West Coast go down fighting

West Coast v Geelong

Almost two years ago, Geelong absolutely obliterated West Coast at Subiaco Oval on a Saturday night by 135 points. Sadly, I missed the game. But I was hoping that I would get a repeat of it in this match-up. All the signs pointed to an even bigger win, James Podsiadly in fine form, Gary Ablett in sparkling touch, Paul Chapman having a career-best year and the Eagles missing Darren Glass. Who would play on the likes of Cam Mooney and Podsiadly? Surely at least one of them was headed to a bag of goals. Surely Ablett would be pressing for the half-century in the form of possessions. I watch intently as the game starts, and it starts in a way I hadn’t expected.

Josh Kennedy snaps a goal in the first 15 seconds, but Ablett replies with a goal on the run. David Wojcinski goals from 55m out, then a mark and goal to Shannon Byrnes saw the margin out to 11. Steve Johnson extended it to 17, but the Eagles replied with a good snap goal to Andrew Embley and Mark LeCras taking a good pack mark to convert his first, and amazingly scores were level at quarter time as the Eagles dominated the clearances, 3.7 to 4.1.

The second term begins and Podsiadly marks on the lead and converts his shot, before Byrnes goals after an uncontested mark in the goalsquare. Dean Cox marks and goals, before Ben McKinley put through his first to draw scores level again. Johnson snapped his second, and Ablett’s frustrations with Adam Selwood finished after Corey Enright flattened his teammates brother, hurting his shoulder as well as dazing him. But Ablett still couldn’t get his hands on the footy, and when he did he played with frustration. But I was enjoying watching Ablett not rack up the high number of possessions, Supercoach reasons only. I think I’m the only person in Australia that does not have him. Kennedy goaled, but first-gamer Taylor Hunt proved his critics (Susie Giese) wrong with a great goal from outside 50 on the run. A late one to Brad Ebert sees the margin back to nothing, the Eagles level with the Cats at half time, 7.9 to 8.3.

The second half begins and Nic Naitanui provides a highlight with a great pick-up and goal on the run, but Travis Varcoe replies quickly, as does Wojcinski on the run and Geelong lead by seven points. Bradd Dalziell, who I didn’t know what playing, slots a goal on the run but Joel Selwood tries his best to spark his flat teammates with a goal from a pack. Naitanui is the one who gives a spark though, taking a courageous pack mark in the goalsquare, putting through his second. McKinley then takes a good mark and kicks a goal to give the Eagles the lead as I listened on the radio Brisbane stealing the 4 points off North Melbourne. Enright regains the lead, before Ablett takes a good mark and put through his second. Mathew Stokes goals on the run as the Cats bridged a gap, leading by 15 points. McKinley goals though, but Byrnes snaps his third on the siren to give the Cats a lead of 16 at the final break, 15.8 to 12.10. As I grip my laptop tightly, I hear Levi Greenwood put through the winning goal as the Roos overcome the Lions to my disbelief. Thank you to Danni Eid for staying with me throughout the hard times of that game.

The final quarter in Perth starts and LeCras kicks the goal of the round after gathering, running and slotting it from 48m out just in from the boundary line. The margin was just nine points. Then a long bomb to Kennedy saw the Eagles within four points. I still wanted Geelong to win though. And they would. Johnson kicks his third, and then Andrew Mackie puts through the sealer from long range to extend the lead to 14 points. Byrnes kicks his fourth as the Cats ran out the final few minutes, winning by 24 points, 18.14.122 to 14.14.98, nowhere near the hefty margin I predicted, but a game like this was a cracker.

As good as this game was, there was another match I would much rather view instead. North Melbourne v Brisbane, especially after hearing my boys get up by just a point. Footy’s great.

West Coast 3.7—7.9—12.10—14.14.98

Geelong 4.1—8.3—15.8—18.14.122


West Coast-McKinley 3, Kennedy 3, LeCras 2, Naitanui 2, Embley, Ebert, Cox, Dalziell

Geelong-Byrnes 4, Johnson 3, Wojcinski 2, Ablett 2, T Hunt, Varcoe, Podsiadly, Selwood, Enright, Mackie, Stokes


West Coast-Waters, Hurn, Sheppard, Embley, McKinley

Geelong-Chapman, Byrnes, Wojcinski, Selwood, Enright, Bartel


33,784 at Subiaco Oval


3: Paul Chapman (G)

2: Beau Waters (WC)

1: Shannon Byrnes (G)

About Josh Barnstable

21 year old North Melbourne supporter from country Victoria. Currently living in Melbourne studying a Bachelor of Sports Media. Dreams of becoming a sports journalist and broadcaster.


  1. John Butler says


    It was great to hear the Roos get up after they almost threw it away.

    I expect a good challenge for the Blues next week.

  2. I’m going down to the match next Friday JB, and i’d be expecting a Carlton loss if I were you.

    So far in 2010, i’ve been to two North Melbourne games, and i’m on a 100% winning record. Hopefully that will continue.

  3. Peter Flynn says


    My dog’s name is Chappy.

    He is a dead-set champion footballer.

    Geelong may field quite a weakened side next week.

    What do you think about the Enright bump on Selwood and the Pod’s elbow?

    When you look up the word raw in the dictionary you might see a picture of Dawson Simpson.

  4. John Butler says


    It was an unfortunate coincidence that Enright ironed out Ablett’s tagger. Strange accident that one eh? :)

    Under current match review regimes, who knows if he’s in trouble. I might discuss this when I write about Waite’s incidence.

    The Cats looked out of sorts like they did against the Blues. A bit of pointing and arguing going on.

    Gazza isn’t the first to find the company of A. Selwood an irritant.


    I like your spunk. But I hope it’s misplaced.

  5. Steve Healy says

    Susie criticised Taylor Hunt? I thought he was great, only 10 possessions but he only played 52% of the game.

    By the way, how did you concentrate on north melbourne v brisbane, hold a laptop, watch the game on tv, put up with danni and do a report on the game all at once? Anyway good report, although it sounds like you and your laptop are getting a bit too personal

  6. Hunt kicked a great goal, one of those moments when you could just tell he was going to sink it when he got the ball and looked at goals.

    Steve, I am a great multitasker. At the moment i’m talking to you on MSN, writing this comment, watching the Sunday Footy Show and listening to the radio.

    Enright will definitely get in a bit of trouble from the MRP. Although I think Waite and Sandilands are safe.

  7. Peter Flynn says


    Spot on observation re some niggle amongst the ranks (in both games).

    Last night, Chappy played angry but played superb-angry.

    He willed them over the line.

    I suspect that Bomber suspects that Ablett is Gold Coast-bound.

  8. Nice work Josh – I told you my pre-game criticism of Taylor Hunt would come back to bite me in the butt! He didn’t wow the world, by any means, but he was one of our more polished looking players last night – beautiful goal as well.

    Poor Ablett – it must have been hard playing with a pimple the size of the GC’s deal on his brow. Must’ve given him quite some headache!

  9. p.s. What’s with everyone ignoring Wojcinski? I thought he did just as good a job, if not better, than Chappy. Less clangers, played well for four quarters as opposed to Chappy who played well for a half.

  10. Thanks Susie, and I really liked Wojo’s game last night, he was great. I had planned to give him one vote, but then my votes would have mirrored Healy’s, so I opted with Byrnes instead.

  11. Danielle says

    Poor Joshy was having a heart attack during the last few mins of the North game!
    i felt like a midwife when reminding him to:
    AND OUT!!

    But you know what they say, GOOD always beats evil in the end! :)
    And how smart are WE? tipping North! knew it was gonna happen :P

    good report btw. :)

    I <3 MOONEY


  12. Danni, that was miles worse than giving birth.

  13. John Butler says

    Josh #12

    You wouldn’t ever want to put that theory to the test. :)

  14. Danni, you may <3 Mooney, but he'll probs be out next week.

    Not to mention Tommy Hawkins is out indefinitely with a hot spot in his navicular bone, the breaking of which ended both Matty Egan's and Trent Croad's careers far too early.

    And Pods entered the game with a groin complaint, so I suspect either injury or suspension will see him miss next week against the Bombers.

    Laters all three prongs of our three-pronged attack.

    Add to this injury list Joel Corey, Brad Ottens, Matty Scarlett, Cameron Ling and Max Rooke – this is beginning to look pretty darn bad … :-(

  15. Danielle says

    12 & 13
    lol Josh.
    You tell him JB!
    Which is why i aint having more than 3 kids. lol

    14- Susie says, WHAT!!
    did he have a dodgey game? POOR MOONEY!! :(

  16. Lucky i’ll never have too JB!

    It was funny watching Mooney and Schofield hobble around together, it resembled something like a retirement centre.

  17. 15 – Not so much a dodgey game, Danni, as he rolled his ankle and played on injured. He could barely walk at points.

    16 – that did make for some good, quality viewing :-)

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