Why India Struggles to Win Test Matches Overseas

While Australian cricket fans are celebrating a memorable win in the First Test against India, and cricket lovers are drawing breath after yesterday’s dramatic conclusion, the visitors are left to ponder what might have been.

While coming desperately close to pulling off what would have been one of the all-time great run-chases to win a Test match, local writer ‘The Small Town Boy’ provides some quality analysis on where to from here for the current Indian squad.

“So, the Adelaide Test Match is now over and done with. India put up a courageous fight, but in the end, fell short. 48 runs short.  Kohli and Vijay almost saved the day for India on the last day. Almost. Until Nathan Lyon came to the party. For a career best haul. The Indian top order showed great tenacity on a spinning 5th day Adelaide pitch. Kohli justified his swagger with bundles of talent and competitiveness. Vijay dug in as well, to get India close. And then, in the spate of 100 odd balls it all fell apart.” Read more

With Brisbane on the horizon, will India’s response to yesterday’s narrow defeat provide a tremendous narrative for the second Test?

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