Thoughts from the Eagles-Tigers

Looking for your observations during the game tonight.


  1. Richmond can still make the finals if they lose but they need a win over a fellow competitor for the bottom half of the 8 to give them some credibility.

  2. 23 points up late in the 2nd Qrt … go [email protected]#*^g Tiges!!!!!

  3. Sean Gorman says

    I’m enjoying WA Day very much indeed.

  4. Ty Vickery looks like a third year Sociology student. In 1977. At either ANU or Latrobe. With a girlfriend who smoked biddies. Possibly driving an EH. Ute.

  5. Sean Gorman says

    And knew how to make a mean cheese fondue

  6. I blame Cousins and Judd.

  7. SG, may be the first use of the word fondue on the site.

  8. Sean Gorman says

    we need empirical evidence before i take that accolade………

  9. Sean Gorman says

    and the gap is getting bigger…..whoo hook.

  10. Can they add another level to the Great Southern Stand before September?

  11. Cruel and Unusual Punishment.
    Whose idea was a ‘humiliation in the run’ thread???
    Are Melbourne looking for a coach?????

  12. The Wrap says

    Just back from the son’s place where we’ve been minding his kids, his 72″ Foxtel plasma and a cellar full of terra rosa reds. Which doesn’t mean there’s no room in it ours the case of Margaret River merlot I’m expecting from Mr B and the Avenging Eagle.

    I always knew they had it in them, getting it out has been the problem. Just needed to challenge ourselves and show some courage. I grew up on Ray Horwood & Billy Wilson roving to Roy Wright & Bill Morris, so I’ve always been a great fan of the two rover set-up. Matty White & Nathan Foley turned the Coasters ruck dominance into a Tiger win and Aaron Edwards gave the attack the grunt it’s been lacking.

    They’ll need two extra decks on the G just for the round XXIII Dreamtime re-match Harmsie.

    Eat ’em alive Tigers!!! And spit out the bones.

  13. Eagles were robbed by blind umpires who wouldn’t know a high tackle from their own bums.

    And they were confused by the Richmond jumpers…. WHAT ABOUT A BLOODY CLASH JUMPER AFL!!!!!! Even Masten missed targets tonight. ROBBED!!!!

  14. Rick Kane says

    WC Evils find the going tough when they’re playing sides higher than 14th on the ladder.

  15. Sean Gorman says

    Pete B it is a long weekend (WA I mean) and an inverted Friday night blockbuster….why not run a thread…….?

  16. I couldn’t believe how much the Tigers butchered the ball, and what that said about the Eagles. The Tigers don’t look too good to me, which leaves the Eagles….where exactly?
    And why does Dustin Martin have such big wraps? Gets the ball, looks unsure, then roosts balls into the forward line, missing his own players and more often than not finding the opposition. Am I missing something? Is it the neck tattoos?

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