Williamstown Literary Festival: Footy Town

Knacker Vin Maskell will host a Williamstown Literary Festival event this Wednesday, May 29, featuring John Harms, Paul Daffey and fellow Knacker and Williamstown CYMS footy club legend, Smokie Dawson.

“Footy Town in Willamstown” will focus on Footy Town’s western suburbs stories: Willi CYs, Willi Methodists, Braybrook, Parkside, although it’s a fair bet characters and grounds from around the country will be discussed.

Dress code: Wear a footy jumper if you wish, the older the better.

Entry is $10 with tickets at the door.  Drinks at bar prices.




  1. Looking forward to the night. Always good fun.

  2. Looking forward to seeing what footy jumper you pull on, John. Adelaide Lutheran? New strip or old strip?
    Daff said he might wear an old Golden Square guernsey. I’ll be donning my father’s mate’s 50 year old blue and gold West Geelong (GDFL) jumper.
    As well as talking Footy Town I’m hoping there’ll be a few minutes, maybe in the third quarter, of talking footy jumpers.

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