When the Universe delivers: a tale of two cricketers

Two very different fields of dreams

Ahhh the Universe……

Just when you are convinced the loud, the narcissistic, the ones with the most toys do indeed win, the Universe does something, to restore faith and order.

Saturday February 20, 2016. Two fields of dreams: Hagley Oval, Christchurch and Pratten Park, Western Sydney.

Brendon McCullum in his last Test. A tough, working class, unpredictable man resurrected through the belief of others who knew more responsibility would be the making of him.  “Bazz” to his teammates, a man with a barrel chest, some big tatts, paid big bucks for his big shots, but anchored by his love for his wife and young family.

His last Test. At his home ground. Outside of Hollywood we know that this situation often ends in tears. But as the adoring crowd all stood during his 90s, this time, his time, the Universe spoke.

Not only did Bazz hit the fastest Test one hundred of all time leaping over Viv Richards, but he also set a new record for the most sixes hit in Test matches moving away from Gilly, who this morning he sat alongside.

As he walked out to face his fate, the Australian team formed a guard of honour. Before he shook S.Smith’s hand in a show of deep and humble appreciation, he took off his helmet as a gentlemen would.

His son Riley tossed the coin. It was a good toss to lose.

“Get out there and play Dad!”, Riley was reported to have said.

Pratten Park in the Western suburbs of Sydney. Michael Clarke the man we know not only as the former Australian captain but as the BFF of Warney, the man with expensive taste in cars, engagement rings and Sydney mansions. The man whose bride arrived at their wedding on a white horse.

Michael Clarke can’t wait to get out there he says. He tells us his hunger is back. Starved of attention and regular massive deposits in his bank account, he says he needs to get back to the family he knows in “the Wests”.  His DNA is so much in that team, he is expecting him mum to be serving in the canteen when he gets there on Saturday morning. And he said he couldn’t wait to catch up with some of the old fellas of the club and have a beer with them after the game.

I’m betting S. Katich won’t be twisting the top of his first stubby.

The day before a newspaper said the crowd could get as big as 10,000. The Kid was back. Long live the Kid.

Clarke made 48. The crowd was estimated at 203 or “possibly 207” by someone who was there.

Michael was more circumspect after the game. He was no longer thinking about his Westies return as being a springboard to the BBL, IPL or even the Sheffield Shield, it was now:”I’ll see how I pull up on Monday, one day at a time mate!”

Hell, he couldn’t even commit to The Wests big match next weekend with the Norths…or someone.

Perhaps that back injury may flare up on Monday. You have to be careful with those sort of chronic injuries.

Ahh, it’s Saturday night and the Universe has spoken.

Nice guys can and do finish first.


  1. Luke Reynolds says

    Nice for BB McCullum to finish the way he did, but a 2-0 loss would be a disappointment given the pre-series expectations. Boult and Southee couldn’t deliver what was expected in favourable home conditions.
    Nice article Tess. Pretty sure I know who out of McCullum or Clarke S.Katich would like to twist the top off that first stubby with.

  2. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Michael Clark performed very admirably at the time of Phil Hughes’ death.

    Apart from that, yeh, nah. As for his contribution to commentary, his gormless explanation re the Moeen Ali stumping (that because it was inconclusive from a camera angle *behind* the batsman, the doubt was therefore sufficient, despite what the side-on shot revealed) sums him up.

  3. Was I a fan of Michael Clarke the person re expensive cars and lifestyle no did I have a problem with his cricket none what so ever very good tactically and re the Anderson broken arm bit he was responding to 1 of the biggest sledgers in the game,McCallum entertaining but you could argue at times was to nice for his own good definitely didn’t fight and value his wicket enough a good player who could have been a great player

  4. Yes Luke has reminded me I did have a problem with Clarke wanting to be out of the rooms so quickly and seemingly his part in Katich demise but not the way he played cricket was my point

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