.

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