2013 at The Footy Almanac and how to nominate to write a match report

G’day Folks

Welcome to a new season of AFL footy.

We will be publishing The Footy Almanac 2013 in November again this year. The book will have the same look as other years.

However, there is a significant change in the process of collecting the reports for the book.

In previous years, all reports have been specifically commissioned for the book.

This year the book will be a collection of pieces which have already appeared on the website.

This is the process:

Firstly ANYONE IS WELCOME TO WRITE A REPORT OF ANY AFL MATCH and submit it to the website.

In addition, to ensure that every game is covered, and every club is covered, each week, our web editor, Cookie, will commission two reporters per game.

For example, for Round 1, Adelaide v Essendon, he will commission an Adelaide writer and an Essendon writer.

These two designated writers will become the featured writers of that round. They will submit their pieces by Wednesday after the match – the earlier the better. Writers can write the standard 700 word book-style piece, but at this stage of the process they are free to write longer match reports. They should also include the box of match details and their better players and Malarkey Medal votes.

Those two pieces, along with any from other contributors, will be published on the website.

At the end of that week we will make a decision as to which piece will be published in the book. Sometimes the best (most appropriate for the moment) piece will be obvious: a shocking Richmond capitulation will demand the misery of a Richmond pen; a very funny piece may get the nod etc. Other times we’ll get a feel for which piece has struck a chord with readers. Once the preferred piece is chosen, its author will have a couple of weeks to knock their piece into Footy Almanac shape ie 700 words.


We are doing this because we now have a tremendous squad of writers, so this is a way of featuring more writers and connecting them with their audience.

It also ensures that at the end of the season we will have a body of writing which represents each club’s season.


Writers are encouraged to nominate to write this season by emailing Stephen Cooke ([email protected]) and copy to John Harms ([email protected])

You can nominate specific matches with a reason:

Round 1 Carlton v Richmond – I am going to the footy with my old mate Bruce Doull (which will probably get you the gig)

Round 1 Hawthorn v Geelong – I will be watching on a flat screen in the bar of Paradise Beach in Mykonos

Or you can let Cookie know:

I am available for all Gabba games.

I am available for all St Kilda games.

I am available for all games.

Cookie will maintain a record of all nominations.


You are more likely to be offered a game if you nominate some.

Each week Cookie will put a list of the 18 commissioned writers up on footyalmanac.com.au in what is our new WRITING section.

Also, each e-newsletter will contain a link for all contributors. A LOT OF INFORMATION WILL BE PASSED ON THIS SEASON VIA THE WEBSITE. Please check the WRITING page regularly.


We are looking forward to hearing from you and to reading some cracking footy writing.



  1. Neil Belford says

    Excellent news – this will raise the bar on the book quality and is much more inclusive.

  2. Andrew Fithall says

    Having read the process, I have a tip for any young players – if you would like to have your report published in the book, give your Malarky votes to one of Jimmy Bartel, Joel Selwood, Chappie, and perhaps Tom Hawkins. Pods could also be added. Do this regardless of which game you are reporting – it is not important that Geelong or any of these players have actually featured in your game. I just happen to have a sense of the selectors “preferences”.


  3. Hi
    As you stated info for writers will be disseminated via the writers page, it possible to register for an email alert whenever the page is updated.

    Will help ensure things do not get missed.



  4. Ohh and
    3 Bartels
    2 Selwood
    1 Chapman

  5. Andrew Else says

    Good call AF. Reverse applies to negative comments regarding the ‘way it should be played’ club. Can incur a Port Power twilight match allocation.

    Although I did once drop in a reference to D Bewick’s comeback in the ’96 Centenary game. As Basil Fawlty said “I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it alright”

  6. Ben Footner says

    Is an Adelaide launch of last years Almanac still planned or has it been shelved?

    Looking forward to contributing again this season. :-)

  7. PeterSchumacher says

    So who is going to get the gig in the Brisbane Adelaide granny?

  8. Neil Belford says

    Nice one Peter – I have been to a Port v Brissy GF – wasn’t that hard to get a ticket really and I’m pretty sure Brisbane were off the pop tarts.

    Seriously though this is a big generational change for all the Almanac family. Release the bats.

  9. Hi all,
    I have been absolutely inundated with requests for both specific games and many of the “I will be at every match, give me a shout” variety. Thanks all for such a strong response. I will get back to you all next week. It would be great to see you all at the Melbourne launch too to have a beer with all those I’ve yet to meet.

    And remember: We can win this.

  10. Richard Naco says


    I still haven’t got my copy of the 2012 edition yet (although it is on sale at my local bookshop).

  11. I would love to keep writing this year and hope to be more prolific than in past years. I will attempt to overcome the evergreen excuse of ‘heavy workload’ and worst of all for a writer my tendency towards procrastination! (please excuse the dirty language!!)
    As is documented in my bio and evident from my earlier work – I am a Blues fan! (stifle the groans please) AND I’m intending to adhere to tradition and go to Rnd 1 Thurs night rumble: Carl v Rich @ the MCG.
    Also I’d be interested in writing on NRL games as I’m becoming a bit of a convert to all things Rugby (Union and Sevens included). (AFL will always be my true love!)
    I’m going to RND 3: Storm v Bulldogs with a group of colleagues (ABC RA) as we’re treating 2 visiting journos from PNG to their first BIG Rugby game.
    Should be a hoot!!

  12. Thanks to everyone for sending emails re 2013 season.


    Almanac events are planned for early-season. Dates coming.


    Rob Clarkson has books for Sydney writers. Just contact Rob.

  13. Earl O'Neill says

    How do we contact Rob?

  14. Kerry Smith says

    Hi Andrew Else
    Enjoy the cheap shots at the Power while you still can. Ken’s men are going to surprise many this season. And an allocation to write about Boak and the boys from Alberton will soon be sought after rather than scorned.
    Kind Regards
    Kerry Smith

  15. Sent through my availability, but you’ll be pleased to know my local writings and running events will be posted online for all to see.

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