2010 Grand Final- Part 1

Cooligwood 9.14.68

St Kilda 10.8.68

The Grand Final has been drawn for the 3rd time in history.

In a truly epic encounter, Collingwood led for the majority of the game, only to see St Kilda snatch the lead late. The Magpies then regained the lead, only for a St Kilda point to tie the scores.

That’s how it ended.

We’ll all be back next Saturday to do it again.

Please share your thoughts on a magnificent match.


  1. I thought the two GFs between the Eagles and the Swans were unbelievable but that one takes the cake by a mile. Crap way to finish as extra time would have elevated it to the all time greatest. saints were amazing to gey back into the game and probably should have won. Goddard got them there and should have got NS medal for mine. Leon will not play next week nor will Gardiner regardless of injury. Isn’t footie bloody great

  2. I think I just had a statistical orgasm.

  3. D.R.A.W – Demetriou Reaps A Windfall

  4. 2: LOL!!!!

    Grand Final of the decade.

  5. We all know the Pies should have won it. They’ll be kicking themselves next week when the Saints hold the trophy aloft – that’s my tip anyway. Agree with Tony Robb, there’ll be no Neon Leon next week (not that there was today). I’m not a Pies or a Saints fan and while it was close, I sort of felt the same as I did after the recent Federal election – a bit empty. At least with this one, we’re going back to the polls straight away. (What happens if they draw again next week? There’s a thought).

  6. PS does that mean we have to listen to INXS again?

  7. Goddard should’ve got the Norman Smith and Cloke’s an animal

  8. Collingwood are yet to hoist a premiership cup on the MCG in September. 1990 GF was played in October. No cups awarded prior to 1959.
    Both ‘pies and saints have now both played 2 draws this season (they are getting good at it).
    The two previous VFL GF draws both involved bad kicking.
    For the fans, this is the opportunity for football followers to get to a GF. The corporate set won’t be back. Tickets will be easier to get and as such there should be a better atmosphere (a football game for football folk – wow!).
    Hopefully there will be no crap pre-match entertainment – the match speaks for itself.
    With two Norm Smith medals this year, this will be one for future trivia nights.
    And for the critics of a draw, why didn’t they raise this before today? Always easy after the event. What are the rules for next week? Extra time if still level? Penalty shoot-out? Toss of the coin (I remember losing a lighting premiership as a kid coz the teachers had to do that…)
    Aaah – another week of the addictive drug “footy”. More loot in the coffers for the AFL.

  9. i cried through the whole last term, so that was fun… :(

  10. Chin up Danni

    You could have lost by 1 point again.

  11. #2 Gigs

    I hope you had a change of clothes. :)

  12. 2: Gigs, you’re absolutely hilarious and I can’t wait to meet you at the launch!

    Harry Taylor was on the money on Before The Game – he tipped a draw with the Pies to win by 21 in the replay. If the second part comes true…

  13. I think I fell in love with Brendon Goddard today.

  14. I was only watching on TV, but i thought it was an ordinary game saved by the hype of a close finish. I love the idea of a replay rather than “extra time”…a third option and loses “AFL control”. Great. The only reason a Normie was awarded was to placate betting agengies who will, again, cash in on another game. VRC should immediately move the Turnbull Stakes to next Sunday.

  15. I have mixed feelings, i feel torn and let down but I also feel great that the footy season will extend an extra week. I don’t want the rule to change. Fantastic match. Hayes and Goddard were both fantastic, for the second year in a row the saints scored 68 and had 100 or more tackles in the grand final.

    Bring on next week!

  16. 13- josh, if you are going to have a man-crush could you atleast pick someone better looking!

    10- JB its going to take more than a tub of Nutella to get me up for next week.
    Had Dawsey..no HAD CLOKEY kicked true we woulda been home..im shattered.

  17. 16: Had St Kilda not rushed so many behinds, Collingwood would’ve lost. Be thankful for that.

  18. 17- im sorry but im SURE my boys are MORE than capable of kicking behinds for themselves!!

  19. Collingwood should wear their clash strip next week. St Kilda had their turn today.

  20. Danni, it’s a new game and a new week. You’ll forget about the draw if collingwood win, just thank god that Cloke kicked that goal and that Milne fumbled at the end and the Pies defence held strong. Look at the positives, there will be another chance for collingwood to win the premiership, its not over.

  21. 19- over my dead body!

  22. An omen though, the last time Collingwood drew in a Grand Final, we all know what happened a week later! :)

  23. 22- Steele was a pretty damn good.

  24. What will the odds be for next week? You’d think Collingwood will be slight favourites.

  25. Was it just me, or could Milne have picked up that ball (and slotted it) which he seemed to let through for the behind that tied the scores?

  26. Also, will the Almanac include a few more writers for the Grand Final replay?

  27. Gotta say, glad I’m not too invested in either side. A cup of tea and a cigarette and I could breathe again without hyperventilating. Condolences to Danni and other Collingwood/Saints supporters, it might just be a rough week

  28. Rossy Lyon is just looking ahead to Round 27…

  29. Does this mean grassroots supporters like Molly, Eric Bana & Michael Klim will have to queue for tickets the second week running? More importantly, do we Cats fans have to wait another week before the powers that be let Gazza make his announcement? One for Gigs: when was the last time a team kicked the same score in consecutive GFs & failed to win?

  30. Also, do we get another Grand Final Footy Almanac Lunch???? :)

  31. westcoastdave says

    I wondered when we would get to a seriously important question in all of this…

  32. Song for the week: Do It Again (Steely Dan)
    Living & Learning Centre course of the week: Drawing
    Meal of the week: Thai Salad (or anything Travis Cloke makes a meal of)
    Clothing item for the week: tie

    … oh, roll on summer

  33. #28 – the obvious answer is yes.

  34. Why oh Why cant the umpires adjudicate like that every week. Its the only game all year that the holding the ball, prior opp etc has been consistant and a stupid in the back didnt result in a half witted goal, Please Mr G please use this as the instructional CD for next year.

  35. I agree with you Crio (14) on the game and the replay.

    I was there last year and thought it was one of the best I’ve seen. This one didn’t quite stack up. It was very scrappy, despite far better conditions. But then, I was also watching on TV. You see more detail but lose that intensity of involvement as an actual spectator.

    On the replay v extra time debate – I remember feeling in 2009 that neither side deserved to go through a replay and was glad that a result occurred, tough though it was on the Saints. This year I feel differently, again, maybe because I didn’t feel as emotionally drained this time around. Unfortunately, after Nick Maxwell’s churlish outburst after the game, I suspect the AFL will cave in on this issue and this will be the last GF replay we see. If immediate reactions and positive body language are any guide, the Saints should win next week easily.

    And to Josh (25) – hear, hear! I’m sure lots of neutral writers put their hands up for a final and could provide some interesting perspectives.

  36. Crio, I can,t concur on the game .Ive not seen so much personal commitment (certain small forward excepted)for years and the closeness was a bonus. If the saints are to win next week they cant allow maxwell and Shaw to play loose in the backline. To many easy kicks. Uno on Uno and Kosi better lift. he nad Gardnier were very ordinary but I thought Blake had a corker as a second stinger combined with Hayes third up role. I for one have never been so involved in a game that didnt have my team playing

  37. westcoastdave says

    Got to agree with stainless – it wasn’t a great game to watch, but a close game more than makes up for most of that. I love the fact that there is a full scale replay, and 50 years from now it will be one of the GFs that is always talked about, regardless of what has happened and what does happen next week. I hope we never lose that quirk; it is a strength, not a weakness.

    If ever there was proof that channel ten have it right by not showing the countdown clock, it was today. All the tension went out of the game with 19 secs to go once you knew the result – would have been so much more tense not knowing exactly when the siren was going to go, and then being able to react when it did. I remember listening to the eagles win in 2006 on the radio, and the release of the siren was excruciating and numbing and an almost physical release, but today we had already moved on to the replay conversation by the time the game actually finished.

  38. The problem with a draw is that every single play becomes crucial. Dawes, Cloke and Riewoldt’s missed shots, all the tackles, blah, blah, blah.

    I’m not sure if another week is good for me. In the last quarter, my resting heart rate was 130.

    I was reduced to going outside during the breaks, although the only others outside our venue were Collingwood smokers.

    A friend of mine will probably already made the call that it was “show business”. All about dragging out the drama and enhancing revenue streams. Fairly hard to do, but empty feeling inside at thought of another week like that one.

    I thought Milne was going to walk into the open goal. Final thought; how important was the spoil to the boundary in front of goal? The one Leigh Matthews said would have “been better to set up from a kick in”.

    ps. 8th wedding anniversary today. (Easy to remember at least and we picked up a couple of vouchers for booze and some chocolates!)

  39. Concur with that WC Dave. It takes away from the last minutes of unknown.

  40. Richard Naco says

    Sorry, but for a while the euphoric praises for this game on this thread had me thinking I’d fallen asleep on the couch watching the GF, and that I must have been having an utterly banal dream. I agree entirely that the sole redeeming feature was the result, but I watched this in the company of several potential converts to the sport and this GF did far more harm than good to The Cause. Having the chaos at the end after both change rooms flooded only reinforced what a hopeless day it was all round for the AFL, especially with the worst pre-game ‘entertainment’ I can remember since Billy Idol.

    I thought the actual contest was quite sub standard, and that the result was fitting as neither team really deserved to win it in the end. Both coaches bringing back old faves in to their teams rather than rewarding youthful exuberance really set the tone for the contest, and it has to be said that Baker was half cooked and Neon Leon but a flickering memory of his reputation. And Cloke’s dire efforts were the utter pits.

    I thought that the one player who rose to the occasion was Goddard, but even he had a patch in the third quarter where he squandered three straight possessions quite limply. I really wanted St Kilda to break their awful drought, but the sheer overwhelming drudgery of their game plan is quite anathema to the sort of creative artistry which should be promoted for the good of the game. So much for talent, the actual vision is boring.

    Thankfully, I’ll be holidaying overseas next Saturday & won’t be tempted to endure the replay.

  41. The way I see it we are still Premiers.

    Loved the last 5 minutes; with a whole lot of nervous Sainters who were that engrossed they didn’t realise that the MCG was wobbling.

    Very like 77. The replay will be a blow out. Saw that one. Not sure who will win just yet, need to look at injuries.

    They may sound stoic, as were St Kilda in the last bit, but I think the wobbles are scarred. Should not have let the Saints back in. A few went missing.

    Rolf Harris has the black and white masonite out. We used to call them wobble boards in the ’60’s.

    Cracker game. History. Nice to be neutral.

    Sleep well Pies and Saints.

  42. 14,35 and 39. Don’t agree at all. Sure, there were some mistakes, particularly in front of goal. But most of the errors were the result of pressure or at least inferred pressure.

    Still plenty of highlights: Didak’s and Cloke’s goals. BJ’s mark plus heaps of other good things. Sam Fisher repelling attack after attack. Schneider and Kosin willing themselves on.

    Who wants to go back to free-flowing Grand Finals where one side dominates to the point where the game’s over at half time? Not me.

    19 goals were scored – that’s still about 17 more than your average Premier League game – and at no stage did you feel that one side or the other was gone. Just as was the case in 2005, 2006, 2008 (to a lesser extent) and 2009. This is a Golden Age of Grand Finals, especially when you stack it up against the 1980-2000 period (1980, 1983, 1985, 1988, 1994, 1995, 2000 – all massive blowouts). Even the 1989 Geelong-Hawthorn “classic” only became really interesting in the last quarter. Geelong were more than 6 goals down at stages in that game.

    Relentless pressure, pack marks, almost no cheap kicks in defence, great tackling. This was a great Grand Final.

  43. Richard Naco didn’t watch the same that I did. I was there and despite Collingwood’s poor kicking and Saint Kilda’s fumbling in the first half it was a terrific game. When the Pies got one point ahead a few minutes from the end I was screaming for them to “ring the F***in’ Siren” because a one point Collingwood victory would have been appropriate.

    I felt much worse after today’s draw than I did after the 1977 draw which I also attended. There were two reasons for this. One is that, although Maxwell’s save was brilliant, there was nothing as inspirational as Twiggy Dunne’s goal. (Well, actually there was, but it was Goddard’s mark and that was hardly inspirational for Pie fans)

    The second reason is more substantial. In 1977 North were actually the better team on the day but they nearly kicked themselves out of the match and Collingwood led most of the day because of North’s poor kicking. When North took the lead in the last quarter it wasn’t surprising, what was surprising was that Twiggy led Collingwood back into the game to force a draw. At the end I felt relieved that we had gotten another chance and although I spent the next week convincing myself that we could win I wasn’t all that surprised when we didn’t.

    Today Coliingwood were in North’s 1977 position. We were clearly the best team on the day everywhere except in front of goal. Yes, Lenny Hayes was best on ground and deserved his Norm Smith, yes Goddard and Fisher played really well, but Collingwood at least twenty players who played well for most of the day and St Kilda had less, particularly in the first half.

    I repeat Collingwood were the better team and kicked themselves out of it. The draw felt worse than 1977 because unlike 1977 Collingwood should have won and didn’t. However provided we have not sustained serious injuries or suspensions I firmly believe that, like North in 1977, we should win the replay.

  44. DD? Does this mean a comeback?

  45. What’s more, I propose some sort of penalty (fine/suspension) for any player/coach/commentator who makes a “going to war”, “trenches” reference.

  46. Back for a second go. Absolutely agree with 36, 42 and 43 about the players’commitment and the intense pressure, but mistakes made under pressure are still…mistakes. In my book the volume of errors made this a lower quality game than last year and had Collingwood pushed beyond a 4 goal lead at any stage, I think we would all be commenting on a pretty mundane second half.

    Just another point on the alternative to a GF replay. The couple of occasions extra time has been played (NM v Haw 1994 and Coll v West Coast 2007), one team grabbed the initiative and totally dominated. If we’d gone to extra time yesterday and this had happened, I for one would have felt cheated. Neither side deserved to experience an abject capitulation in 10 minutes of overtime. It’s a cheap and expedient way around a scheduling problem that puts the big business considerations of the sport ahead of the integrity of the game itself. I don’t for a minute believe next week’s game will be as closely fought as this one but it’ll be a much better conclusion than the lottery of extra time.

  47. Sometimes following Collingwoods no fun …

  48. Andrew Starkie says

    An amazing game of footy. Have been talking about it nonstop with friends and family.

    Finals footy reveal a great deal about people. Hayes, Goddard and Riewoldt drew on the heartache of last year to drive them on in the second half. They simply refused to lose. Great courage.

    Thomas displayed character some may have thought he didn’t have. He made mistakes, but continued to commit his body when needed and kept running all day.

    Enjoyed great seats ground level, centre wing, a handful of rows back from the wing. Unfortunately, can’t get to the replay – going to a mate’s 40th on the GC. That’s life.

  49. Has anyone heard from Dave Downer since the game?

    I fear he may still be passed out under a seat somewhere. :)

  50. And what about Jason, who flew in from LA?

    Extended visa?

  51. David Downer says


    I’m here …just.

    Jason’s purgatory from Saturday continues. He is due to fly back to LA on Thursday morning – he is currently in discussions with Qantas. Can a drawn Grand final be considered “extreme personal circumstances” to change a flight?

    I’ve re-mortgaged the house to purchase tickets again for this week. After considering for a moment that I wasn’t quite up for it all again, by 9:01am this morning the seats were secured.


  52. 2 points to make:
    1. how similar did people feel the game was to last years GF?
    2. does this mean the Cats are still premiers? for a 53rd week? (bad joke but you never know when your turn comes around again!!!)

    I’m with you Josh — before Saturday’s game I thought of Goddard as a dull yet extremely good footballer – now he is a 100% champion!
    Saints by 2 points in the replay….

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