World Footy: A global round-up of premiers

By Brett Northey from

As the new year begins we present below the club premiers and provincial champions from across the world of Australian football for 2009. This is the fourth year in a row at that we’ve compiled the list.

It was a year that once again saw powerhouse clubs dominate some leagues. At Australian state league level, former strugglers Central Districts made it an incredible eight out of the last 10 in the SANFL in South Australia (well deserved but perhaps becoming an unhealthy dominance).

The West London Wildcats’ stranglehold on London premierships was strengthened when they won their sixth straight London Premiership title, maintaining the club’s run of silverware.

North Beach won their sixth straight in the WAAFL (Western Australian amateurs) A grade and the Goodwood Saints won their fifth straight in the SAAFL (South Australian amateurs) A grade and the Logan Cobras made it four in a row in Brisbane’s women’s league.

Three-peats went to Rheinland in Germany’s top division, and the same for the Darebin Falcons in the Victorian Women’s Premier Division and the Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs in Wellington.

As usual we include the disclaimer that in a place like Australia there are dozens of leagues of good standard, so here we’ve limited ourselves to the national competition and some of the major leagues in each state and territory. In other countries there are sometimes smaller city-based leagues, such as metro competitions in many US cities. Again, we’ve limited ourselves to the major interstate championships and just a few of the more established metro leagues. Results are for men’s senior competition grand finals unless otherwise stated.

Note that the majority of leagues around the world play through the middle of the calendar year (centred on winter in the southern hemisphere, summer in the northern hemisphere), but in a few cases such as Australia’s Northern Territory matches are played spanning two calendar years (the end of one and the start of the next). In these cases the season completed earlier in the year is listed here.

Thanks to the officials and volunteers who helped us compile this list. Apologies if we’ve missed your favourite league!  It’s now a big world of Aussie Rules out there.


AFL – Geelong 12.8 (80) def St Kilda 9.14 (68). Crowd 99,251 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne.

South Australia – SANFL – Central Districts 13.14 (92) def Sturt 7.12 (54). Crowd 35,647 at AAMI Stadium, Adelaide.

South Australia – SAAFL – Goodwood Saints 11.13 (79) def Henley 8.12 (60) at Thebarton Oval.

South Australia – SA Women’s FL – Greenacres 5.9 (39) def Woodville West Torren Eagles 4.2 (26) at Kilburn, Adelaide

Victoria – VFL – North Ballarat 14.7 (91) def Northern Bullants 10.8 (68). Crowd 14,026 at Etihad Stadium, Melbourne.

Victoria – Victorian Women’s FL (Division 1) – Darebin Falcons 10.14 (74) def Diamond Creek 4.6 (30) at Box Hill City Oval, Melbourne.

Victoria – VAFA (A Section) – Old Xaverians 9.6 (60) def De La Salle 8.9 (57) at Sportscover Arena in Elsternwick, Melbourne.

Western Australia – WAFL – South Fremantle 17.11 (113) def Subiaco 13.17 (95). Crowd 22,738 at Subiaco Oval, Perth.

Western Australia – WAAFL Div A – North Beach 10.13 (73) def North Fremantle 5.6 (36) at Medibank Stadium.

Western Australia – WA Women’s FL – Div 1 – East Fremantle Sharks 7.8 (50) def Coastal Titans 5.6 (36) at Eftel Oval, Perth.

Queensland – AFLQ State League Velocity Sports Cup – Morningside 14.10 (94) def Mt Gravatt 8.15 (63), Giffin Park.

Queensland – Women’s AFL Brisbane – Logan Cobras 8.7 (55) def Western Magpies 1.3 (9).

Tasmania – State League – Clarence 15.11 (101) def Glenorchy 14.11 (95). Crowd 7534 at Bellerive Oval, Hobart.

NSW/ACT – Sydney AFL – East Coast Eagles 22.12 (144) d. University of NSW-Eastern Suburbs 13.12 (90) at Blacktown Olympic Park, Sydney.

NSW – Sydney Women’s AFL – Newtown Breakaways 8.2 (50) def Western Wolves 5.7 (37) at Mahoney Park.

ACT – Canberra Women’s AFL – Tuggeranong 2.3 (15) def Ainslie 2.2 (14) at Manuka Oval.

AFL Canberra – Belconnen 11.13 (79) def Ainslie 10.13 (73) at Manuka Oval, Canberra.

Northern Territory – NT-AFL (2008/09 season) – St Marys 22.13 (145) def Wanderers 11.15 (81) at TIO (Marrara) Stadium, Darwin.

New Zealand

Auckland AFL – University Blues 23.11 (149) def Waitakere Magpies 7.12 (54), crowd approx. 500.

Wellington AFL – Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 8.14 (62) def Hutt Valley Eagles 4.8 (32).

Canterbury AFL – 11.6 (72) def University Cougars 6.4 (40), crowd approx. 300.

Waikato AFL – not available at time of writing.

Papua New Guinea

PNG Super Series – Komatsu Tough Bulldogs 60 def Kwila Insurance Cats 52, in Port Moresby.

Unable to obtain results from other PNG leagues at time of writing.


Stingrays 12.5 (77) def Barracudas 5.9 (39)


No senior premiership.


No senior premiership as far as we could determine.


Japan AFL – Tokyo Goannas 13.10 (88) to Eastern Hawks 6.14 (50). At Yokohama Country & Athletic Club.


Beijing AFL – Spring Season – DongCheng Demons, runner up Santa Fe Saints, Xiaowuji Football Ground, Beijing.

Beijing AFL – Autumn Season – Santa Fe Saints, runner up Chaoyang Cats, Xiaowuji Football Ground, Beijing.

China Cup – Hong Kong 13.4 (82) def Beijing 8.10 (58), Xiaowuji Football Ground, Beijing.


Ontario AFL – Division 1 – Toronto Eagles 12.13 (85) def Etobicoke Kangaroos 3.10 (28) at Humber College Park.

Ontario AFL – Division 2 – Quebec Saints 6.7 (43) def Broadview Hawks 3.6 (24)

Runge Metro Cup (Alberta Footy Women’s League) – Hillhurst Nighthawks 5.7 (37) def Kensington Kingfishers 1.7 (13) at Calgary.

North West Pacific AFL / BC Footy – West Coast Saints 6.8 (44) def Burnaby Eagles 5.7 (37), at UBC, Vancouver.

United States

US Nationals – Division 1 – Denver 2.5 (17) def Seattle 2.2 (14).

US Nationals – Division 2 – Calgary 5.8 (38) def Milwaukee 3.2 (20).

US Nationals – Division 3 – Dallas def Austin.

US Nationals – Division 4 – Ohio Valley/St Louis def Orange County/Des Moines.

US Nationals – Women’s – Milwaukee def Calgary Blue.

MAAFL – Chicago United (no grand final – finished atop ladder).

EAFL – New York Magpies (no grand final – finished atop ladder).

GGAFL – Marin 13.16 (94) def San Francisco 8.4 (52).


AFLG – Premier Division – Rheinland Lions 13.9 (87) def Munich Roos 8.3 (51) at Frankfurter Ostpark, Frankfurt.

AFLG – Division 2 – Berlin Crocodiles 6.6 (42) def Rheinland Lions 4.11 (35) at Frankfurter Ostpark, Frankfurt.


Coupe de France – Paris Cockerels 11.3 (69) def Perpignan Tigers 1.5 (11) at St Medard-en-Jalles, Bordeaux.


LFAC – Belfry Valls def Cornellà Bocs.


DAFL Premier League – Port Malmö Maulers 7.14 (56) def North Copenhagen Barracudas 6.16 (52) at Limhamn, Malmö.


Stockholm AFF – Södermalm Blue Saints 9.9 (63) def Bromma Vikings 6.20 (56) at Årsta Fältet.


AFL London Premiership – West London Wildcats 11.8 (74) def Wandsworth Demons 10.7 (67) at Barn Elms Reserve, London.

AFL London Conference – Clapham Demons 8.5 (53) def Shepherds Bush 5.7 (37) at Barn Elms Reserve, London.

AFL London Social League – South London Demons 5.7 (37) def Ealing Emus 1.2 (8) at Barn Elms Reserve, London.

Scottish ARFL – Edinburgh Bloods premiers.

ARUK Central – Huddersfield Rams 13.27 (105) def Birmingham Bears 12.12 (84) at Lockwood Park, Huddersfield.

ARUK Southern – Chippenham Redbacks 15.12 (102) def Bournemouth Demons 14.10 (94) at Havant Rugby Club.

ARUK Northern – Newcastle Centurions (163) def Durham Saints (35) at Novocastrians Rugby Club, Newcastle.

Welsh ARFL – South Cardiff Panthers def Swansea Magpies at Pontcanna Fields, Cardiff.


Dublin Demons 10.10 (70) def South Dublin Swans 4.11 (35) at St. David’s College, Dublin.


Turku Dockers 11.13 (79) def Helsinki Heatseekers 8.7 (55) in Halikko.

South Africa

National Championships – Western Cape Magpies 10.8 (68) def North West Dockers 4.3 (27) at Mohadin Cricket Ground, Potchefstroom, North West Province.

Western Cape footyWILD Extreme Cup – Nyanga Bluebirds 9.17 (71) def Khayelitsha Divines 1.3 (9) at Nyanga Rugby / Cricket Stadium.

Middle East

AFL ME – Dubai Heat 11.11 (77) def Muscat Magpies 10.8 (68). At The Sevens Rugby Ground.

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  1. This is a fantastic list! I’m always so excited to see how our game has spread throughout the world.

    Thanks for sharing it with us :-)

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Wow Brett Fantastic summary even a footy nerd such as myself did nor realize how many countries are Playing Aussie Rules Football !
    May Bob Neil continue to be with you !

  3. The game is taking root. Given a little more time, Aussie rules will be the world’s premier footy code. Might be 100 years or 1000 years, but the cream will rise to the top.

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