What is Art?

When Good Pumps Turn Bad

This  is  an  old  water  pump  converted.  It  is  on  the  side  of  the  road  near  Rocky  Cape.  It  is  really  quite  impressive  even  though  it  is  dodgey  subject  matter.

Murph  was  telling  me  he  has  spoken  to  the  person  who  made  it  for  the  property  owner.  He  questioned  the  subject  matter  and  the  artist’s  moral  credibility  for  that  subject  matter.  Remember  ‘Piss  Christ’.

He  said  the  artist  told  him  that  it  is  his  style  and  he  does  what  is  requested.  But…..  he  said  that  he  usually  puts  a  ‘signature’  aspect  in  his  work.

He  said  people  may  not  see  it  but  when  he  made  the  Magpie’s  head  he  only  put  half  a  brain  in  it.


  1. Andrew Fithall says

    I like the subject. Does it have the prospects of a long life?

    The Floreat Pica Society report this week had the collective noun for magpies as a “tidings” of magpies. My own information is that an alternative is a “steal of magpies”, which seems appropriate. As was quoted in another article this week, if Collingwood make the grand final, it was suggested all Collingwood supporters be allowed into the Grand Final so we can go around to their houses and get our stuff back.

    Half a brain seems a little excessive.

    Just thought I weould get in and steal the potential thunder of Collingwood haters.

  2. That thing looks as dumb as Cloke.

  3. They would certainly be “Glad Tidings” these days Andrew.

  4. John Butler says


    Hopefully September proves no safe haven the likes of these. :(

    Andrew, don’t be so sensitive. Half a brain is better than none. :)

  5. Phantom,
    Do you still have cracker night in Tassie. That thing would last 2 minutes before somone blow the crap out of it.

  6. Didn’t I read somewhere on here that a group of Blues and Cats supporters were going get together at Rocky Cape to watch Firday night’s game?

    Is that piece of art safe?

  7. Phantom,
    Given your wisdom in all things biological and being from Tassie were they have all things by way of seafood I seek an answer to what could be the greatest discovery since the tombs of the Egypt.
    During my recent travels across the ditch I sniffed out some oysters from a local farmer. As the weather had been unseasonally wet(cough)they had not been able to harvest because of water quality. He then offered me “frozen” oysters. Taken aback by such a concept I was assured that they tasted no different when thawed. Feeling that there may have been a bit of friendly Kiwi piss taking I was soon holding a bag of monstrous pacifc oyters that were indeed frozen. The thought of opening these mosters was daunting. However, I was assured that if I left them out for a couple of hours they would OPEN THEMSELVES or should I need them earlier, just chuck them in some salted water and they will open in 30 minutes. I was expecting a group of bros to come from behind the shed rolling with laughter as I was sure that the piss taking had gone to another level.

    BUT true to his word, the shells did open as described revealing the best oyters Id ever seen. WHY IS THIS SO? This could change the world as we know it or at least save my hand from severe stab wounds while increasing my oyster intake ten fold. What next, a self peeling prawn or self filleting fish?

  8. Tony,

    I am trying to work out the link between the large Magpie and the sex plus sex oysters you enjoyed over the dutch.

    All I can come up with is:

    1) taking the piss, which is quite compatable and acceptable with Magpies

    2) something that is frozen coming back to life in a couple of hours. I can’t guarantee that that will not happen on grand final day with the Pies but I am sure it would be quite unpalatable, unlike your oysters.

  9. Sorry Phantom
    There was no connection although I too expect the Pies to freeze and clam up come late September. As they say. Whats green, has two wings and eats magpies in September? The MCG.
    However Im genuinely seeking an answer to the self opening oysters riddle

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