World Cup 2014 – What should the Almanac do?

The World Cup squad is out and Australia has been blessed with the slogan “Hopping Our Way to History,” thus vindicating Mark Schwarzer’s decision to retire.

Whilst the Socceroos may struggle, this will undoubtedly be the biggest sporting event of the year. We are calling for you to give us suggestions on how we should cover it.

Shall we try to allocate match reports?

Tipping comp?

Do you know of current or future Almanackers who will be in Brazil and might send through some reports?


Let us know your thoughts below.






  1. David Zampatti says

    On the basis that the Almanac is here to reflect on and preserve acts of sporting artistry, athleticism, courage and endurance, and, through that prism, illuminate the Australian experience, it should ignore the World Cup entirely.

  2. On the basis that the World Cup is likely to be the most exciting thing happening in football this year (other than the demise of Rossball) I suggest we allocate match reports or at least have a number of daily scribes.
    It always gets me in, no matter the moral turpitude of the organisers.

  3. LOL David. Photos / videos of the street parties will do me.

  4. Stainless says

    Out of respect for my new hero, Luis Suarez, I’m adopting Uruguay for the World Cup and am looking to them to repeat their 1950 upset of the host nation. I am happy to write about their fortunes and those of Suarez. To paraphrase the psychiatrist’s comment in Fawlty Towers, “there’s enough material there for an entire conference”.

  5. Dennis Gedling says

    Seeing as I’m spending a month on no sleep and ethnic clubs in the small hours I could do something. I little ‘good bad ugly’ kind of wrap on each day with some others counteracting that with their opinions?

  6. daniel flesch says

    As the mainstream media will be full of the whole glitzy corrupt nationalistic diving show , i’m with Signor Zampatti . As much as anyone likes in Almanac Soccer section for sure , but please keep it out of General Footy Writing. I can see why people like the game itself , even if i don’t , but the Nuremberg style patriotic flag waving and the hysteria whenever a goal is scored is just plain stoopid , and i’d like to be spared of it on the Aussie Rules Football platform. Apartheid was a horrid political and social system , but a good thing in football forums.

  7. Nominations for The David Zampatti Rio (tipping competition) are now open.

  8. Comrade DZ,

    Thanks for giving your name to our tipping comp. You were an obvious choice.

    Team Almanac

    PS I think you left the word ‘West’ out of your previous comment.

  9. David Zampatti says

    While I’m always deeply honoured to have my moniker attached to anything, I’d prefer it to be a “pick the first goal-scorer” challenge.

    That, of course, depends on anyone actually managing to score sometime during the bloody event.

    And, fear not, Harms, “West” is never far from my mind (see coincidental most recent post). It’s a bit like “Cats”.

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