A Long Journey Begins with a Scarf

I was a bit disappointed that family commitments  stopped  me joining the Long Walk to the G on Saturday night.  I have joined all the other Walks and have huge admiration for that great man Michael Long.   Some weeks before hand we had agreed to  baby sit grandchild Josh at his home on Saturday night, so it was something that could not be changed. Making the most of the moment, I decided it was an opportunity to get a very young lad interested in The Dons, so took over an Essendon scarf (one of many that I have) and gave it to him. He wasn’t all that keen on wearing it but said I could put it on his bed head, and I reckoned that was a good idea. Just think of all those Essendon vibes surrounding him as he sleeps each night.

Actually, it’s been a good week on the Family/Essendon front, the youngest of the grand kids told me on the phone the other night that he barracks for the Bombers now!!!!!!  I haven’t broached this delicate topic with his Collingwood supporting father as yet, but have another scarf on the ready.

So it’s Tigers v Dons for the Dreamtime game at the G and I’m not there. I have a small radio attached to my ear and I’m forced to listen to mind numbing adverts on commercial radio before the game.   Goals were at a premium in the first quarter, there were so few  kicked  that the broadcast didn’t sound too bad, no long breaks in play, no ads. There was  plenty of action on the field though ,and Richmond were really serving it up to the Dons and matched them in all departments. Scores were neck and neck, lead changed a number of times but there was only a point in it at quarter time. The Dons seemed to be missing that burrowing Watson around the scrimmages, and Hocking up the back, but there isn’t much you can do about that.

I turned the radio off for a while and rejoined the broadcast about half way through the second, the news didn’t impress me ,Richmond were still in the game, not only in the game but giving the Dons a hell of a run for its money. Players like King, Conca and Nahas  seemed to be everywhere and it didn’t make pleasant listening. Now I have been keeping the lid on things lately and the way things are going I reckon it’s been  a wise decision.  If you believe half the hype we should be about six goals up, but no, Dons by one point at the big break.

I felt that Essendon might find a real spark for the second half, but it was Richmond that continued to play attacking and entertaining footy and held sway.  Leroy Jetta who must have been wondering what happened to him earlier in the game, when he was  accidentally knocked rotten by three Tigers simultaneously,  showed  courage and skill to keep the Dons in the game with three goals , Essendons total for the quarter. The Tigers were basically too good though, they put seven  through the big sticks and at three quarter time lead by twenty two points.

Last term, and if Essendon had the goods, now was the time to show it. And they did with a couple of goals, but Richmond were not to be denied.  When  the Dons got to within a couple of goals twice in the last quarter,  the Tigers bounced back with goals of their own and held on for a very worthy win by sixteen points.  Tigers too good, let’s hope the Dons rediscover their form after the bye . I have great confidence Sir James  and his crew will bounce back.

Best Players for the Dons    Jetta, Zaharakis, Lovett-Murray , Heppell and acting captain McVeigh           Tigers  The whole team.


  1. Pamela Sherpa says

    The loss won’t hurt us – a good reality check. .Bye coming at a good time for us-re injuries

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