When Harry met Jacquie: Talking footy while purchasing a bull at the sales in Glen Innes

by Nank


When Harry met Jacquie (with apologies to M. Ryan and W. Crystal)


Attached is just the man for Jacquie. No PUPs for her, just good bovine doability. We bought Dulverton Harrison yesterday at Greg and Sally Chappell’s annual Dulverton Angas bull sale deep in the flat-earthers country of Glen Innes on the New England Tableland.

Dulverton Harrison was the pick of the sale I reckon not least for his rather impressive scrotal circumference of 48cm. Should be right for our Jacquie. he’s hung like Harry.

The Chappells are red-hot Bloods supporters and there were also a few rabid Cats supporters at the sale, and the swim-through afterwards.  The Chappells also their number one stud bull Dulverton Franklin and the auctioneer confirmed that he was named after Buddy. Good doability and high growth rates and go all day and night with the cows and heifers.

We concluded that last weekend was just a blip on the onward march to a Cats-Swannies Grand Final. If that happens the Angus bull boys and girls from the Tableland will be there in force and Harry will be home working on progeny.

A good day and great to talk footy with knowledgeable old  hands deep in rugby country.




  1. Nank- Good luck for the Cats/Swans grand final.

    There’s not enough mention of “scrotal circumference” on this site. Thanks for that!

  2. Mickey
    Harry when viewed with that confident swagger and swaying set of progeny makers should right this historical wrong. Urban biased commentators r the real villain. Brian Taylor is our way in. Imagine the furore if he or perhaps Dennis referred to a player with ‘ geez whatta set a nuts’
    Something for gill
    Cheers nank

  3. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Entertaining as always Nank

  4. You mean Gillon of the Overflow, Nank?

  5. Dr Rocket says

    You must have come across the only footy supporters in the Glen at the sale…

    Did you stop off at the Glencoe pub on way back to the Liverpool Plains?

    Red Lion Hotel gave is its name to the UQ footy club. They always stayed there after matches against Uni New England for the Clem Jones Shield…

  6. pnankivell says

    rocket, after post sale drinks that started at 3 pm and a very convivial dinner with a serious assortment of thirsty cattle persons, in big hats, the glencoe was not on the agenda. we stopped at a mates place in glencoe though and foolishly kicked on.

    deep footy was talked by the core though.

    swans cats GF predicted .


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