Whither the Ashes?

Join Gideon Haigh, John Harms and Jim Young and talk all things cricket at Melbourne  University on June 27. The event starts at 6.15pm, dinner available afterwards. Click here (WHITHER THE ASHES) for further information.



  1. Luke Ridgwell says

    Do we have to register for this?

  2. Gawd, you’ll do anything to draw a crowd Harmsy. Even get the coached sacked.
    Or did you just organise this shambles to distract from the Cats’ incompetence?
    The Australian cricket team really are a gift that keeps on giving – so long as you are a journalist or a Pom.

  3. bob speechley says

    At least it’s a timely distraction from rigours of the footy season before the reality of the Test series sinks
    in when we will turn our attention to something else BTW Gideon Haigh will inspire everyone if he talks a bout his recent masterpiece “On Warne”.As another Cats fan he will avoid talking about Geelong. Jimmy Bartel has a bit in today’s Age about the impact of the loss on Flat Town!

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