Woollen Jumpers: Simpler Times

Rod Oaten Essendon Jumper

I found this old photo of a ten year old Rod Oaten about to deliver a lightning hand pass to his seven year old brother Lynton at Dromana circa 1951. These woollen jumpers and our long socks were hand knitted by our Mother and our Nana, both one eyed Essendon supporters. The red sash was also hand knitted and sewn on to the jumper. The numbers on our back were cut from felt and stitched on.

I wore the number of Ron McEwin (14) a nippy little rover, my brother wore number 10 after the legendary John Coleman. It looks like our footy had seen better days judging by the shape and the condition of the stitching, and it looks like Lynton’s right knee bandage was the result of crashing to the ground after another attempted high mark.


  1. Yvette Wroby says

    Very cool Rod


  2. Love it Rod, absolutey beautiful picture.
    As is the picture in my mind of both your Mum and your Nana sitting and knitting, not just the jumpers, but the socks too!!!!…only in the 50’s could that have happened.

    I suspect the gravel driveway had something to do with Lynton’s injuries too, not a paver or manicured lawn in sight…Love it.


  3. Pamela Sherpa says

    What a classic picture Rod, lovely story and treasured memories .

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