Poetry: Why we got beat




by W.A.G. Walker


Acky ad an ankle

Gazza ad a groin

Clarrie ad a corky

Herbie ad a hernia.

Harry ad a hangover

Pete ad piles

Dezzy ad a dose

Morrie ad a migraine

Charlie ad a crucial.

Trev ad the tom tits

Albie ad a achilles

Con ad concussion

Bazza ad a blood nose

Nobby ad a knee

Eddie ad a headache

Stan ad shagger’s back

Ocker ad a shocker

Stevie ad a shoulder

Hammy ad a ammy

Andy ad a AC

Freddie ad the flu

I ad a go, but the umpy ad it inferme




  1. Gnarley George says

    ……. & Terry got terminated. Regards Your Bro :)

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