Winter Masterpieces


  1. Love them Jim.

  2. Alovesupreme says

    Inspired, Jim. I look forward to seeing themasterpieces.

  3. Love the 1982 – After Manet

  4. Expulsion from Eden – very clever. I know of one Royboy fan who did a Fitzroy ‘Last Supper’ mockup, and another who did a Fitzroy version of Munch’s ‘Scream’.

  5. John weldon says

    wow jim. i just love these.

  6. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Brilliant Jim. I love the symbolism in your pieces.

  7. Thanks so much for the feedback. Armadale is nowhere near any football ground of my dreaming, but you are all welcome to come and have a sherbet and imagine it is.
    cheers, jim

  8. Brilliant.I don’t suppose you have one inspired by Gary Ablett Snr coming out of retirement in 1991?

  9. No Pete, there’s Garys Ablett as Madonna and child though. Anyway, did he actually ‘retire’ or simply take one of Ron Hovey’s trucks on an extended joyride?

  10. would love to see these up close.
    any chance of bringing them to stockholm jim?
    i’ve got a couple of contacts in the austrade office here.
    maybe we can organise a cultural exchange.
    i can bring back a couple of tins of rotten herring and open them up – great performance art.

  11. What a great idea Bob, a cultural exchange! We can work on a haiku funding application. Asking for money doesn’t require more than 17 syllables – I reckon I can do in four.

  12. Skip of Skipton says

    Billy Brownless ended up All-Australian because Ablett absconded with Hovey’s truck!
    Was at his retirement comeback vs Hawthorn reserves at Princes Park. Full house at noon. Kicked 5 or was it 7? from a flank. The real eye-opener and talking point that day was the performance of a young and unknown P.Riccardi carving it up on a wing. There must be some paintable parable relating to this surely?

  13. I’m struggling to think of an image for that Skip … the problem is that once you mention Billy Brownless I can only see Looney Tunes. Even in 1991 he was a cross between Elmer Fudd and Foghorn Leghorn

  14. Skip of Skipton says

    Cheers Jim. If I think of something applicable I will let you know, don’t worry. Geelong in ’91 was another season that offered much yet didn’t deliver. Best whitewashed anyway.

    I dig your work. I Would love to ask a few questions regarding the four paintings you present here.

  15. Ask away Skip

  16. @jim – Gazza was turning 30 that year, about the same age as Jesus was when he went into the wilderness…

    @Skip – I was at Princess Park “that” day also. Biggest crowd I’d seen at a reserves game. The thing I remember most was a shot at goal Gazza had that actually landed flush on top of the knob at the top of one of the goal posts. The next things is that we beat the Hawks at Princess Park – a very rare thing – playing supreme wet weather football. Torpy after torpy and Bairstow was supreme.

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