When a player outscores a team

How often do you see a match where a player outscores the opposing team? We saw it twice on Saturday 14th April. At the MCG, Richmond 16-14 -110 defeated Brisbane 2-5-17. For the victors Dustin Martin kicked 6 straight more than doubling Brisbane’s tally. Later in the day, North Melbourne 18-8-116 walloped Carlton 4-6-30. Along the way Ben Brown kicked 5-1, a point more than Carlton’s final score.

This sort of occurrence is quite rare; I can’t recall it very often. I however can remember a wet,wintry R 12 in 1971 where it took place.

Again, North Melbourne and Carlton were involved, though the result was quite different to their most recent game. At Princess Park Carlton easily kicked 16-18-114 to North Melbourne’s meagre tally of 3-5-23. For the victors, Ricky McLean kicked 7-4 doubling North Melbourne’s tally. John Nicholls also outscored the opponents with 4 straight goals, a point more than the total for  North Melbourne. This was revenge for the R1 encounter when North Melbourne, the previous year’s wooden spooners, upset Carlton the 1970 premiers.

Across town at muddy Moorabbin, St Kilda did a job on Geelong. In the R 1 clash at Kardinia Park the visitors won by 94 points. Geelong were once again on the wrong end of a shellacking in this R 12 match, with the home side winning 14-15-99 to an insipid 3-3-21 by Geelong. For the victors Allan Davis outscored Geelong kicking 5-1. Stephen Theodore with 3-1 kicked only two points less than Geelong.

Well, Almanackers, how many other examples can you recall of an individual outscoring his opposing team?




  1. A date that will live in infamy for all Richmond fans, May 27, 1989:

    Ablett running riot, (as he did regularly): Gary Ablett Snr 14.2.86 def Richmond 10.17.77


  2. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Nice one Glen !
    Round 21, 1986 at Vic Park:
    Brian Taylor 10 – 4 – 64
    Richmond 8 – 7 – 55

  3. Luke Reynolds says

    Peter Daicos 13-1-79 def.
    Brisbane Bears 10-11-71 at Carrara, Round 20, 1991

    No doubt the athletes the past fortnight have enjoyed the thrill of competing on the same venue that the Macedonian Marvel kicked his highest goal tally in a game.

  4. Luke Reynolds says

    I was at this One Day International at the MCG in 2016/17-

    DA Warner 156 def.
    New Zealand 147

  5. Happened just last year:
    Round 23 – Sydney v Carlton: Lance Franklin 10.2.62 – Carlton 8.9.57

  6. Thanks for the comments folks.

    Jarrod L, i was there that day. The great man played as a run around wing/half forward flanker. It’s a great effort for a full forward to kick 14 but when you’re not the full forward that day it’s amazing!

    There was a match in the early 1950’s at a very soggy Western Oval when Fitzroy’s only goal, actually only score , for the match came in the dying moments. All Footscray goal kickers tha tday outscored Fitzroy.


  7. Earl O'Neill says

    R19, 1995, Western Oval
    Tony Lockett 16.0
    Fitzroy 6.8

  8. Joe De Petro says

    Was it in 2015 or in 2016 when the players that Carlton gave to other teams outscored the players Carlton kept for themselves over the whole season? Josh Kennedy, Eddie Betts, Jarrod Waite ran riot.

  9. Dave Brown says

    Nice topic, I particularly like it when an unexpected player does it (small forward, midfielder). Other examples I can think of – R7 2013, Sydney Showground – Tom Lynch 10.2 62 def GWS 7.10 52.

    In the SANFL it happened quite a bit for Norwood in their dominant 2012 season. Simon Phillips beat Glenelg on his own in Round 12 (something like 4.3 to 4.2) and beat the Bays on his own again a couple of years later. More remarkably Luke Jericho and Ben Warren both kicking 6 goals each beat Sturt’s 4.6 in Round 19. Conversely the worst memory of recent times was when Daniel Havelberg (Central District) 14.1 85 defeated Norwood 8.5 53 in 2007.

  10. Round 21 1996 – Matthew Richardson 7.5 def Fitzroy 5.6. To be fair, it was Fitzroy’s second last game.

  11. Haha, that was in 2015. All stemmed from a post on bigfooty which ended up on 360. I think they did it in 2016 too!

  12. Hello Glen.

    You may have attended this one – June 2 1991 – Footscray 8.9-57 defeated Carlton 1.10-16. Chris Grant 3 goals.

    The Dogs v Roys game you referenced was played on May 23 1953. Footscray 10.6-66 defeated Fitzroy 1.0-6. Alan Ruthven kicked Fitzroy’s only score for the day late in the last quarter. Collins and Duffy 3 kicked goals each for the winners on that soggy afternoon.


  13. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    1969, Round 19, Vic Park:
    Peter McKenna 16.4.100
    South Melbourne 6.22.58.
    Macca scored 10 more goals than the entire South team! Must be a record?

  14. 1987
    Dunstall 11.5
    Bears 11.4

    Dunstall 9.7
    Footscray 8.11

    Dunstall 8.1
    Bears 5.8

    Dunstall 17.5
    Richmond 14.9

    Dunstall 12.8
    Essendon 8.8

  15. Malby Dangles says

    Dogs – 8.12 – 60
    Kernahan 10.7 – 67

    Carlton -3.6 – 24
    Loewe – 5.2 – 32

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