Yoshi’s Supporting Message to Andy Murray

Andy Murray is a good tennis player, but often lets Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal to be a champion of a Grand Slam. I have been longing to see Murray to win a Grand Slam.

Murray won the Semi Final against Tomas Berdych on Thursday night. He is on the way to play the Australian Open Final for the fourth time.

Before starting writing this article, I had been thinking about writing my predictions on Men’s and Women’s Single Finals although Djokovic and Stan Wawrinka had not played their Semi Final match, with surveying rivalry between Murray and Djokovic as well as between Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova.

But when I read an article about the Men’s Semi Final between Murray and Berdych on the Australian Open website, I found interesting stuffs of Murray and his passion in the article. Then I decided to write a supporting message to Murray.

In the Semi Final Match, Dani Vallverdu a coach in the centre stage has coached Murray and is currently working with Berdych.

Murray admitted there was an extra tension at the post-match press conference, but described it unfair and unnecessary.

As Murray lost the first set at 6-7 (6), tiebreak, I guess he might feel mixed emotion. But he said that the extra tension was finished at the end of the first set.

What I am impressed with Murray is he overcame media’s expectation of having the extra tension.

After having lost the first set, Murray showed great plays with both powerfulness and intelligence on both returns and serves. His powerful returns and serves distracted Berdych to hit back and intelligent ones made the opponent wondering where he should wait to hit the ball back.

I had not known that Murray’s current coach was a French woman, Amelie Mauresmo until reading the article. Murray bit on criticism of being coached by a woman and showed good example of a female player who is coached by a female coach.

Murray’s thoughts on female tennis coaches are agreeable. I wonder why people judge others by gender. Play styles between genders can be different, but coaching jobs should be seen by what individuals are contributing advice to players.

Now St Kilda Football Club has a female assistant coach, Peta Searle and what she has been doing is awesome. I am glad to have such a good coach in my favourite footy club. Then why not being coached by a woman for Murray?

No matter if Murray faces Djokovic or Wawrinka at the Final, I wish all the best to Murray. I am supporting him with Britons and other fans.

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