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Two things have come across my desk in the last few days that are worth spreading.


One is a great article by Kate O’Hallaron (an Almanac contributor) in response to the two AFLW players Penny Cula-Reid and Mia-Rae Clifford who came out in the press this week. It was a terrific article by Samantha Lane (The Age Saturday February 11 and it’s linked in the article below) and it inspired Kate to go straight home and write this response.



The other big news is that the Wheeler Centre is running another great event (one of many) on Women and Football. Titled “A League of One’s Own: The AFL, and Women’s Sport” at the Melbourne City Conference Centre on April 5 at 6.15pm. Follow the link here to find out more about this evening.

Journalist Karen Lyon will host Angela Pippos, Susan Alberti and Sam Mostyn. Book tickets early. It will sell out.



Have a great week in women’s footy.


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  1. jan courtin says

    Wonderful article by Kate in the Guardian. Thanks for the link.

    I’m already giving thanks to the first outing by a gay male AFL player – whilst he’s still playing! The sooner the better!

    Things are a changing.

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