Who do you think should be on the cover of The Footy Almanac 2014?

Our artists are beavering away putting together their idea for this year’s cover.

Who do you reckon should be on the cover?




  1. Grant Fraser says

    It must be He-sus….the beard, the flowing locks – stunning.

  2. Adelaide Oval

  3. Must be Lenny Hayes’ turn? Retirement year.

  4. Da Vinci’s “the Last Supper”. Clarko as Jesus, Spangher and the boys as the disciples. Buddy as Judas.

  5. Spangher, Doesn’t matter whatever else is there as long as he is.

  6. James Hird. Enough said.

  7. Wingard or Dangerfield of Fyfe – the future

  8. Not who but what.

    A vineyard in the south of France.

  9. Matt Priddis. Persistence pays off. Nice speech too.

    Cheers, Burkie

  10. I’d reckon Priddis. Bradbury Brownlow or not, he’s a good story this year.

  11. Neil Anderson says

    The feel-good stories instead of the usual suspects from the usual Grand Finals.
    So a montage featuring Matt Priddis in the centre and in the background the victorious Footscray VFL team, Spangher, Bontempelli and Lewis Taylor ( who just happens to be from Mortlake ).

  12. Anything that doesn’t remind me of the Grand Final!

  13. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    The entertainment which was provided in a corporate box

  14. I’d back Dips and go with Lenny Hayes.

  15. Nathan Buckley with an axe.

  16. That wonderful photo of Kaisha Thompson should take pride of place. She epitomises the future for the Alamanc.


  17. Hinkley addressing some of his talented troops.

  18. A montage of all suggestions presented here.

  19. Mitch Clark in the hoops, gazing towards the Terrace, chest puffed out…magnificent

  20. Grant Fraser says

    Actually I agree with Glen – go with Kaisha “Scoop” Thomson

  21. The People's Elbow says

    As much as it pains me to say it, if you want to move units, put Matt Spangher on the cover…

  22. The Footscray VFL Premiers, real grass roots. PS I reckon it would be a big seller in the West.

  23. Priddis, Spangher, Heppell, Fyfe, Hird.
    Hairdressers (nightmare) edition.

  24. Michael Crawford says

    Andrew Demetriou, in recognition of his retirement. He has provided more fodder for Almanackers than any single footballer over the last decade!

  25. Bill Bailey with old jumper and the fleece and the dog under his arm.
    Nat Fyfe for the wool/MVP double-header

  26. Don’t get the Spangher push – good story but he was very lucky to play after terrible finals form and then had no influence on GF. Trite.
    Adelaide Oval is the logical commercial push with the AU readership and, to be honest, the crowds there propped up a ‘fatigueing” comp.
    Footscray’s VFL Premiership photo would be nice!

  27. Yeah, Fyfe’s a good idea for the Almanac’s future. Should double our Fremantle sales from 5 to 10 copies.

  28. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    Shane Watson in plaster watching the footy

  29. Jordan Lewis for mine. He almost won the Norm Smith, polled well in the Brownlow, should win Hawthorn B&F and is now a three-time Premiership player. Plus he’s the reigning Premiers’ captain-in-waiting. GO HAWKS! Love it.

  30. Steve Fahey says

    Buddy -wearing his Swans jumper reaching up but failing to reach and looking ruefully at a premiership cup with brown and gold ribbons. His story and great season was the footy story of the year outside the ongoing Essendon saga.

    Also like Flynn’s Hinkley idea which could incorporate an Adelaide Oval backdrop to include the thoughts of others

  31. Chad.

  32. Bob Speechley says

    There is a wonderful Leunig Illustration on the back page of The Sunday Age on 28 September. All players in traditional Footscray woollen jumpers with smokestacks as a backdrop -Footscray kicking into the wind!! Food for thought.

  33. David Zampatti says

    Nic Naitanui. He’s made plenty of covers for much less in these parts.

  34. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Dr Dank and the Medicine Show

  35. Neil Anderson says

    The Footscray theme seems to be dominating and if I’m reading Bob Speechley’s (fellow attendee of the 1954 Grand Final) indication of triumph over adversity, I’ll go along with his idea. I doubt if my caption of ‘Pissing into the Wind’ re Footscray still surviving against the AFL odds would get up but I’ll put it out there anyway.

  36. Earl O'Neill says

    I’d like to say “ME” but the pic of Kaisha taking notes at the prelim sums up the Footy Almanac perfectly.

  37. sean gorman says

    James Hird’s ego

  38. We tried Sean. We tried. Even as a front and back wrap around, it just wouldn’t fit. We are waiting for the box set of Almanacs.

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