Who is the mystery kicker in this photo?

Bernard Whimpress - footballer on crutches


I took this photograph at three-quarter time of a league match at the Thebarton Oval when I was editing the South Australian Football Budget in the early 1980s. The balance and concentration applied by this young man certainly captured the crowd’s attention. The picture was published in the Budget at the time and then republished as an illustration accompanying my chapter on football in the book, Sport in Australia: A Social History in 1994.

[Right-o you South Australian types (PB, Mickey, Swish, Rulebook et al) who is this? Pease tell his story in the comments section which follows – JTH]

About Bernard Whimpress

Freelance historian (mainly sport) who has just written his 40th book. Will accept writing commissions with reasonable pay. Among his most recent books are George Giffen: A Biography, The Towns: 100 Years of Glory 1919-2018, Joe Darling: Cricketer, Farmer, Politician and Family Man (with Graeme Ryan) and The MCC Official Ashes Treasures (5th edition).


  1. Bernard- this is a magnificent photo, but I have no idea who it might be. I wonder if the Floreani family- Aldo and Jon especially- who have a forty year association with West Torrens (WWT) might be able to help. There’s not much they don’t know about the club! Agree that the man in the photo would make an excellent story. Good luck in your search!

  2. I ruled out the usual suspects – Peter Motley was not injured until 1987. Neil Sachse was a quadriplegic.
    For some reason the name Kevin Bawden came to mind. I think I worked with him in the public service in Adelaide in the 1970’s. I have no idea if the photo is Kevin, but he is the right vintage and was a sports tragic and a pioneer in disabled/wheelchair sport in SA.
    This is his Wikipedia profile:
    If it isn’t Kevin, then I am sure he knows who it was.
    (How come I can’t remember the names of people I met 5 minutes ago, but stuff from 40 years ago keeps popping out of nowhere?)

  3. bernard whimpress says

    Thanks Mickey and Peter for the suggestions.

  4. He was a Port supporter, I remember him from every time Sturt played them, this guy was always out kicking the ball after the game, moved along really well

  5. Malcolm Lang. says

    Yes, he was a Port supporter. I remember him at Alberton oval one day, kicking a ball around with other guys on the asphalt surface in front of the older grandstand. Port were playing Glenelg that day and it was at the time when Graham Cornes was coaching the Bays…I always remember being touched by seeing Graham go out of his way to make conversation with this fellow and if I remember correctly his mates called him Russell.

  6. bernard whimpress says

    Thanks Malcolm
    Incidentally, are you the same Malcolm Lang who was at Murray Bridge High and friendly with my friend and business partner Ashley Hornsey? I’m in regular email contact with Ashley.

  7. Malcolm Lang. says

    Yeah, Im the Malcolm Lang you knew at Murray Bridge, and later when you shared a place with Ashley. Would be grateful if you could let me have Ashleys email address as I haven’t seen him in quite some time. Thank you very much for responding to my comments regarding the photograph. Regards, Malcolm. P.S. If its easier you could text that email address to 0434 374 699.

  8. Mark ‘Swish’ Schwerdt says

    From the Round 1 Budget of 1981, page 10.

    His name was Russell Morrison of Salisbury.

  9. bernard whimpress says

    That was one of my Budgets. I still have them but they’ve been in storage for a few years which explains why I wasn’t able to check his name previously. I think I might have sent Russell a copy of the photo at the time.

  10. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I’ve got Gigs to thank for the continued access to a swag of Budgets, Bernard. I recalled the photo when I was doing some other investigation.

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