Who am I?

Who Am I?:

  • I have been a top performer in my home country for over 20 years;
  • My active leadership role has ceased in recent years;
  • I have a major role in one of the biggest sports in my country;
  • My celebrity status has never been more prominent despite no longer having a formal role;
  • I use both conventional and social media to constantly give my views on a wide range of issues;
  • “Every time I try to get out, they keep dragging me back in”;
  • People hang off my every utterance, whether to endorse them or ridicule them;
  • I believe that “rules are for other people” and this has sometimes led to my being banned by the authorities;
  • My past is littered with sex scandals;
  • I have trouble hanging onto marriages, but I am always seen with beautiful women;
  • My hair uses performance enhancing drugs;
  • I have never bowled leg spin for Australia.


  1. Warwick Capper (I know it isn’t but I am at least fairly sure he doesn’t bowl leg spin)

  2. Ricky Nixon?

  3. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Wayne Carey?

  4. Pat Cash?

  5. Tiger Woods?

  6. Imran Khan

  7. All good thoughts but not the one I had in mind. Think overseas, and his sporting involvement is more at the commercial level these days. Has been in the news a lot lately.
    I just thought he had an uncanny similarity to “our Shane” at so many levels.

  8. Silvio Berlusconi

  9. Tough one

    Need more clues to narrow it down

    Based on info provided, it could be ANY Wanker

  10. Imran Khan – very close, but I suspect his hair is all his own.
    Tiger Woods – hard to tell on the hair with the buzz cut, but I don’t think Tiger ever got disqualified or did anything illegal. Just unethical/inappropriate. And he doesn’t say much in public on anything.
    Wayne Carey probably fits, but does he still have a major role in AFL?
    Ricky Nixon – not sure about his hair. I’m pretty safe in saying he doesn’t have a major role in anything other than his own mind these days.
    Pat Cash – what is the hair like under the bandana these days? I can’t remember Pat getting rubbed out for anything.
    Warwick Capper – ditto with Ricky – no longer a major role in anything other than his own fantasies.
    The bloke I have in mind is still a major player in many fields. Think a foreign Shane with faux gravitas.

  11. aflfootymaths says


  12. You can’t beat the bookies. Crio wins.
    Berlusconi is the owner of AC Milan – which has won the most FIFA recognised international football titles. No 76 year old has natural hair like his. The rest of the comparisons are pretty clear.
    Shane for PM. If we can’t have competent leadership, we may as well have entertaining leadership.

  13. Rick Kane says

    Jesse Ventura?

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