Wishing everyone a happy sporting weekend


I’ve been wondering lately whether I watch too much sport.


Some say “why worry”; others “enjoy it while you can!”; others “well, who cares”; and then there are the “you’re a bloody addict, Jan” doomsayers.


I agree with them all.


So, I’m now heading off downstairs to our lovely art-filled spacious lounge room to set-up the programs I just have to watch this weekend. Yes, the word compulsive is also synonymous with this sports lover.


In addition to the list in the image below, I’ll be watching every minute of the Sheffield Shield final, in Brisbane, via streaming on the computer. No idea how I’ll manage, mind you, but my cricket team can’t be ignored.


And whilst I’m at it, did you all realise that the AFLW Grand Final will not be televised live on Fox. No, the men’s game will take precedence, and the women will not be shown until 11pm on Saturday. (Oh well, we’re used to that, aren’t we, sisters?)


Jan’s Weekend Schedule


All I can say is thank God I didn’t make it to Perth this weekend for the Swans match (missed out on tickets at the last hurdle); nor to Brisbane for the Shield Final – as I had contemplated; and thank God I don’t have any pressing family issues to spoil my anticipated weekend of sport, sport, sport!


I cannot imagine my life without it! Go the Bloods!


About Jan Courtin

A Bloods tragic since first game at Lake Oval in 1948. Moved interstate to Sydney to be closer to beloved Swans in 1998. My book "My Lifelong Love Affair with the Swans" was launched by the Swans at their headquarters at the SCG in August 2016. www.myswansloveaffair.com


  1. No, my television screen isn’t that long!! I took three separate shots of the recordings, then sent them to my brilliant graphic designer sister, Julie, to work her magic in photoshop!

    At least there’ll be fewer hours’ watching, as I doubled up on the Essendon/Adelaide match.

  2. marshall the hubby says

    She forgot to mention her Broncos league team! (recorded as West Tigers) and of course the Australia/South Africa cricket!

    What chance have I got??!!

  3. I feel dizzy and notably unwell….,
    The thought of being tethered to the couch and the optic and aural pathways being forced to such torture for a WHOLE WEEKEND INCLUDING NIGHTS…..
    I’d definitely call in sick.

    But I guess you enjoy Janet Maria!
    Jude xxx

  4. Yvette Wroby says

    Brilliant. You make me look NORMAL!

  5. Kasey Symons says

    That schedule is a thing of beauty Jan.

  6. Hi Jan,

    Don’t worry! You just enjoy.

    I can’t watch the AFLW Grand Final or my Saints playing against Brisbane Lions live because I will be working whilst these matches.

    Then I am having an important meeting for my footy club, Osaka Dingoes, on Saturday night.

    The AFLW match will be replayed on Sunday morning with my Watch AFL app. If not available, Saints versus Lions will be replayed.

    Then I am going on a weekly Dingoes training on Sunday afternoon.

    As I am working for long hours on Monday, sadly I won’t be able to write a story of the match I will be watching on Sunday morning, so leave it to Tuesday morning.

    Tuesday night will be the time to watch replay of the match I won’t watch on Sunday. The match report of the game will be created on Wednesday morning or afternoon.

    I am having a long footy weekend.



  7. Thanks one and all. It all starts tonight with the Test in South Africa. Hopefully I’ll be in a fit state come Monday morning to be able to write my report on the Swans game!

    Cheer cheer

  8. have fun fun fun doing what one chooses is delicious joy. GO GO GO JAN. enjoy. woooooha woooooha. what a planet!!!!!!

  9. How did you go Jan?

  10. Managed three days of the Test in South Africa (admittedly fast forwarding a bit!) and might take a look at last night’s even though a loss; Broncos win; AFLW GF; all of the AFL games (fast forwarding thrashings: amazing what they eye can be trained to see when going fast forward!); watching the Bulls from the corner of my computer while typing the 70+ year old letters of my parents – still two days to go with the Shield; and of course, writing about my Swannies!

    Haven’t been too deprived of sleep – except for last night after our win, just couldn’t get my eyes closed – or more to the point, my brain to stop thinking. Oh! Bugger! Bulls just lost a wicket!

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