Your most frustrating sporting moment

Tell me dear reader, what is your most frustrating sporting moment? The underarm delivery? Jim Stynes running across the mark against Hawthorn’s Gary Buckenara in the 1987 Preliminary Final? Milne seemingly hanging back near the goal square in the drawn 2010 Grand Final only to see the ball jag the wrong way? For Adelaide Crows supporters, the 2009 Semi Final in which Ben Rutten gave away that free kick against Jack Anthony with Jack  kicking that goal with 20 seconds to go?

I am not an Essendon man but had to admire their sheer team spirit as they fought their way back in that fantastic nine goal last quarter recovery. The greatest come back from a three quarter time deficit it would have been. All over Sydney the Bombers were. For me the fact that Courtney Dempsey did not know, could not know that he should have had a set shot for goal but instead very understandably chose to play on was such a moment. What a way it would have been to end the game, it would have been a come back for all ages. Another interesting thing was that it showed up the fact that whilst “mucks” are becoming all too frequent and are a blight on the game, this sort of quarter showed that this aspect of the game can be overcome.

I suppose that in the wash up, Sydney were top for a day, and Essendon have been pretty stiff with such close losses in their last two games. Great to see the Swans going so well though, and what about Jetta taking on Fletcher near the wing and beating him  with sheer pace as he charged off yet another of his scintillating runs leaving Fletch in his wake. Mind you, I would challenge any 38 year old to at least put in the effort that Fletcher somehow conjured up in his attempt not to let his man get away from him.

It had been my opinion previously that Carlton with their fast small forwards and a couple of really good big men were going to be right up there at the end of the year, indeed I thought that they were definite premiership favourites and now they are out of the eight. Well they weren’t going to beat Geelong with a 2 goals 9 last quarter, that’s for sure. And we have seen from  other results this week that it is possible to shoot straight. I suppose that Geelong did get on top anyway with that 5 goal third quarter.

The Gold Coast Suns are going from terrible to pathetic. They didn’t do the Adelaide Crows any favours either letting St Kilda play themselves into form.

Like many people I was quite surprised that Freo got up against Richmond, I must admit that I only heard about it on the wireless after the event. Bad luck that Sandilands is out again for another ten weeks. Does his having another sore big toe amount to another really frustrating sporting moment? I think that for Freo supporters it might.

The Minister for Home Affairs and I adjourned to the Gold Class picture theatre at the lovely Kensington Gardens “Fifties Plus Lifestyle Village” to view the Melbourne Collingwood game. As one of my friends has already pointed out for the Pies to be top of the table with half of their side out is a pretty fair achievement.  As to the game itself, apart from the first quarter and half of the last quarter it was a pretty fair contest, I  reckon that for the rest of the year Melbourne won’t be the easy beats as everyone has supposed or assumed would be the situation. Nevertheless Collingwood were impressive, the way that they played the first quarter for example was really a pleasure to watch in terms of pure footy ability with their take always from the centre and constant streaming towards goal. Of course, as a contest at that stage it was diabolical, back to the old Melbourne. Again it was great to see Melbourne at least put on a show with many high marks being taken. The last quarter was scarcely a battle of the defences what with fifteen goals being scored, nine straight to the ‘Pies, but it was really exciting to watch Hawthorn had a good away win against Port who had previously seemed to be improving. It’s a match that would have given them real credibility had they been able to get up. Hawthorn is a good side though, no doubt about that.

Highlight: Jetta out sprinting Fletch as he rushed past the wing down the flank.

Lowlight. The Suns.

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  1. Peter Flynn says

    1984 French Open Men’s Final.

    Still haunts 28 years later.

    The Great Man was 2 sets up and lost in 5 to Sawdust Lendl.


  2. Dennis Gedling says

    The 1997 semi final between Geelong and Adelaide. My Dad still asks me if I’ve forgiven Grant Vernon for making that baffling decision that swung the game the Crows way, he knows it’s the one without fail way to wind me up. People are gutted about the 4 grand final losses, Geelong shitting the bed in 1997 hurt just as much for me.

  3. We wouldn’t have had to play the Crows if we didn’t blow our chance against seventh-placed North Melbourne. They were right to laugh at us after that game.

  4. I remember that Cookie.

    We finished 2nd, they finished 7th and we got a Sunday night game at the MCG, possibly because it would have stuck out like dogs balls if the AFL had made us play interstate.

    We copped some pretty dirty deals over the years.

  5. Ben Footner says

    My most frustrating sporting moment is the 2006 season when we were absolutely flying only to have Ricciuto struck down with a mystery virus & McLeod with heel bursars. I mean come on. Parvo Virus? Heel Bursars? The Footy Gods really effed with us that year.

  6. Skip of Skipton says
  7. Cheryl Critchley says

    As a Richmond fan my most frustrating sporting moment is that last 30 years.

  8. Sri Lanka perpetrating the greatest cheat act in cricket history by inventing a series of ruses to allow Murali to play Test cricket.

  9. Jeff Dowsing says

    I expect no sympathy here but like the Eagles 2006 flag, I reckon Brisbane’s 2002 premiership should have an asterix beside it.

    Evidence collected in the last qtr;

    Exhibit A) Rocca goal that was a point (I was sitting in a direct line behind the goals)

    Exhibit B) Tarrant non free from blatant infringement in front of goal, would have put Pies 9 points up as heavy rain kicks in

    Exhibit C) BS free to Lynch a minute later puts Lions in front

    Ah well, it was only a Grand Final.

  10. Danielle says

    …ugh..jack anthonnnnnnyyyyyy :'( !!!!

  11. Jeff – you’re right about the sympathy thing.

  12. Lord Bogan says

    Bloody Nick Davis should be a beauty for Cats fans.

  13. You shouldn’t have done that Skip. Everyone close to me knows I’m mad. That made me madder.

  14. Lord Bogan, three flags heal all wounds – even 2008!

  15. Adelaide, Brisbane and the Swans all went on to win flags after beating the Cats in close games.

    Hawthorn and Collingwood won flags recently after beating us. Perhaps we are the benchmark and that’s why everyone hates us. There is a familiar old poo hoo from all and sundry this year as well.

    Just a little worried guys (and gals)

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  17. Jeff Dowsing says

    Everyone hates Geelong? First I heard!

    If hate is the benchmark for success and fear then the black & white stripes must be doing OK.

  18. The “Bar Codes”?

  19. Lord Bogan says

    And yet despite your recent successes it is you Cat people who are crying foul on this post and screaming blue murder about past injustices. Jeff the reason no one hates the geeks is because deep down they hate themselves…and they know it.

  20. ‘Screaming blue murder about past injustices’ – could not have put it better myself, Lloyd Bochner.

    And geeks, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful – I must have hit a nerve somewhere.

    I just love this blog.

  21. Lord Bogan says

    I knew you’d nibble Phanto. Can’t help yourself.

  22. My bite is worse.

  23. Lord Bogan says

    Never knew you had teeth.

  24. Earl O'Neill says

    Football – the Sparkies 1998 season, when we really had a good, seasoned team until (a) Craig O’Brien wrecked his knee and we lost the best field kick in the team (b) Paul Kelly wrecked his knee and we lost the best captain and player in the comp (c) Cresswell was out of the semi against Adelaide early with a busted cheekbone and Schwass was so fluey he could barely stand. Against that, the final against St Kilda was the last time one could smoke at the SCG and it was a tight, hard game, I was surrounded by Saints fans and we swapped cigs like infantrymen on the beaches of Normandy.
    Cricket – the Fourth Ashes Test 1978/79, my first Test match, on the first day Australia took England for 152, Botham scored 59 and the memory is as clear as yesterday, Ian walking out to bat, his blonde hair swaying in the breeze, swinging the bat like it was a chopstick and he cracked a short but marvellous innings.
    Which doesn’t sound too frustrating until you consider that Australia were up 142 on the first innings and lost by 93 runs.
    Casey Stoner getting outsmarted by Valentino Rossi at Laguna Seca in 2008 and (ouch, no stop, I’ve so much more to write….

  25. Earl, in that Test there was something even more aggravating than Botham’s 59.

    After the first innings Australia led by about 150.

    Batting second England was 1 for none after Hoggy got Boycott for a duck.

    Soon after Derek Randall was ABSOLUTELY PLUMB but the white-sticked, guide-dogged, incompetent boob of an umpire gave Randall not out.

    Randall went on to make 150 out of about 350 and Australia collapsed chasing about 200.

    Had Randall been given and Australia won the Test, the series, with Australia fielding a second XI, would have been 2-2, but it ended 5-1.

  26. In terms of cricket I’ve never been so infuriated as that test we lost which would have ended the Windies reign back in 1991. I think we lost by a single run when McDermott? was given out caught behind off the grill of his helmet. Or maybe I’m confusing that with the one agains the Poms when Lee & Kasper put on that monumental last wicket stand and the latter was also contentiously given caught behind.

    Anyways, we lost that series against the Windies the next test when the curator, for reasons only known to himself, served up one of the greenest most dangerous decks I’ve ever seen. Curtly had never been so erect in his bowling action.

    In terms of ongoing cricket fuelled frustration, then pretty much any time Brett Lee bowls hits the spot with me.

  27. Skip of Skipton says

    Jeff, it was the 92/93 series against the Windies. May and McDermott put on a last wicket stand in the Adelaide test.

  28. Ian Hauser says

    The 1978 SANFL Grand Final! Sturt lost only one match all season in the home and away series, won the lead-up finals comfortably and then lost the GF by a miserable point to Norwood after umpire Mead awarded a mark/free kick to Norwood’s Gallagher that just wasn’t there – the resultant goal was the match winner. (Mead admited years later that he got it wrong.) Soon after, Sturt’s Rick Davies took a clear mark at centre-half forward, well within kicking range, (with at least a draw and a possible win the consequence) but was denied by the umpire. I felt sick then and still get antsy 34 years later!

  29. Botham, Willis, Headingley – enough said!

  30. John Harms says

    I swear on the golf course, and when playing darts. I believe it says somewhere in Hoyle that you are supposed to.

    I find, when watching footy on TV, that yelling into the crook of my elbow works well. The fleshy inside of the elbow is one of Nature’s great mufflers.

  31. Harvey CC (Adelaide & Suburban Third Div Comp) circa 1980. Undefeated all season. Semi Final against only credible opponent that ran us close during the season. Your humble correspondent made 87 (career best – not the devil’s number for me). We made 330 and bowled them out for under 100.
    Our subsequent GF choke became the benchmark for Greg Norman. All out 46. Your pathetic correspondent went 3rd ball for a globe, to one that swung back wickedly (or I completely misjudged the line and it took out off stump).
    Then a day and a half in the field in 105 degrees while the opposition dead batted everything. All other frustration as a sporting spectator or modest participant fades into insignificance alongside that ignominy.
    The 2005 losing GF at the MCG was nothing by comparison.

  32. Ian – your complimenary copy of fellow Almanacker Barry Nicholls excellent ‘Story of 78’ is on the way to you (available at all good bookshops), or you can google his excellent synopsis of the GF on the web. Given that Sturt kicked 12.21 to 3Q time to Norwood’s 9.10, and then ran out of legs on a stinking hot day, I can never understand how Sturt supporters always want to play the umps for their misfortune.
    You kicked yourself out of the game, leaving a gap big enough for a fitter Norwood to drive a truck through. Shades of the incompetent Bombers last weekend. It just hurts a lot more when you do it to yourself in a GF. Denial is not just a river in Egypt.
    As for Umpire Peter Mead I recollect that he had previously won a final in controversial circumstances as a Port Adelaide player in the 60’s, with a kick after the siren. Can’t remember the date or game, but I remember it being a big deal at the time.

  33. I’m not bitter, but … I am a Richmond supporter

    1996, Home and away game against Sydney. Last quarter, nearly siren time and Chris Bond has a free kick and puts it through, post high. On the goal line, Richo bumps Dunkley, who goes down as if stabbed. Umpire disallows the goal.

    Sydney hold on to win by 1 point. At the end of the season, Richmond finishes ninth, half a game outside the eight.

    No, I’m not bitter. And fortunately, I can see the bandwagon coming to pick me up.

    And another vote for the 1984 French Open. McEnroe played 2and a half sets of the best serve and volley tennis I have ever seen, and on clay! Unfortunately the effort knackered him out so much, Lendl was able to overcome his lack of confidence in Grand Slams to finally get over the line.

  34. Peter B,
    Peter Mead kicked a goal after the siren 1965 2nd semi to knock off reigning Premiers South Adelaide. South then got beaten by Sturt in the Prelim and Port won the GF by 3 points in front of a record Adelaide Oval crowd of 62,500. Pretty sure Mead also kicked the winning goal in the GF (but not after the siren this time).

  35. leaving the MCG too early twice.

    Once when Richmond kicked the last 4 goals, 3 to Jimmy Jess to finish all over Hawthorn in about 1978.

    Once when Australia bowled out for about 190 and thinking the Windies would just bat out the last half an hour. Lillee picked up 3/10ish. 1982?

  36. Rick Kane says

    Last 8 games against the Cats have been pretty frustrating. And I think I’ve recorded a few of them here. However, against the best advice of my doctors (that’s right, you close in on 50 and it’s plural) I’ll relive a couple.

    1. Round 17, 2009: Two mistakes seared into the brain forever (although I did have to check reference books to be sure – I’m closing in on 50, back off) happened in the last quarter as the Cats (grrrr) stormed home. First, Kennedy’s poor decision running with Buddy out of the centre into the half forward (and panicking [opinion]) chose to handball rather than kick for goal. It didn’t cost us the match but it did weaken the resolve. Then, so late in the quarter as to be a bee’s dick from siren time the ball is booted deep into the Cats forward pocket. We are sitting in the Southern Stand above the pocket, watching the ball … land safely in the arms of Bartel (the Moriarty to Hawthorn if ever there was one) while a key Hawks back-man, Tom Murphy, number 29, stood a metre away watching. I’m surprised he didn’t applaud. Cut to 2012 and the Hawks retain Murphy but have discarded Kennedy, whatever that means.

    2. Round 12, 2011: In the dying minutes of another game where the Cats run over the top of the Hawks in the last quarter (dare I say the dreaded ‘steal’ word that Cats like to use to describe 2008) two incidents occur that have dramatic ramifications on the result. First, Cats golden boy Selwood king hits Lewis off the ball 80 metres from play. He gets 4 weeks but Cats still find a way to describe him as the victim. If the action had been witnessed by an umpire at the time, a free would have been paid up-field, you know, like in the Hawks 50. In that same time, the ball is heading into the Hawks 50 and the Bud goes up for a mark. Now, by sheer coincidence ( to the other grievance expressed) we are sitting in the pocket, at the City end, where this incident occurs. In fact, we are 5 rows from the fence and in direct view of Buddy being pushed in the back. But what happens? No free? For Buddy? That’d be a first, or a 100th’ed! I can’t say that Buddy would have booted the goal and won the match (I don’t think Buddy could say for sure). I can say that the free was there, as was the 50 metre free against Cats golden boy Selwood and combined, Buddy would have been taking the kick from the goal line. Now i can’t say for sure that he would have kicked the goal …

    3. Ultimately, my most frustrating sporting moment (more like thingamjig) would be the last 8 times the Hawks have played the Cats.


  37. Rick – frustrating for the Hawks indeed. Though I make a few comments on your comments:

    Selwood didn’t king hit Lewis, he gave that little turd Guerra a clip in the ear after copping a physical hiding from Guerra all day. Guerra fell over and cried.

    Buddy’s free kick should have been paid if Lonergan actually pushed him in the back, but he didn’t. Buddy staged for it and the umpire was awake to him. Buudy should have got a fortnight for being a poser.

    My most frustrating moment was being up against the Hawks by 9 points with 90 seconds on the clock (late 80s I think) and we still lost. Things seem to move in waves.

  38. Rick,

    I need cheering up today. You wouldn’t be able to recount all eight for me would you.

    Selwood was silly. He should have just pulled the Gorilla’s hair and shown ot to the crowd.

    “Bloke with hair infusion lives a vain lie – old jungle saying”

  39. Rick Kane says

    Thanks Dips for the correction (and my apologies to both the Guerra family and Lewis family for that mistake) and interestingly enough, thank you for reinforcing my point about Cats supporters blind faith in the Sellers lad. As for Buddy love, we’ll have to agree to disagree or agree that I’m right and you’re sadly mistaken :)

    Hi Mr Phantom, it’s been a while. Sorry I couldn’t make it across to your lovely piece of God’s own. It sounds like you gave the mainlanders a right royal time. I would gladly like to cheer you up with a recount of all 8 sins. I would gladly include the next two losses as well, if that meant we ended up squaring off once again in the GF and the Hawks prevailed. A scenario I’m sure Cats fear more than death itself.


  40. Rick – that comment about the grand final is not funny!

  41. Ian Hauser says


    Yes, Sturt did kick something like 12.26 for the match and kicked themselves out of it, but, hey, when did any avid fan let the facts get in the way of their emotions? We waz robbed!

  42. Rick,

    I have KRAFT and am unable to go back beyond 2009.

    You may be on to something regarding this year. The recent Buddy report dismissal shows that the AFL are back on th’orks so no doubt you will receive a little more ‘special treatment’ to keep the AFL turnstyles clicking and the coins rattling in their tins with such a draw card being looked after.

    This season could be another AFL derived frustrating moment in sport for all non orks.

    How many recent games has he taken to kick 13 against Scarlo et al?

  43. 1998 AFL Grand Final. Full stop.

    Re the 1984 French Open final: didn’t the brat get distracted by a cameraman, or photographer, and go completely off the rails after that?

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