Wear your footy jumper at the launch tonight

Just to emphasise: writers, please wear a footy jumper at the Melbourne launch tonight. It’s a fun part of the evening. (Look in on wonder as middle-aged men squeeze into an old jumper bearing hoops.)




  1. FAQ – does that mean I can’t come if I the moths have claimed my old East Brighton Red V on a White Field?

    And yes, they were made of wool back in those days.

  2. Luke Reynolds says

    What a great night. Fantastic to meet so many of the Almanackers I hadn’t met before. Recognised several other faces from the site but just couldn’t get around to meet everyone. What a thrill to be in the book for the first time. Might sit up for a bit longer reading it.

  3. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Over the last few days I have met , Matt Zurbo helping him with his book re contacts spoken with , Mic Rees who is going to run off some footy dvds for me had email correspondence with , Mickey Randall in , Singapore . Spoken with , Peter B and , JTH about my ability re grammar lack of . It is great now reading the , FA and having had contact thru posts thru various articles there is a connection it is a great community to be a small part of , I look forward to the , Adelaide launch next , Wenseday night .
    Go the Knackery

  4. Seconded. Thirded. Really fun night. As a first time writer, great to put so many faces to names. You lot are a good bunch.

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