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Michelle Brisbane                                                                   The Houndlings

Michelle,Georgie Ross, Anthony Shortte and Kate Clarke

Michelle Brisbane and Ethical Investment Services came on board as our first major sponsors for the inaugural Women’s Footy Almanac.  Michelle and her company have guided me for years, her predecessor Janice helped me through some hairy financial times, and when Michelle bought the business, she continued to advise and support and direct. The comprehensive understanding of ethical financial services, companies and businesses that Michelle carries with her has me in awe.

Last Sunday I went to see Michelle’s band the “Houndlings” play at Labour in Vain on Brunswick Street Fitzroy. I got there early, as I could only stay for the first half hour.  “The Book of Mormon” and my daughter were waiting for me in town.  I watched as an ordinary, quiet old inner city pub turned into a groovy place to chill to some cool jazz and blues.

I watched as each musician bought in their equipment and set up.  Michelle on lead guitar, Anthony Shortte (of Collard Greens and Gravy fame) his drum kit, Kate Clarke with her bass guitar and speakers, and Georgie Ross in her bright red dress and her dynamic vocals.

Almanacker Vin Maskell was there too, he was connected to Anthony Shortte who also is the drummer with the Stereo Stories Band, which performs at Vin’s Stereo Stories gigs.

Houndlings have played together for five years and it’s worth finding out where the band will play next and get along.

We bopped to “Down the Road I Go”, “Let’s Dance”, some Etta Jones, some Tom Waites. You know it’s great music, and great lead guitar, when you feel your own veins popping.

I had to drag myself away, and will go back another day. It’s wonderful to see Michelle singing back up and announcing songs and being as good at music as she is at her business. Do yourself a favour……


Yvette Wroby


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