West Coast v Collingwood and some random thoughts on the weekend’s sport

As the Indian batsmen pounded the Aussie attack it was nice to be able to change the channel and watch a high quality contest between two strong teams. The Pies were back on the box tonight and it was good to have a full length game to watch after the two 40 minute games a fortnight ago. My two young boys, aged 5 and 2 and a half,  slipped straight back into footy mode, instantly shouting out in unison “Go Pies” as Collingwood ran out. I was thrilled with their response after a long Summer of  “Go Bushrangers”, “Go Australia”, “Go Victory” & “Go Pombo (Pomborneit) Bulls” was repeatedley drummed into them. It’s important to teach your kids the right teams to follow. Otherwise someone else will.

For a game played on the 3rd of March it was of a high quality. Both teams looked super fit as you would expect this time of year. As someone who likes to watch great players regardless of their club it was great to see Mark LeCras back for the Eagles. He looks fitter than ever and has lost none of his touch after a year off with his knee reconstruction, slotting through 4 goals. Will be as good as a recruit as any club will have this year.

While there was only 2 points in it at half time, the Pies played some excellent football in the second half to run out 20 point winners, 3-10-9-96 to 1-10-7-76. Super goals to Swan, Seedsman and Cloke. 2 regular 6 point goals each to Elliot, Mooney and Sidebottom. Paul Seedsman was for mine the standout, not necessarily the best player but damaging when he got it, has bulked up and lost none of his pace. A big year awaits for Seeds after playing 11 games in his debut season in 2012. Of course Pendlebury, Swan and Shaw were in the best and racked up possesions. They always do. Elliot, Blair and Sinclair stepped up and played tackling forward roles reminiscent of the Collingwood team of 2010. Irishman Marty Clarke looks the fittest he has ever been and will need to be given the addition of Clinton Young and Jordan Russell. Maybe he has cut back on the Guiness pints and Magners Cider. His Irish mate Mooney was dangerous with his two goals and explosive pace. Have been very impressed with mature aged rookies from the VFL in Sam Dwyer, Kyle Martin and Jack Frost. All look ready to step in if needed, Martin in particular looks a hard nut who could be a regular. Hudson and Witts were competitive enough in the ruck against the best ruckman of the last 20 years in Cox, Hudson will be a great back up if needed for Jolly while hopefully Witts will get plenty of games this year.

All in all some good signs and a good win in a match that doesn’t mean much. No Beams, Jolly, Thomas, Ball, Keefe and Didak. Against a team that was missing Kerr, Naitanui, Waters and Wellingham. Although the former Pie Wellingham joined the Fox Footy commentary team for this game. Stick to playing Sharrod.


A League: Has there ever been a more impressive debut season in any sport by a new team in an established competition than this season’s entry to the A-League by the Western Sydney Wanderers? Their community meetings at the start gave the Western Sydney community the choice of venue, name and colours and they didn’t disappoint, playing games at the fans preferred venue in Parramatta, where they have drawn great crowds, the black and red strip which looks great, the old fashioned logo and most importantly putting together a great team that now sits on top of the ladder after defeating the previously top placed Central Coast Mariners.

Archie Thompson returns and the Melbourne Victory look a different team. While he didn’t score in the Victory’s 5-0 rout of Newcastle he played a great game and helped set up Marcos Rojas’s 2 goals. While Western Sydney and Central Coast are ahead at this stage don’t discount a Victory team containing Thompson, Rojas, Flores and Milligan as grand final contenders. Anything can happen from there.


Cricket: We are in big trouble against India. That’s putting it lightly. Clarke’s decision to declare at 9/237 had some merit at the time but not now. Both Pattinson and Doherty can bat a bit and anything extra would be handy as it turns out. We’re paying the price for playing four openers and one middle order bat. Who is the only one who can play spin competently (Clarke). Doherty has been copping some flack but I think he has bowled reasonably well so far, a couple of half chances of his bowling and not going for too many. Where we are struggling is with Siddle and Pattinson not being effective on this this pitch and then being left with Maxwell and Henriques who  are not wicket taking bowlers at this level. Doherty won’t ever run through a team but he can be an effective bowler in a good attack. A 4-0 result to India is on the cards here.

Finally I watched the Melbourne Rebels go down to the NSW Waratahs on Friday night. The Rebels were very competitive and led at half time but just couldn’t hold on. James O’Connor was brilliant for Melbourne as he took the role of stand in captain filling in for the injured Gareth Delve, a good sign for the Wallabies. A poor crowd in Sydney though for this game when there was no A-League on and before the AFL and NRL seasons start.



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  1. PeterSchumacher says

    You make the Maggies look pretty good, problem is is I just read a contribution extolling the virtue of the Cats. As in other aspects of life how do you know whom or what to believe?

    BTW liked the comment in you opening paragraph, ” It’s important to teach your kids the right teams to follow. Otherwise someone else will”. Very insightful I reckon!

  2. Peter Zitterschlager says

    ‘It’s important to teach your kids the right teams to follow. Otherwise someone else will.’

    Deadpan writing at its best Luke. And great wrap

    Here’s something for the Aus selectors to consider:

    NSW spinner O’keefe has the best shield record of any ausiie spinner be a street. Never seen him bowl, but on sheer stats, he must be a better bet than who we’ve picked.

    Tas all rounders Butterworth and Faulkner keep mtaking tons of wickets and making handy runs. Are they on the radar?

    Rogers keeps piling on the runs in the shield. On stats he’s a better bat than Cowan, Watson and Hughes.

    My point is, of course, we’re not picking players on thier performance. Henreiques, Smith, Maxwell, Doherty, Lyon haven’t done shit at shield level. Their stas are woeful and yet they’re in the national team??????? Something is seriously crook at the moment.

  3. Its important to teach your kids which team to follow or someone else will ….So true !! Very apt Luke !!!!!! You are always an interesting read
    GO BLUES !!!!!!!

  4. Danielle says

    How good was Seedsman!

  5. Beautiful 30 degree Sunday morning in Perth. Lapped up Jake Niall’s thoroughly reasoned article on the Age website about why my Eagles were deserved premiership faves. 5 hours in the garden working up a thirst and a leave pass.
    Adjourned to local hostelry in late afternoon for conviviality and magpie shoot.
    Bah Humbug!!!
    Eagles slow; poor disposal; no risk taking to run ball out of defence; constantly caught out on rebound. Same old, same old.
    Magpies – QUICK and SLICK. Very concerning. Thought I was watching 2011 Cats. Cloke looks fit and motivated. Harry O looked like he had shed weight to play more as a midfielder than tall defender.
    Early days – I tell myself disbelievingly.
    Well written Luke. Thanks for reminding me why I don’t buy the newspaper these days. Something about “cricket” at the end of the article???
    Please explain. Non comprende. Have searched the TV and radio guide, and scoured the sports pages looking for any visual evidence of the game.
    Luke – clearly “cricket” is a figment of your dark imaginings (just like yesterday’s “Eagles” is mine).

  6. Peter S- Most of us are full of hope at this time of year! Was that you on the sport segment on 774 this morning? If so agreed with what you said.

    T-Bone- O’Keefe is stiff not to be in the Test team. NSW players with far worse records than him get picked all the time. For all the dozens of players awarded a baggy green over the past 6 years it’s hard to fathom that Butterworth hasn’t been given a run at some stage. 195 wickets at 23.40 in 58 first class matches is outstanding, plus averages nearly 27 with the bat with 2 tons. Was man of the match in a Sheffield Shield final win for the Tigers. Yet doesn’t seem to be on the radar at all. Faulkner is, and I’m a huge wrap for him, terrific one-day bowler and has done well at Shield level. Our selectors lack of respect for Shield performances and the Shield games getting moved around to accomodate the BBL is hurting us.

    Thanks Dean, looking forward to when the Pies play Grumpy Mick and his new men!

    Danielle- Seedsman was fantastic, think he will be a real player for us. Liked him from the start as he was a Collingwood supporter before being drafted.

    Peter B- Don’t read too much into last night’s game, your Eagles will be right up there at the business end of the season. LeCras’ return gives you clearly the best forward line in the comp to add to the best ruck duo. It IS early days. As for the “cricket” I can’t remember a Test tour of India not getting radio coverage let alone pictures in the paper. Makes a major tour seem very low key. Maybe a good thing the way we are going, but it’s reminiscent of the 1990’s when Australia would tour Pakistan, Sri Lanka or Zimbabwe and have no live coverage at all. Doesn’t help cricket in this country at all.

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