You have to laugh and you have to wonder….


If you are a Saints supporter, you may enjoy this youtube clip my Uncle Bob forwarded. Mind you, anyone would smile at this.

Past the humour and philosophy of being a Saints supporter, I have been watching our young men be injured in all but one of the first seven games in 2014. It got me wondering about the other teams, and other fans might be more on top of the seriousness of injuries their club is currently managing.
For me, it goes somewhat to explaining part of the reason we were thrashed this weekend. It seems every time someone starts to show some form, and settled-ness within the team, it has to be reshuffled again due to injury.
I sat at my computer while posting for the Almanac this Monday afternoon and researched via my Iphone on the AFL website. Some weeks injuries were TBA but not written in, so I may have missed some that other supporters know. It just seems very high to me, and very hard to witness week after week, in any game, in any team. Some were concussions and we know that usually the player comes back after a week off. Overall, it’s a little overwhelming to see the numbers listed below.

Round 1
Saints: Jimmy Webster – groin
(Melb 2, Syd 1, GWS 1, GCS 2, PA 1, Geel 1, North 2)
Equalling 11 injured players in one round. Is this the norm?

Round 2
Saints: Tom Hickey foot, Sam Gilbert Ankle
(Carl 2, Haw 1, Essen 1, PA 1, Adel 2, Coll 2, Sydney 1, Cats 1, Melb 1, WCE 1, WB 1, NM 4)
Equalling 20 – awful

Round 3
Saints: Gilbert foot
(WCE 2, BL 2, Coll 1, Geel 3, NM 3, PA 2, Essen 1)
Equalling 15

Round 4
Nathan Wright (fractured lower right leg)
Armitage concussion and leg (out for 3-4 weeks from now).
(This injury, a gash on Armitage’s knee was stitched up at the ground and he was sent back out. A few days later, his knee had swollen up and he was in hospital with major infection from the dirt and soil at the ground (Ethiad) which had been sown back into the wound. NOTE TO MEDICAL STAFF: do a better job protecting our boys.)
(Rich 2, Carl 3, Melb 1, BL 2, GWS 3, WB 1, Geel 1, WCE2, Hawks 2, Freo1, Essen 4 (most before game)
Equals 24

Round 5
St.Kilda nil
(Essen 2, NM 1, Syd 1, WCE 1, GWS 1, Carlton 3)
Equals 9, a breeze compared to other weeks.

Round 6
Saints: Templeton broken arm
(Blues 2, Adel 2, Melb 1, Syd 1, Essen 1, NM 1, GCS 2, Richmond 1, Freo 1)
Equals 19

Round 7
Saints: Jarryn Geary right elbow

(Hawks 3 big injuries, Coll 1, Adel 2, Melb 1, Syd 1, Essen 2, NM 1, GCS 2, Rich 1 Freo 1).
Equals 15
On Saints injured list:
Armitage 3-4 weeks
Gilbert 9-10 weeks
Wright 10-12 weeks
Templeton 3-4 months.
(that I know of from the St.Kilda Football Club listing.)

Am I only just noticing all this? Is this what is happening every week, every year. Would appreciate everyone’s thoughts.

Yvette Wroby
5th May 2014


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Yvette Wroby writes, cartoons, paints through life and gets most pleasure when it's about football, and more specifically the Saints. Believes in following dreams and having a go.


  1. Cat from the Country says

    Hi Yvonne. For years I have followed the injury list for years, but not so far this year, just Geelong’s.
    Over the years injuries have increased and the number of broken bones is about the same.
    As the game became faster, boots changed and ankles no longer had any support. Ankle injuries increased exponentially.
    Fitness must play a big part and unfit players should be replaced on in the team. Put them back in the twos for match fitness and promote some young guys.
    Clubs have a duty of care to play only fit men.
    I don’t know how Daniel Menzel is coping with his protracted knee problems but I do know the club will not let him back until he is really ready and that is how it should be.

  2. One of the main (many) queries I have about the Eagles is their injury/medical management.
    You get nothing but spin and lies from politicians (sorry I meant footy clubs) so you can only make educated guesses about what is really happening with players. I accept that doctors are not miracles workers and some chronic injuries can never be resolved, BUT:
    Naitanui is 24 and has been in the Eagles system for 6 years. He is a hugely muscled man. The excuse for his crap performances this year is “he hasn’t done a proper pre season for 3 years.” WHY? There is ongoing talk of mysterious ‘groin’ problems. I can’t see that this is going to get better while playing him. He couldn’t run out of sight in the middle of the night at the moment.
    And we are going to sign him for 4+ years for close to a million bucks a year??? I hope $600k of that is marketing money, not playing money.
    I would send him for surgery right now, and have him come back for a proper pre-season starting September. Offer him half that money for 2 years, with a back end loaded contract performance based for the last 2 years on the money he is seeking. Pay him $1m a season if he can finish top 5 in the Club B&F.
    If GWS want to pay him that money now, fine. Its all risk and reward. We can get better return for that salary cap from others, based on the last 2 seasons.
    I love watching Nic – when he is fit – his presence and ability to get the ball moving is a real X Factor. I really wish him (and us) well. But paying him $1m now is BUDDYESQUE – and I hated that in Sydney.
    Declining days of Empire?
    Back to injuries – the Naitanui pattern has been repeated with Kerr, Waters and LeCras over recent years. Conservative injury management. Too early return. Repeat same injury.
    Time for Simpson to show some goolies and have a clean out of Woosha’s old mates club.

  3. P.S. – I checked out the video Yvette. Glad to see that you and Uncle Bob have retained your sense of humour in the face of adversity.
    The new recruits look big and strong, but they seem a bit slow.
    If Bomber Thompson stays at Essendon, perhaps you could get James Herd to coach you next season.

  4. David Zampatti says

    Oh, so that guy’s not your mascot Pete? Silly me.

  5. I’ve been looking forward to young Freeman playing for the Pies as apparently he’s a fast ball magnet and built like one of those beasts in the video.

    He did his hammy 3 weeks before Round 1. He’s been listed as 3 weeks away ever since and now we’re in R8.

    So I know what you mean PB about club spin.

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